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Black Pearl Marble Tiles

Our Black Peark Marble Tile is a beautiful dark gray stone with thin light veins for a bold modern look. Black Pearl Marble Tiles are perfect for shower and bathroom walls, accent walls, flooring and backsplashes.  These tiles are sold by square foot.

Black Pearl Marble is a beautiful dark gray stone with thin and white light veins drawn randomly in it. Because of the stone’s beauty and bold modern look, interior designers are using them around the globe for decorating bathroom walls, accent walls and back splashes. These tiles are also used for flooring purposes and other outdoor uses.

Black Pearl Marble comes in tiles of different sizes. Usually, it comes in specific standard sizes, but you can also get it in custom sizes according to your needs. We would like to guide you more about black pearl marble tiles before you make a decision to purchase them. Let’s have a look on few important things:


Where black pearl Marble tiles are used?

Being in the field of interior designing for so long, we have used black pearl marble tiles almost everywhere. Some places where it is used most commonly are floors, countertops, kitchens, bathrooms, hallways and wash basins. The reason it can be used at so many places is durability and appealing look of the stone.

Why should you go for black pearl marble tiles?

We recommend the use of black pearl marble tiles as these tiles are not only strong and durable, but these remain stainless and scratch-free for years. The freshness of marble surface can be retained for years. As it is a natural stone, it doesn’t allow germs and allergens to survive on its surface. Thus, these marble tiles are a safe option for indoor flooring.

Black Pearl Marble Tile Design Ideas

1. Black Pearl Marble Bathroom:

Black pearl marble tile can be used for decoration of bathrooms. This chic marble tile can transform bathroom of any style and size. Here we have listed some design ideas for black pearl marble tile usage according to bathroom types:

  1. Master bathroom: For a master bathroom have the pearl black tiles installed on the floor in brick bond pattern. Use tiles in small size for decorating the shower area wall in linear pattern. Finish the look with stark white bathtub and double sinks with white painted walls.
  2. Three Quarter Bathroom: A three quarter's shower area needs to stand out. Add black pearl tile mosaic walls in the shower while keeping the shower floor in a neutral color like white or gray. Add the same mosaic in the backsplash as well to bring in the sense of design uniformity. Use black pearl marble tiles in linear pattern for the floors.
  3. Powder Room: A powder room should look classy and elegant. Use black pearl marble tiles in herringbone pattern with a polished finish for the wall with the sink and vanity. Another way to keep your powder room trendy is by tiling all walls except the one with the vanity like shown in the image.

2. Bedrooms with Pearl Black Marble Tiles:

Black pearl marble tile bedrooms are the epitome of luxury and grandeur. These tiles can effortlessly upgrade the quality of any bedroom from mediocre to extraordinary. Owing to their exquisite pattern and color, black pearl marble tiles can look amazing with a variety of hues, thus allowing you to get super creative by experimenting with a wide range of . Listed below are a few design ideas that will give you inspiration for redecorating your bedroom:

  1. You can never go wrong with the combination of black and white. It impeccably embodies both classic extravagance and modern chic. Lavish velvet curtains, a faux fur rug, a full length mirror on one wall and contemporary or Victorian styled furniture (depending on your preference) in white is what will seamlessly complement your black pearl marble tile flooring.
  2. Red silk curtains, a black master bed adorned with white and black bedding and red pillows, an fashionable black bookcase, black leather sofa and a small piece of red faux fur wallpaper behind your LED is the perfect bedroom scheme.


3. Black Pearl Marble Living Rooms:

Living rooms should have such an ambiance that allows you to relax after a long days of hard work at the office. Black pearl marble tiles are the perfect for creating a serene atmosphere thanks to their dark color and intricate pattern that bears resemblance to a starry night. Covering the flooring and the space around your living room fireplace with black pearl marble tiles is just what you need to tie the entire look of the room together. These tiles are versatile enough to look good with a wide range of furniture styles and colors thus, depending on your personal taste, you can easily decorate the rest of the living room however you please. For those who are indecisive with their decision, opt for mahogany furniture for an aristocratic vibe and a leather or steel combination for something more modern.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width="1/2"][vc_column_text]

4. Kitchens in Black Pearl Marble:

Your kitchen deserves special attention when it comes to constructing or refurbishing your house, therefore you should consider the best materials available in the market for it. Black pearl marble tiles are highly regarded by interior decorators and architects for their prime quality and intricate detail. Choosing these tiles for your kitchen backsplashes and flooring, complemented by black pearl marble slabs for the countertops and island is just the combination required to build a beautiful kitchen. This design idea can be finished off by adding either wooden, glass, aluminum or polyethylene cabinets.

What to look for when purchasing black pearl marble tiles?

Marble is an expensive material so we would like to give you few expert pieces of advice in this regard. Before purchasing marble, you should check the quality of marble and rates which a dealer is offering. In addition to that, you should make sure that stone has auniform color with no stains/spots. Also, you should check all stone pieces thoroughly, because it is generally observed that shopkeeper place superior pieces on the top of the stack and inferior pieces below.

How to clean marble so it’ll look new:

We recommend that only agents you should use your marble for cleaning on a regular basis are hot water and specially formulated stone cleaners which you should obtain from your installer. Also, make sure that you are cleaning your marble on a regular basis. In addition to that, remove all stains and spots from your marble tiles immediately so your marble will look as new as it was on the very first day.

If you need more help with the black pearl marble tiles, do not hesitate to contact us back.