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Gold Travertine Tiles


Our Gold Travertine is a beautiful rich yellow-gold stone, which may contain movement created by darker yellow, ochre, brown and white deposits and veins. Our Gold Travertine tiles are perfect for classic design, but works well as accents for more contemporary interior designs. gold Travertine is perfect for flooring, bathrooms, walls, and back-splashes and is most frequently used for accents and wall applications. It is available in several sizes; sold by square foot.


Where Gold Travertine tiles are used?

Because of the pure golden color, these travertine tiles give a very sophisticated look to the place where used. Gold travertine tiles can be used indoor as well as outdoors. These tiles are highly recommended for all those who want to give their property a unique, bold look with great market value.

Reasons to choose Gold travertine tiles:

There are many reasons why you should go for gold travertine tiles flooring and decoration in your house. Here are the top ones:

  1. Durable: Travertine material is durable and strong and doesn’t lose its look like other natural/artificial products.
  2. Versatile:Travertine is a versatile material and it can be used both indoor and outdoor. It is usually used indoors for sink counters, floors, showers and tab Outdoor uses are decks, driveways and pool surrounds.
  3. Stunning Appearance: travertine is amazingly beautiful with attractive colors. It just makes your house look more beautiful and raises its market value.
  4. Environment-friendly: You don’t need any abrasive or acidic cleaners to clean travertine so it is very environment-friendly.
  5. Long lasting: Travertine is a natural material and it lasts longer than other natural/artificial flooring and decoration options if handled with care.

And so many other reasons for choosing travertine which you’ll come to know about once you’ll actually go for it.

Gold Travertine Tile Design Ideas

1. Gold Travertine Kitchen:

Gold travertine tiles can be used for contemporary and traditional designs. These tiles are best for kitchen and other indoor areas. Their regal beauty can make even the simplest style stand out. Here are a few design ideas when it comes to using gold travertine for kitchen:

  • Use gold travertine in a diamond pattern for the kitchen backsplash and french pattern for the floor. The reddish color of the wooden cabinets looks beautiful as shown in the adjacent image.
  • If your kitchen is small then opt for large sized gold travertine tiles and place them in a slanted brick pattern on the floor. This will give the illusion of more space.

2. Bathrooms and Shower Areas with Gold Travertine:

Gold travertine tiles with their vibrant yellow hues add a cosmopolitan and sophisticated look to your bathroom. This tile can provide with end results which are stunning yet elegant at the same time. Here are a few design ideas for incorporating gold travertine tiles in bathrooms and shower areas:

  • Use 12 x 12 sized gold travertine tiles for the the walls of your bathroom and add a single light colored mosaic strip half way through. The floor should have the same light colored mosaic tiles to soften the dark shades of the wall. Complete the look with vessel sink and rich brown bordered vanities.
  • Another interesting design idea is to only use medium sized gold travertine tiles on the floor and keep the walls painted with a off white color. If there is a drop-in or alcove bathtub present then cover it up with travertine gold moasic tiles and with the bathroom countertop in beige.
  • Never go all gold. Always try to maintain the balance of this regal looking tile with a light color element.

3. Gold Travertine Living Room:

Gold travertine tiles add stunningly magnificent look when used for flooring in places like the living room. It adds a bedazzling effect that screams luxury and makes your lounge an icon for splendor. You can even add the Midas touch to one of your living room wall by incorporating gold travertine tile on single wall in 24 x 24 size.  It brightens the overall look of your living space. Given here are some design ideas for gold travertine in living rooms:

  • If you want the antique or old money look then we recommend you use a combination gold with beige travertine tiles. The key is to focus on gold while using beige as the border as shown in the image.
  • If you like a rustic country side vibe in your lounge then use gold travertine for the floor with honed finish. If you have a fireplace then decorate it with tumbled walnut travertine in dark shade.

4. Gold Travertine Fireplace Surround Area:

Gold travertine tiles can be used to enhance the beauty of your fireplace whether indoors or outdoors. It can make your living room look lavish and cozy all at the same time. Here are some design ideas to make your fireplace standout:

  1. Use wide tiles for covering the area above the mantel. This will create a canvas type appearance which will go perfectly with a smooth fireplace design.
  2. Use black wrought iron candle stand or monochrome porcelain vases for decorating the mantel. Less is more, stay away from colorful decor.

What to consider when buying Gold Travertine tiles?

Gold Travertine is a water absorbent material, and it’s usually gets cracked if installed in areas facing long periods of freezing and humidity. It is soft as well, and travertine floors can’t resist too much traffic on them. Travertine is also expensive as compared to other options because it is a pure natural product and can’t be mass produced. You should consider all these factors i.e. condition of installation area and your budget when purchasing travertine tiles.