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Cappuccino Premium Marble Tiles (Light & Dark)


Our Cappuccino marble is a beautiful coffee colored stone that comes in two variations: Light and Dark. Both have a beige base color with beautiful crystallized deposits in many beautiful shades of brown, cream and white, with thin shimmering light cream colored veins for a sophisticated, classic look.

Cappuccino Premium Marble comes in two variations:

  • Dark (Beige base color with Dark Brown spots and deposits)
  • Light (Beige base color with light beige spots and deposits)

What to look for when purchasing Cappuccino premium marble tiles?

You should check following things before purchasing cappuccino premium marble tiles.

  1. Make sure that you’re getting it on right price from a right dealer.
  2. Always check quality of all pieces instead of just few on the top of the stack.
  3. Make sure that marble you’re getting is stain/scratch free.
  4. Color and design pattern should be uniform on whole marble piece. Check this for all pieces.


Advantages of having Cappuccino Premium Marble Tiles

There are many reasons why you should choose marble tiles and top ones are listed below:

  1. Durability: Marble tiles are very durable and strong. They usually don’t get break very easily.
  2. Elegant and stunning look: Marble tiles give a very elegant and stunning look and they just add a lot of value to your property.
  3. Environment-friendly: As marble is a natural stone, it doesn’t allow germs and allergens to survive on its surface. Thus, these marble tiles are a safe option for indoor flooring.
  4. Affordable: Marble tiles are very affordable as compared to other materials and thus you can easily use them for your projects.

Cappuccino Premium Marble Tiles (Light & Dark) Design Ideas

1. Cappuccino Premium Marble Bathrooms:

Cappuccino premium marble tiles can be used for decoration of bathrooms and shower areas. These tiles in both their dark and light shades can be used separately or in a combination depending on the homeowner's taste. The varying shades of coffee brown color look amazing in bathrooms. Given here are some installation ideas that can be used for these marble tiles:

  1. If your bathroom has an alcove bathtub then use cappuccino premium marble tiles in light shade to cover the whole bathroom. Use stretcher bond pattern for the wall tiles and pinwheel pattern for the floor ones.
  2. If you prefer combination of both cappuccino tiles then this idea is for you. Using light cappuccino mosaic tiles make a top and bottom border for the walls of the bathroom. Cover the middle section of the walls with brushed finish dark cappuccino tiles in diamond pattern. Cover the floor of the bathroom with light cappuccino tiles in straight pattern bordered with dark tiles.
  3. A herringbone bathroom floor made of dark cappuccino premium marble tiles also looks amazing with a stark white pedestal bathtub and bathroom accessories.

2. Kitchens with Cappuccino Premium Marble Tiles:

Kitchens are one of the core parts of the house and their decoration is extremely important as they are also the most used part of the house as well. Cappuccino premium marble tiles can make your kitchen look aesthetically pleasing. Their rich brown shades can make your kitchen's appearance stunning. Listed below are some design ideas which can serve as an inspiration for your kitchen decor:

  1. Traditional Mediterranean style kitchens with dark wooden cabinets can look sophisticated with cappuccino premium marble tile floors. Add black natural stone countertops to complete the look.
  2. Countryside kitchens with dark cappuccino marble tiles in brushed finish look cozy and graceful at the same time.
  3. For contemporary kitchens both light and dark cappuccino marble tiles can look magnificent with polished finish.

3. Cappuccino Premium Marble Living Rooms:

Cappuccino premium marble tiles can be installed in living rooms. Living rooms need to be comfortable and stylish at the same time. These coffee colored tiles look graceful and trendy when used for decoration of living rooms. Here we have a couple of design ideas that can make your living room look elegant.

  1. Light cappuccino premium marble tiles can look beautiful on the floor of a traditional living room. A pinwheel pattern can look great on the floor with honed finish tiles. You can use dark cappuccino tiles for the small squares present in the pinwheel pattern and use these dark tiles on the fireplace surround area as well.
  2. If you are aiming for a modish living room makeover then using  dark cappuccino premium marble tiles with high polished finish for the floor is the best way to do it. Use a stack bond pattern for a sleek chic look.

4. Cappuccino Premium Marble Entrances:

Cappuccino premium marble tile can make your entrance hall or foyer look attractive effortlessly. These tiles can blend with their surroundings all the while maintaining their alluring presence which makes them perfect for all home styles.

Cappuccino premium marble tiles in both dark and light shades look outstanding when used in combination. They can be used for creating mosaic inspired patterns in the middle of the entrance or in a diagonal pattern with alternate shades. The options are unlimited.

A simple herringbone floor made of dark cappuccino premium marble tiles also looks amazing in polished finish. Gold accent chair placed in the entrance's corner or a decorative brass mirror on the sidewall can really bring out the beauty of this floor.