Swimming Pool Design Ideas and Tips

What is the Most Suitable Stone for My Pool?

Natural stones are very popular building materials for pools. Limestone, travertine and marble has been the source of beauty in pools since ancient times. Today these natural stones are in as much demand as ever due to their good looking and charming character.

Pool decks, retaining walls, pool stairs, pool copings and patios are the places where limestone, marble and travertine can be used.

Travertine in Pools: Pavers, Tiles and Bullnose

Travertine is one of the most popular materials for building pools. Travertine can be applied in forms of pavers, tiles and bullnose in pools.

Travertine tiles are very suitable for pool decks with slip free property of travertine. Travertine has porous surface and it increases friction coefficient.

The unfilled and tumbled travertine are especially preferable due to the tumbled edges giving an elegant rustic appearance.

Travertine pavers can be laid on sand surfaces and do not require cement filling which ease the installation process.

Travertine pavers with a bullnose ends up with an aesthetic finish to the pools look.

Limestone in Pools: Pavers, Tiles and Bullnose

Limestone is hardy natural stone which can retain its beauty for years no matter how the weather is. Limestone can face extreme weather changes which makes it durable to seasonal changes. This property of limestone makes limestone a good choice for outdoor applications.

Designers choose limestone not only for deck materials but also for pool copings due to its good looking decorative properties.

Limestone offers a good variety of colors for paving, tiling and bullnose.


Marble in Pools

Marble tiles are used in pool decks to give a luxury look to the surrounding of the pool. Tumbled marble is especially prefered in pool decks with its luxury sophisticated look.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which stone to use in my pool?

Limestone, marble or travertine will be good choice for pools. Our team can suggest appropriate stone for you decoration and application.

Which natural stone is the most durable stone for pool applications?

With proper maintenance, travertine, marble and limestone remain to look great for years. However, limestone is the most suitable natural  stone for weather changes among.

Are those natural stones slippery?

Among all the natural stones  travertine and limestone are known as the slip free stones. However, different finishing processes for marble too makes it none slippery.

For pool decks tumbled limestone, travertine and marble are recommended.