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Silver Travertine Tiles


Silver Travertine is characterized by beautiful dark silver/gray deposits and veins on a light silver background, and may contain small quantities of diffused cream colored deposits, creating an elegant classic look. Silver travertine is one of our most popular products, greatly sought out for their beauty and versatility, and is perfect for floors, accent walls, bathrooms and back-splashes. It is available in several sizes; sold by square foot.


Reasons to choose Silver travertine:

Many cultures and civilizations around the globe have been using travertine tiles in constructions. Although these tiles are susceptible to acidic substances and metal abrasion, these still look great and new for years and years. All you need to do is to take a special care of them regarding their cleanliness and regular maintenance. In addition to that, these tiles are strong and more durable as compared to other natural and artificial solutions available there in the market. Moreover, silver travertine just gives your house a new and different look which leaves everyone stunning.

What to consider when buying silver travertine tiles?

Travertine is a water absorbent material, and it’s usually gets cracked if installed in areas facing long periods of freezing and humidity. It is soft as well, and travertine floors can’t resist too much traffic on them. Travertine is also expensive as compared to other options because it is a pure natural product and can’t be mass produced. You should consider all these factors i.e. condition of installation area and your budget when purchasing travertine tiles.

Silver Travertine Tile Design Ideas

1. Silver Travertine Bathrooms:

Silver travertine tiles can be used for decoration of bathrooms. These tiles look elegant and chic in any finish and pattern they are used. The unique veining and lovely silver gray tones look outstanding. Listed here are some design ideas of these wonderful tiles when used in bathrooms:

  1. Silver travertine tiles in vein cut are perfect for contemporary style bathrooms. Use a black marble bathroom countertop and shower seat for stellar look as shown in the image.
  2. If you have an alcove bathtub then use travertine tiles in brick or subway pattern for covering the walls of the bathroom. For the floor use the pinwheel pattern.
  3. Another interesting idea is to paint the bathroom walls with white paint and add a silver travertine floor with large size tiles in french pattern. For the shower area use mosaic tiles in silver travertine for the floor and regular size tiles for the walls.

2. Silver Travertine Bedrooms:

Silver travertine tiles are being used by interior decorators for flooring and sometimes walls of bedrooms. Bedrooms are an important part of your home where a person goes to relax after a long day. Silver travertine tiles have a cool soothing color which can make your bedroom look restful and appealing. Given below are some bedroom design ideas that can help you in finding the best usage of these lovely travertine tiles:

  1. Silver travertine tiles can look nice on the floor of modern bedrooms as shown in the image. The coffee and caramel colors of the walls and furniture looks great with the silver floor.
  2. Simple white painted walls of the bedroom can be beautified by using silver travertine mosaic tiles. Use these tiles to make a square or rectangle right above your bed like a painting. Complete the look with silver travertine floor in stack bond pattern.

3. Living Rooms with Silver Travertine Tiles:

Silver travertine tiles are a favorite decoration tile of those who love the contemporary design aesthetics. Homeowners who are looking for modishly chic living rooms can opt for this marvelous tile. This tile can look outstanding in every finish and cut style which is why it is being used in all types of houses.

A living room can be brighten up by using a silver travertine tiles on the floor as shown in the image. The room looks sophisticated and no element clashes with the color of another. This is maintained by using only three colors i.e. white, black and gray.

If you want a contemporary living room then we suggest using vein cut silver travertine tiles on the LCD display wall with high polished finish. Use honed tiles for the floor with monochrome furniture.

4. Silver Travertine Kitchens:

Silver travertine tiles can glam up any kitchen type. No matter what layout style a kitchen has, silver travertine tile can be installed there. Here we have design ideas of this stunning tile according to various kitchen layout styles.

  1. One-Wall Kitchen: A one-wall kitchen is sleek looking with small space. A great way to use silver travertine here is by flooring the walkway. Use the English bond pattern with honed tile finish to make the floor look spacious. If there is a wall column in your one-wall kitchen then cover it with vein cut silver travertine tiles.
  2. L-Shape Kitchen: For an L-shape kitchen a cross cut silver travertine tile floor with brushed finish can look amazing in french pattern.
  3. Horseshoe Kitchen: A horseshoe kitchen has a kitchen island. Silver travertine tiles on the floor and backsplash can look outstanding in such kitchens. Add natural stone countertops for a uniform look.

How to clean silver travertine?

Travertine tiles are very easy to clean. However, you should be very careful about the cleaner you are using for them. Travertine tiles need specific cleaners which you may ask the installer to provide. You shouldn’t use acidic cleaner for it as these cleaners can harm the stone badly.

Tips for Maintaining Silver Travertine Beauty

Travertine bullnose is a fragile and soft material and sometimes it is not very thick. So it should be handled very carefully on both the installer and your end. Furthermore, you should always check rates in the market before purchasing the product so you’ll always get it from the right seller and in right price.

We hope this article will help you while purchasing some tiles for your house. You are most welcome to ask in case of any other query.