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How to chose the most suitable stone for my kitchen?

Natural Stones give a natural, elegance and luxury look to the kitchens. It is possible to make different combinations with the cabinets in kitchen when it comes to natural stones.

Marble and Travertine stones are mostly used in flooring, walls and backsplashes in kitchens.

Travertine Tiles

Travertine tiles are mostly used for walls, flooring and backsplashes in kitchens. Not only polished tiles but also tumbled tiles can be a good choice according to the decoration idea.

Polished travertine tile will give a luxury look to kitchen when combined with appropriate cabinets. Large tiles with thin grout lines will give the illusion of vast vista of travertine on walls.

Tumbled travertine tiles used in backsplashes add a rustic and sophisticated look to the kitchens.

Different patterns such as linear, wall stone, diagonal,non linear or random linear orientation can be applied to the floors.

Travertine tiles set on a diagonal give an amazing diamond geometry. To chose the most suitable travertine tile color and size you can review our tiles here.

Marble Tiles

Marble has always been known as the demonstration of wealth and opulence for centuries. Marble, due to its nature, is slightly different in color along the tile which gives it a unique personality. As a result of this property of marble, it gives kitchens a sophisticated and luxury look.

Marble tiles are frequently used in backsplashes, walls and flooring in kitchens. Different colors and sizes can be applied depending on the decoration idea.

Limestone Tiles

A vintage touch can be achieved in kitchens using limestone tiles in flooring, walls and backsplashes. Due to the color and pattern variations in the tiles the kitchens will achieve a good mix of shades across the area.

Tumbled, polished and honed limestone tiles are available in different sizes and colors.

Travertine Mosaics and Marble Mosaics


Mosaics of marble and travertine is used in kitchens in backsplashes and walls in for decorative purposes. Applying mosaics to the wall or backsplashes gives contrast to the kitchens.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which stone to use in my kithcen?

Depending on the decoration idea, both travertine tiles and marble tiles can be used in kitchens. To decide on the best stone to fit your kitchen you can request an inquiry from Sefa Stone Specialits

Is it possible to D.I.Y install marble or travertine tile in my kitchen?

For best results we recommend the tiles to be installed by professionals. For best results, The Marble Institute of America recommends having your contractor lay out the tile for best results.

How durable is the travertine, marble &limestone tiles in kitchens?

With proper maintenance, travertine and marble remains to look great for years. Limestone maintenance is easy and limestone is known to be one of the most durable natural stones. You can ask our team for the proper products to use for tile maintenance in kitchens.

How travertine and marble tiles are cleaned in kitchens?

Impuries should be removed from the travertine and marble surface. Acidic chemicals should not be used for cleaning travertine and marble surface due the tendency of these stones to stain with acids. Especially fruit juice due to its acidic tendency is harmful for these natural stones and should be avoided from direct touch.

Is sealing necessary for tiles in kitchens?

Since travertine surface has a porous structure the liquids tend to leech into the body of travertine by adsorption. This might result in a negative look in the travertine surface over years. To avoid the leech, sealers are needed. You can ask our experts for the best sealing products, and the frequency of the sealing process.