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Scabos Travertine Bullnose


Our Scabos Travertine is a beautiful stone characterized by colorful swirling deposits of diffused red, gold, orange, light cream, brown and dark gray colors with a glowing even-toned golden base hue. Scabos travertine bullnose pavers –also known as Pool Copings – have the width of the paver rounded off for an elegant finish. Scabos Bullnose pavers are great for hardscape designs: pool edges, outdoor steps, outdoor walls and structure designs, and more! These bullnose pavers are available in several sizes; sold by piece.


Why should you choose Scabos Travertine Bullnose Pavers?

There are many reasons why people choose travertine pavers and why you should choose it for your construction. In addition to slip-resistance property, travertine pavers are heat resistant, and very beautiful. Especially the lighter colors of travertine pavers will provide a pool deck surface that will stay cool even in the hottest summer days. Travertine stone pavers are also ideal for the edges of a swimming pool.

What to consider when purchasing travertine pavers?

As travertine pavers are always purchased in bulk for big projects usually, you should be very careful when purchasing them. Here are few factors which you should take care of:
Crack warranty: Just see how long crack warranty an installer is providing. It should be 1 year minimum.
Area Situation: Travertine is not suitable for areas which face long periods of freezing/thaw. Since pavers are installed outdoor and travertine is a water absorbent material, it absorbs water and may receive cracks. Therefore, you should always consider climate situation of the area before installing travertine.
Cost: As travertine is a natural material, it costs a bit more as compared to other materials. In case of pavers, even a small difference in cost results in big difference overall. Therefore, you should also be careful about cost factor while purchasing travertine pavers and always go for a right dealer after market research.
Cleaners: Always get a right travertine cleaner from your installer. Never use acidic cleaners on the stones. These will harm the stone badly.

How Scabos travertine bullnose is made?

Travertine bullnose is made using simple travertine tiles. First of all tiles are installed in the area. Then these tiles are turned into bullnose using a grinder. And at the end, bullnose is polished and given a perfect look.

As you know a lot about travertine pavers by now, you should always consider these factors before making a bulk purchase and don’t forget to contact us back in case of any other query.