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Leonardo Travertine Bullnose

Leonardo Travertine is distinguished by its elegant, bold look. It is a beautiful beige stone with light ivory, red and black onyx flowing vein deposits. The Leonardo Travertine Bullnose Paver, also known as Pool Coping, is an legant and boldly beautiful stone perfect for any hardscaping design in pool or deck edges, outdoor steps, walls and other structures. These bullnose pavers come in 6″x12″, 12″ x 12″ and 12″x24″ and are sold by piece.


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    Interior Designer Rose Crittendon

    Leonardo travertine is a beautiful stone with beige color and light ivory, red and black veins. This elegant stone gives a very bold look to the interior of your house when used for decorating bathrooms, kitchens, living areas and hallways. The stone is very durable and lasts longer as compared to other available options.

    Leonardo travertine is available in the market as tiles of standard sizes but you can also obtain custom sizes as well. This stone increases market value of your house and leaves every visitor to your home stunning. It is a very good thing to invest in.

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    Application of travertine bullnose:

    Travertine bullnose is getting famous around the globe as people are becoming aware of the stone’s value. Travertine bullnose can be installed on corners of products of almost any shape. Currently, it is being used for coffee tables, in-house decoration, counter tops and staircase steps.

    What to consider when purchasing travertine bullnose?

    As travertine is an expensive material, you should always consider few factors before purchasing travertine bullnose. Some of them are:

    1. Surface Smoothness: You should always check how smooth the surface of a bullnose is. Also ask for crack warranty and make sure it is more than one year.
    2. Area/climate Situation: Travertine is not suitable for areas which face long periods of freezing/thaw. Since pavers are installed outdoor and travertine is a water absorbent material, it absorbs water and may receive cracks. Therefore, you should always consider climate situation of the area before installing travertine.
    3. Cleaners: Always get a right travertine cleaner from your installer. Never use acidic cleaners on the stones. These will harm the stone badly.
    4. Cost: As travertine is a natural material, it costs a bit more as compared to other materials. In case of pavers, even a small difference in cost results in big difference overall. Therefore, you should also be careful about cost factor while purchasing travertine pavers and always go for a right dealer after market research.

    How travertine bullnose is made?

    Travertine bullnose is made using simple travertine tiles. First of all tiles are installed in the area. Then these tiles are turned into bullnose using a grinder. And at the end, bullnose is polished and given a perfect look.

    If you are also looking for perfect travertine bullnose for your house, you may contact our Miami Store. In case of any other help, please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to assist you in this regard.

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