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Thassos Marble Tiles

Thassos Marble is a pure white stone, elegant and sophisticated: a stone that enhances any interior design, traditional or modern. Named after the Greek island it originates from, it is well known for its quality, hardness and consistency. Thassos is considered one of the top white marbles in the world. Please submit quote request or contact us for availability and pricing.


Why should you go for thassos marble tiles?

We recommend the use of thassos marble tiles as these tiles are not only strong and durable, but these remain stainless and scratch-free for years. The freshness of marble surface can be retained for years as well. As it is a natural stone, it doesn’t allow germs and allergens to survive on its surface. Thus, these marble tiles are a safe option for indoor flooring.

What to look for when purchasing thassos marble tiles?

Thassos Marble is an expensive material so we would like to give you few expert pieces of advice in this regard. Before purchasing marble, you should check the quality of marble and rates which a dealer is offering. In addition to that, you should make sure that stone has a uniform color with no stains/spots. Also, you should check all stone pieces thoroughly, because it is generally observed that shopkeeper place superior pieces on the top of the stack and inferior pieces below.

How to clean thassos so it'll look even better?

We recommend that only agents you should use your marble for cleaning on a regular basis are hot water and specially formulated stone cleaners which you should obtain from your installer. Also, make sure that you are cleaning your marble on a regular basis. In addition to that, remove all stains and spots from your marble tiles immediately so your marble will look as new as it was on the very first day.

Thassos is definitely an amazing option for decoration of your house. If you want to purchase it or need more information about it, do not hesitate to contact us back and we’ll be more than happy to assist you in this regard.