Depending on how a travertine stone is cut, it can have two kinds of appearances:

  • Cross / swirly
  • Vein which is a more linear

Travertine stone is sold in the market in different forms such as:

  • Pavers
  • Tiles
  • Slabs
  • Pool Coping

Travertine pavers are environment-friendly, thick pieces of travertine which are used for decoration and construction of outdoor areas. The usual thickness of these pavers is 1.25 inches, and they are mostly used for beautifying the pool decks, patios, driveways, walkways and outside stairs. It is one of the best stone pavers that come with a bundle of benefits. These pavers are heat resistant due to which their lifespan is quite long and can withstand harsh weather extremities as compared to other stones used for decoration of outdoor locations. They do not discolor and have excellent durability rate. The best thing about this is that Travertine pavers are cheaper as compared to other stones.

When used, Travertine pavers make the whole walking experience an extraordinarily comfortable one and add an exquisite touch of modern yet chic aura to where ever they are used because of their brilliant colors and patterns. Customers can choose the sizes and finishes which best fit their requirements.

Travertine Pavers Ideas

Natural stone has always been in demand for construction and decoration purposes throughout the history of humankind. Travertine was used excessively by the Roman in their buildings such as bathhouses, temples and even in the construction of the Colosseum. Similarly, the modern society likes Travertine pavers in their homes, offices and other commercially used places. The use of the pavers is extensive in all modish places, and it significantly improves the aesthetics of the surroundings as well. There are many Travertine applications such as indoor & outdoor flooring, patio decks, pools, etc. some of which are discussed in detail below:


Patios are the favorite outdoor areas that are used for outdoor family meals or simply an area for relaxing near the garden or pool. It can be shaded or direct under the sunlight. Either way, Travertine pavers provide the best-paved experience and are quite in demand for this particular arrangement.

Outdoor Kitchen

Barbecue at home is a must for many families around the globe. Travertine pavers provide the sturdy and nice looking BBQ essentials that are perfect for an outdoor kitchen like a barbecue unit, an oven and even a sink.  This paved look adds style and class to the outdoor cooking experience.

Outdoor Pools

In-ground swimming pools are great places for incorporating a travertine touch. It can be used for hotel, resort and home pools’ surrounding area which provides the swimmers a fine-looking surface for drying off after a good swim. Host a neighborhood pool party or just enjoy your afternoon on a travertine pool area which will never look dull no matter how much water splashes on its surface. In short, travertine pavers and pool areas are made for each other and a must-have essential for any family going for a modish vibe.


Gazebos are the romantic structures that look beautiful in the backyards and gardens. Even though their structure is made out wood, adding Travertine pavers to it in the form of base flooring can give off the Shakespearian feel.


Travertine pavers are perfect for making edges around flower beds. They can also be used as stepping stones in the gardens.


After a while brick walls or stone retained ones start to lose their beauty due to changing environment or age.  But these walls can be saved with travertine paver which will add the required panache and gleam back. This type of paver retained wall does not dull with age and is durable against all type of weather changes. The walls can be varied in appearance due to the huge amount of versatile looks of Travertine pavers available. For example, if a heavily pitted paver is selected then a rusty look can be achieved while a smooth finish paver will give a sleek air.

Commercial Uses of Travertine Pavers

In addition to the domestic use of travertine pavers, there are some commercial uses as well. Let’s have a look on these:


On the industrial scale, Travertine pavers are used pavements of streets and driveways of churches, malls, and markets.

Jogging Lanes

Good health clubs use travertine pavers for their jogging pathways.


Spas resorts use Travertine pavers in the bath areas and sauna rooms.