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Travertine Silver Split-Face 1x2" Mosaics

Travertine silver split face mosaics create contrast  to decorations according to the application area. These mosiacs are mainly preferred for exterior applications such as split faces and  walls. However, due to its beautiful color it is used for interior wall decorations too. Travertine silver split face mosaics are priced for square foot and comes in mesh mount sheet for easy installation.


Where to use silver split-face mosaics?

Silver split face elegance mosaics are best for decorating outdoor areas of your house. The stone is not only strong and long lasting but it also gives a very unique, elegant and bold look to the exterior of your house. However, care should be taken and it should not be installed in areas which face long periods of freeze/thaw as such climate is not very good for travertine stone.

Why should you choose silver split face mosaics?

There are many reasons why you should go for these mosaics and let’s discuss few top ones here:

  1. Durable: Travertine material is durable and strong and doesn’t lose its look like other natural/artificial products.
  2. Versatile: Travertine is a versatile material and it can be used both indoor and outdoor. It is usually used indoors for sink counters, floors, showers and tab Outdoor uses are decks, driveways and pool surrounds.
  3. Stunning Appearance: travertine is amazingly beautiful with attractive colors. It just makes your house look more beautiful and raises its market value.
  4. Environment-friendly: You don’t need any abrasive or acidic cleaners to clean travertine so it is very environment-friendly.
  5. Long lasting: Travertine is a natural material and it lasts longer than other natural/artificial flooring and decoration options if handled with care.

What to look for when purchasing silver split-face mosaics?

Here are few things which should be taken care of before you make a purchase of travertine mosaics.

  1. Surface Smoothness: You should always check how smooth the surface of a bullnose is. Also ask for crack warranty and make sure it is more than one year.
  2. Area/climate Situation: Travertine is not suitable for areas which face long periods of freezing/thaw. Since pavers are installed outdoor and travertine is a water absorbent material, it absorbs water and may receive cracks. Therefore, you should always consider climate situation of the area before installing travertine.
  3. Cleaners: Always get a right travertine cleaner from your installer. Never use acidic cleaners on the stones. These will harm the stone badly.
  4. Cost: As travertine is a natural material, it costs a bit more as compared to other materials. In case of pavers, even a small difference in cost results in big difference overall. Therefore, you should also be careful about cost factor while purchasing travertine pavers and always go for a right dealer after market research.Travertine silver split-Face Mosaics are available in SefaStone Miami Store. If you are interested in purchasing best stone at the best price in town, do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll be more than happy to assist you in this regard.