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Gold Remodel Pool Coping


Gold Travertine Remodel Pool Copings have a rounded 4″ outer lip that fits on top of Bullnose Pavers when remodeling swimming pools. They are the perfect alternative to demolishing your existing stone and concrete. Gold travertine is a beautiful yellow gold that may contain ivory and sienna veins. Gold travertine is an elegant and bold choice for any hardscape design. These Remodel Pool copings are available in different sizes and are sold by piece.


Where Gold Remodel Pool Coping is used?

Gold Remodel Pool Coping is used indoor as well as outdoor in almost every sub-continent of the world. Among its common uses like flooring and decoration of pools, it is also used for some non-common uses. An example is use of travertine as bullnose to provide a smooth, rounded edge for countertops, staircase steps and building corners.  In fact, It can be installed on corners of products of almost any shape.

How Gold Remodel Pool Coping is made?

Gold Remodel Pool Coping is made using simple travertine tiles. First of all tiles are installed in the area. Then these tiles are turned into bullnose using a grinder. And at the end, bullnose is polished and given a perfect look.

Gold Remodel Pool Coping Design Ideas

1. Pools with Travertine Gold Remodel Pool Coping:

Gold remodel pool coping is another wonderful product of gold travertine. The dazzling gold color drowned in the sea of striking ivory veins looks exquisite and regal. The rich yellow hues of this pool coping can make your pool stand out. Pool coping is used on the edge of the pool for protection of the pool structure by preventing the water from seeping into the pool walls and behind the shell of the pool. Gold remodel pool coping is double duty as it protects the pool and also makes it aesthetically pleasing looks wise.

To make sure your gold remodel pool coping looks good as new follow the cleaning instructions listed below:

  • Use a clean dry mop to remove dust and debris on daily basis.
  • Once a week, clean the coping thoroughly. The cleaning process is quite simple. All you need is a soft cloth or brush, a mild detergent and warm water. Clean the coping with soapy liquid soaked cloth or brush in circular motion with a light hand and rinse it with clean water.
  • If there are any stubborn stains on your coping then use poultice or any commercially available non-acidic stone cleaner to get rid of it.

2. Gold Remodel Coping for Patio Decks and Fire Pits:

Gold remodel coping can be used for decoration of your patio decks and fire pits. This beautiful travertine product can make your patio deck and fire pit look attractive. Here we have listed a few design ideas which can serve as an inspiration for your next patio deck or fire pit remodeling:

  • A patio deck paved with gold travertine pavers can look outstanding if its edges are covered with gold remodel coping. Add wrought furniture with large potted plants in monochrome colors for a mesmerizing setting.
  • If your patio has a fire pit then decorate the fire pit surround area with tumbled gold travertine pavers in regular pattern and cover the edge of the pit with gold remodel coping in subway pattern. The contrast in the finish and patterns will look great.
  • Gold remodel coping can be used for covering the edges of patio decks paved with noce or walnut travertine. The combination of these colors is easy on the eyes and shows the homeowner’s aesthetics as well.

3. Gold Remodel Coping Retaining Walls

Gold remodel coping is of premium quality which makes it a favorite decorating material of many homeowners. Due to its cheerful hues and distinctive veining, this remodel coping is used as wall caps. The result is effortless beauty for your outdoor space. Gold remodel coping can be used with retaining wall covered with any material type and color. But we would recommend sticking with the natural stone for covering the retaining wall for oomph worthy result. Scabos,  mina rustic, onyx light and gold travertine are good options that go well with gold remodel coping. You can use tumbled with chiseled edge finish or simple brushed finish for the retaining wall.

4. Gold Remodel Coping Stair Treads

Gold remodel coping can make your exterior look amazing when used for covering the edges of the stair treads. Given below are a few design ideas that you can use for these copings:

  • Gold travertine pavers and gold remodel coping go hand in hand. Use different patterns to separate the two. This way the whole look won’t look overwhelming.
  • If you have Calacatta gold marble on your entrance and stair treads then by using gold remodel coping to the treads’ edges you can add a bit of panache to the whole area. The subtle gold veining of the marble will look stunning with the gold remodel coping.

Tips for maintaining Gold Remodel Pool Coping:

Gold Remodel Pool Coping is a fragile and soft material and sometimes it is not very thick. So it should be handled very carefully on both the installer and your end. Furthermore, you should always check rates in the market before purchasing the product so you’ll always get it from the right seller and in right price.

We hope this article will help you while purchasing some tiles for your house. You are most welcome to ask in case of any other query.