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Fantasy White Marble Tiles

Fantasy White Marble Tiles have a classic white finish with diffused medium gray veining. The marble is enhanced by tiny crystal facets that cover the entire surface, lending it a subtle shimmering sparkle. Fantasy White marble is perfect for modern interior decor to use for flooring, bathrooms, walls and back-splashes. These tiles come in several sizes and is sold by square foot.

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    Fantasy White Marble Tiles have a classic white finish with diffused medium gray veining. The marble is enhanced by tiny crystal facets that cover the entire surface, lending it a subtle shimmering sparkle. These tiles come in several sizes and is sold by square foot.

    When we specify Fantasy white Marble, we refer to the most awesome marble tiles that encompass a vast spectrum of shades of golds and whites, grays and browns, besides several blends that look as exotic as regal.Besides, natural stone inspires with strength and durability and writes messages almost for forever. Withstanding any kind of climatic condition, stone guarantees a lifetime of rock-like solidity in the face of changing scenarios.

    Where Fantasy White Marble is used?

    Fantasy White Marble is widely used in projects like hotel, hospital etc. They look warm, classic and luxury. Fantasy White marble is perfect for modern interior decor to use for flooring, bathrooms, walls and back-splashes. Fantasy White Marble tiles have traditionally been associated down the centuries with the construction of mighty palaces and mansions, churches and temples.

    Reasons to choose Fantasy White Marble tiles:

    You should choose fantasy white marble tiles because of the following main reasons:
    These marble tiles are not only strong and durable, but it also remains stainless and scratch-free for years.
    These tiles are very beautiful and give a stunning and appealing look to your house.
    As marble is a natural stone, it doesn’t allow germs and allergens to survive on its surface. Thus, these marble tiles are a safe option for indoor flooring.

    Fantasy White Marble Tile Design Ideas

    1. Fantasy White Marble Bedrooms:

    Fantasy white marble tiles look classy and can be installed in all types of rooms especially the bedrooms. These tiles with light amount of gray veins add ethereal beauty to their surrounding space. Interior decorators opt for this tile for the clients who prefer the simple yet modish style. There are many design ideas which can be used when using fantasy white tiles for a bedroom project. Some of these ideas are:

    1. If your room is small and you want to create the illusion of more space then use tiles in bigger sizes for the floor.
    2. You can even have your bedroom walls tiled with the same fantasy white marble. The trick is to use big tiles for the wall in a simple pattern and small tiles for the floor with a different pattern.

    2. Fantasy White Marble Tiles for Bathrooms:

    Bathrooms can look stunning with the right tiles. Marble tiles have this special effect on bathrooms. Fantasy white marble tiles can be used in a number of ways to create unique stellar bathrooms. This marble tile can go with traditional and contemporary bathroom designs which makes it the perfect choice for homeowners. Some of the design ideas are listed below:

    1. If minimalist design strategy is your thing then we suggest covering the walls and floor of your bathroom with fantasy white tiles. Use glass walls for separating the shower area to get the minimal effect.
    2. If your bathroom has a drop-in bathtub then a smaller sized tile should be used for covering it. The difference in tile sizes makes the bathroom look more appealing.

    3. Fantasy White Marble Kitchen:

    Kitchen plays a crucial role in defining the style preference of the homeowner. There are many elements in the kitchen that can be decorated with fantasy white marble tiles. The design ideas are endless in the case of kitchen. Some of them are listed below:

    1. A white fantasy kitchen floor looks neat with white colored cabinets and walls. If the design is contemporary as shown in the image then the kitchen looks spacious as well.
    2. Adding a white fantasy marble backsplash can greatly improve the look of a boring kitchen.
    3. Herringbone pattern for a backsplash in fantasy white marble with polished finish looks ultra stylish yet graceful.

    4. Fantasy White Marble Living Rooms:

    Fantasy white marble is a perfect choice for living rooms. It can blend with any color scheme. Polished finish marble tiled floor with high gloss looks amazing in living rooms. You can even add a faux fur rug in the middle of your room for an extra oomph. Modern designs incorporate marble tiles for  both living room floors and fireplace surround areas.

    It can be a bit tricky to keep living room marble installations in perfect form but by following a few rules you can easily retain your fantasy white tile’s beauty:

    1. Remove dust and dirt on daily basis from your fireplace surround, this helps in avoiding accumulation of grime.
    2. Clean your marble floor with a good stone cleaner every week and reseal the stone after every 6 months.

    How to clean marble so it’ll look new:

    We recommend that only agents you should use your marble for cleaning on a regular basis are hot water and specially formulated stone cleaners which you should obtain from your installer. Also, make sure that you are cleaning your marble on a regular basis. In addition to that, remove all stains and spots from your marble tiles immediately so your marble will look as new as it was on the very first day.

    We hope that after getting all this information, you are in a position to make a right move of purchasing French vanilla marble tiles for you. If you need any other help, do not hesitate to contact us back and we’ll be more than happy to assist you in this regard.

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    1. 5 out of 5

      My wife is the pickiest woman on the planet so it was no easy task finding tiles to match her aesthetics but thanks to some miracle she chose these and trust me when I tell you that if these tiles are good enough for her, then these are probably perfect for everyone else.

    2. 5 out of 5

      The kitchen flooring and backsplash in our house has been adorned with the fantasy white marble tiles and it looks extremely appealing. Many of our friends have praised us for decorating our house in such a chic way but the truth is that we did not do much and it is actually the fancy tiles that leave an everlasting impression on whoever visits our house.

    3. 5 out of 5

      I had the fantasy white marble tiles installed in all the bathrooms of my new house and I must say that the results were far better than expected. Even
      though it was a little pricey to get the entire bathrooms i.e. the walls, floors and vanities, done, I believe that this was one of my best investments for my house ad my bathrooms now look like something straight out of an interior design magazine

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