Create Stunning Outdoors with Natural Stones

Which Natural Stone to Use in Outdoor Applications?

Natural stones can be used from pool decks to split faces, porches to patios, home siding to driveways and pathways.

Travertine, limestone and marble are used in tile, paver and mosaic forms according to the application for exteriors.

Using those ancient stones in the outdoors result in a stunning look.

Travertine Tiles, Pavers & Mosaics

Travertine pavers are mostly used in driveways, pathways and patios. Generally tumbled finished travertines are recommended for safety considerations.

Travertine tiles  with superior finishes are used in home siding  for decorative purposes.

Travertine mosaics are mostly used in split faces and walls.

It is possible to use travertine for different applications such as fireplaces, stairs, porches.

Limestone Pavers, Tiles & Bullnose

Limestone is an incredibly durable natural stone and maintenance is easy which makes it a good choice for exterior applications.

Limestone pavers are used for driveways, pathways, porches and patios. Limestone pavers can be easily installed on sand.

Limestone Bullnoses can be used in pathways and exterior stairs.

Marble Pavers and Mosaics

Marble pavers are used in pathways, porches and patios to provide a luxury look.

Marble mosaics are used in split faces, walls and fireplaces to maintain contrast.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the natural stones durable in exterior application?

Yes. For right application, right finished natural stone should be chosen. Sefa Stone specialist will help you choose the best stone for your application.

Do I neeed sealer for outdoor natural stone applications?

For Limestone many people prefer to leave the stone unsealed an let it weather naturally. As it weathers, it will gain character. For travertine we recommend sealing and for proper sealing you can contact our specialists. Marble is rigid stone do not need sealing.

Is travertine tiles appropriate for exterior use?

Yes. The finishing type is important, highly polished travertine tiles for exterior use. However, for snowy climates travertine is not recommended.