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Sample Request!
Sample Request!


Sefastone Shipping & Delivery

Shipping Companies

Sefastone contracts third-party shipping companies. Because we have high shipping volume, we are able to negotiate extremely competitive shipping rates on your behalf. The rates provided by Sefastone are for the standard delivery unless otherwise indicated.


After your order has left our warehouse, Sefastone provides you the tracking information. Tracking information is generally sent to you within 24-hours of shipping. Our logistics staff will help you with any questions you may have during transit.

Liftgate vs. Forklift

Orders will qualify for Liftgate Service upon delivery based on weight, volume and shipping company. If there is no liftgate in some cases, a truck is required for unloading the truck. If a forklift is required to unload, customer will be informed before.


Providing contact information which will be used to contact you when the shipment is made is customer's responsibility. If it is unable to contact the customer, does not have the means to unload or is not ready to receive product; or if the customer requests the product to be redirected, additional storage and/or shipping charges and other warehouse charges will be applied. Delivery times must be determined between the customer and the shipping company. Sefastone will not be held responsible for delays in delivery times. Delivery times must be communicated between the customer and the shipping company. Sefa Stone will not be held liable for delays in delivery times. Customers have the right to arrange for their own shipping company.