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Gold Travertine Bullnose


Our Gold Travertine is a beautiful rich yellow-gold stone, which may contain movement created by darker yellow, ochre, brown and some white deposits and veins. Our Gold Travertine Bullnose Pavers, also known as Pool Copings, are perfect for sophisticated classic hardscape designs, as well as accents for a contemporary look. Gold Travertine bullnose pavers are great for pool edges, edges of patio decks, outdoor steps, outdoor walls, and other structures. These bullnose pavers come in several sizes and are sold by piece.


Where Gold Travertine bullnose is used?

Gold travertine is used indoor as well as outdoor in almost every sub-continent of the world. Among its common uses like flooring and decoration of pools, it is also used for some non-common uses. An example is use of travertine as bullnose to provide a smooth, rounded edge for countertops, staircase steps and building corners.  In fact, It can be installed on corners of products of almost any shape.

How is Gold Travertine bullnose made?

Travertine bullnose is made using simple travertine tiles. First of all tiles are installed in the area. Then these tiles are turned into bullnose using a grinder. And at the end, bullnose is polished and given a perfect look.

Reasons to choose gold travertine bullnose:

There are so many reasons why you should go for gold travertine bullnose. Let’s have a look on some of them:

  1. Durable: Travertine material is durable and strong and doesn’t lose its look like other natural/artificial products.
  2. Versatile: Travertine is a versatile material and it can be used both indoor and outdoor. It is usually used indoors for sink counters, floors, showers and tab Outdoor uses are decks, driveways and pool surrounds.
  3. Stunning Appearance: travertine is amazingly beautiful with attractive colors. It just makes your house look more beautiful and raises its market value.
  4. Environment-friendly: You don’t need any abrasive or acidic cleaners to clean travertine so it is very environment-friendly.
  5. Long lasting: Travertine is a natural material and it lasts longer than other natural/artificial flooring and decoration options if handled with care.


Tips for Maintaining Travertine Bullnose

Travertine bullnose is a fragile and soft material and sometimes it is not very thick. So it should be handled very carefully on both the installer and your end. Furthermore, you should always check rates in the market before purchasing the product so you’ll always get it from the right seller and in right price.

We hope this article will help you while purchasing some tiles for your house. You are most welcome to ask in case of any other query.

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