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Walnut (Mocha) Travertine Tiles


Our Walnut Travertile tile, also known as Noce Mocha, is a beautiful light brown stone that goes well with any design. It is several shades darker than Ivory, much like a walnut shell. Walnut Travertine is an elegant stone that enhances any space and decor. It is perfect for flooring, wall accents, back-splashes, or bathrooms. This tile comes in several sizes and is sold by square foot.


Why should you go for Walnut travertine tiles?

Many cultures and civilizations around the globe have been using travertine tiles in constructions. Although these tiles are susceptible to acidic substances and metal abrasion, these still look great and new for years and years. All you need to do is to take a special care of them regarding their cleanliness and regular maintenance. In addition to that, these tiles are strong and more durable as compared to other natural and artificial solutions available there in the market.

What to consider when buying travertine tiles?

Travertine is a water absorbent material, and it’s usually gets cracked if installed in areas facing long periods of freezing and humidity. It is soft as well, and travertine floors can’t resist too much traffic on them. Travertine is also expensive as compared to other options because it is a pure natural product and can’t be mass produced. You should consider all these factors i.e. condition of installation area and your budget when purchasing travertine tiles.

Walnut Travertine Tiles Design Ideas

1. Walnut Mocha Travertine Backsplashes and Kitchens:

Walnut Mocha Travertine tile is a beautiful light brown stone that can instantly revamp the entire appearance of any place so if you’re planning on refurbishing your bathroom then consider the design ideas given below to get inspired:-

  1. Install the walnut mocha travertine tile as the flooring of your kitchen and compliment the beautiful brown of the tile with polished wooden cabinets. A walnut mocha backsplash with a small mosaic piece in the center will look perfect. You can also consider placing a small rug or mat in your kitchen for a more homely feel. Low hung yellow light bulbs hanging above the walnut mocha travertine kitchen island will make the entire kitchen stand out.
  2. For a contemporary style inspired kitchen, choose beige or cream colored cabinets and opt for a tile pattern different than the walnut mocha travertine tile flooring for the island and shelf slabs.

2. Walnut Mocha Travertine Mosaics and Wall Accent:

Walnut mocha travertine walls can be installed almost anywhere in the house to increase the aesthetic appeal. Thanks to their beautiful brown color and splash like pattern these tiles can be used for so much ore other than simple installations. For instance, if plain boring walls are not your thing then you can go with beautiful walnut mocha travertine mosaics and wall accents.

  • A full wall mosaic of walnut mocha travertine tile and dark chocolate colored tile combo will look exotic. The best place for this mosaic wall is either your study, library or living room. Dark chocolate wooden furniture will complement the mosaic and allow the walnut mocha travertine to stand out.
  • For the minimalist, it is recommended that instead of getting a full wall done, opt for walnut mocha travertine accents to increase the beauty of the room without overdoing it. Your main entrance or hallways white walls adorned with walnut mocha travertine accents cut in spectacular shapes of your choice will look perfect. Hanging family photos or paintings on both sides of the wall accent will increase the overall appeal.

3. Walnut Mocha Travertine Lounges and Fireplace:

The walnut mocha travertine tiles have a very old money vibe to them which makes them the perfect choice for lounges and fireplace surround areas. Owing to their light brown color and merged pattern these tiles can add elegance to any part of the house.

  • For a classic country aesthetic, install these tiles on your lounge walls and compliment them with wooden flooring. Green potted plants, a faux fur rug, and brown leather furniture will make the place look perfect.
  • Fire surround areas adorned with walnut mocha travertine tiles look amazing. Consider decorating the mantle of the fireplace with framed family photos. A light brown sofa and glass coffee table with wooden legs placed in front of the fireplace is a must. Adorn one wall of the room with either a collage of paintings of different color schemes or one big painting. Dimly lighted lamps placed next to the sofa and in the corners of the room will create a serene ambiance.

4. Walnut Mocha Travertine Bathrooms:

A contemporary master bathroom constructed with walnut mocha travertine tile will epitomize the term modern luxury. Walnut mocha travertine flooring and huge counters, dark brown cabinets, a Jacuzzi and glass shower space is the recipe to have an extraordinary bathroom. Bright white lighting will make the beautiful brown color of the tiles without deviating from the aesthetic of the whole setting.

A three quarter style bathroom made with walnut mocha travertine tiles will make for a sophisticated look. The walnut mocha travertine flooring, shower space and vanity will look picture-perfect. Addition of a glass door in the shower space and yellow lighting for the vanity will further increase the appeal of the entire setting.

How to clean Walnut travertine tiles?

Walnut (Mocha) Travertine is the best stone that you can opt for to give a natural look to your house. One main thing that the people who have these tiles in their houses have to deal with is the cleanliness of these tiles. Cleaning these tiles is quite a difficult thing to be done. One main reason behind this is that the Walnut (Mocha) Travertine tiles are porous. The genuine issue in cleaning stone is its inclination. Stone is permeable; Rock is truly hard, yet at the same time permeable. It, and other regular stones, sucks up fluid like a wipe. Along these lines, the arrangement is that you seal stone. Using the stones that are porous in a place that has too much of the water in it can actually damage the stone to a great deal. If you want to have this stone in your house, you need to take good care of it by ensuring water doesn't stay on it quite a lot or else it will get damaged.

Walnut (Mocha) Travertine Tiles is available in our Miami store. If you want to purchase some or need any other help, do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll be more than happy to assist you in this regard.