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Light Limestone Vein Cut Tile

Light Limestone Vein Cut Tile available in 12″ x 24″ x 1/2″.

Light Limestone Vein Cut is a white -or light- limestone quarried from Turkey. It is a beautiful white tile with light gray veining, as it is cut along the vein instead of across it. This stone is also known as “white wood”, for it's wood-like grain veining. It is a beautiful addition to any interior design. Sold per square foot.

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  • Interior Designer

    Interior Designer Sara Colway

    Interior designers identify limestone as a soft material composed of calcium carbonate usually. It is easy for us to identify it as it always has unique impressions on it. Light Limestone vein cut tile is one of the biggest examples in this regard. You won’t see such fine and white veining on any other material.

    We use Limestone for decoration purposes most of the time. Limestone tiles are best for flooring options. It gives a modern and cool look to your house. These tiles are best for flooring in areas with very hot climate as these give a sense of cooling and calmness.

    Usage Areas:

    Vein cut limestone tiles are best for hallways and passages as these give a symmetric shape to them. These can also be used in other areas of a house like bathrooms and living areas.

    Advantages of Using LimeStone vein cut tiles:

    Limestone vein cut tiles provide you some many reasons to choose them. Let’s have a look why you should have them in your house:

    1. These tiles are durable and long lasting in terms of looks.
    2. Vein cut tiles are very attractive with appealing look. These increase beauty of your house by many times.
    3. These tiles are versatile. Can be used indoor as well as outdoors.
    4. Limestone tiles are also very hygienic inside and outside the home as they are resistant to bacteria and allergens cannot hide within it.


    Disadvantages of using Limestone vein cut tiles?

    1. These tiles receive stains and scratches very easily.
    2. Limestone is a soft material and can be broken with little force.

    Tips to maintain Limestone beauty:

    If you want to maintain original appearance of your Limestone, you’ll have to follow our following advices. Limestone tiles are porous in nature so excessive water may cause reactions such as oxidation, staining, deterioration, etc. Special impregnating or penetrating sealers are recommended to avoid these problems. We always apply sealers to any limestone applications. In addition to that, you should use warm water, mild dishwashing liquid and a soft cloth to clean up most of the spills on your limestone. With proper care, your limestone’s beauty will last for generations.

    We hope this information will help you purchasing limestone tiles from a right place. If you need more information, do not forget to contact us back.

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