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Old Wood Travertine Tiles


Old Wood Travertine is a beautiful brown stone with heavy linear veins in variations of brown and cream, creating a visual texture reminiscent of tree bark. Decorate your home with long-lasting travertine stone that gives you the stylized look of hardwood. This material is available in 12″ x 24″ x 1/2″ tiles with Honed & Filled finish. Please submit quote request or contact us for availability and pricing.


Where old wood travertine tiles can be used?

Old wood travertine tile is a pure decorative material so we interior designers use them in living rooms, TV lounges and sometimes even outdoor. These tiles give perfect dark brown look and suitable for areas where you want calmness and silence.

Why should you choose old wood travertine tiles?

Travertine is a versatile material, i.e. it can be used anywhere. As per our experience, these tiles are long lasting and more durable as compared to other available options. Not only this, travertine is considered as one of most beautiful decoration materials. Travertine tiles are environment-friendly as well and do not allow germs and bacteria to grow on them.

What to look for when purchasing old wood travertine?

You should consider following factors before purchasing old wood travertine:

  1. Areas Situation: Travertine is not good for areas which face long periods of freezing/thaw. So you should avoid using travertine in such areas.
  2. Rate: As travertine is a natural material and is expensive, you should always confirm rates before purchasing tiles for you.
  3. Surface Quality: Make sure that surface quality is not very rough and it shouldn’t have any spots/stains on them. Always check each piece before purchasing.
  4. Right cleaner: Do not forget to obtain right cleaner from your installer. Never use acidic cleaners as these can harm the stone very badly.[

Old Wood Travertine Tile Design Ideas

1. Old Wood Travertine Bathroom:

Old wood travertine tiles can be used for decoration of bathrooms and shower areas. The beauty of these tiles is that you can have the wood effect in your bathroom without worrying about any damage. As travertine is a sturdy material so their installation is a one time investment as well. There are many interesting design ideas for these tiles that can be used in the bathroom. Some of these are listed below:

  1. Old wood travertine tiles can be used for adding an oomph worthy element in your bathroom. In the image we have a beige and old wood travertine tile combination bathroom. The old wood tile has been used for the background of space where yellow lights have been installed and on half of the wall near the door. The floor and remaining area is tiled with beige travertine tiles. The result is a stellar contemporary bathroom.
  2. Another way is to use old wood travertine tiles, in stretcher bond pattern, on the walls and floor of your bathroom except for the shower area's floor. Use mosaic tiles to cover this area. Use white countertops and toilet accessories.

2. Old Wood Travertine Tile Kitchens:

Kitchens can be decorated or refurbished with old wood travertine tiles for a stunning makeover. These tiles can make your kitchen look lavish with their old money vibe.

  1. A mediterranean style kitchen looks stupendous with the installation of old wood floor. The color of your countertops and cabinets can either be in shades of beige, cream or brown for a classic style.
  2. A contemporary kitchen can look wonderful with old wood travertine tile floor in polished finish and basket weave pattern.

To retain the lustrous look of these tiles following tips should be kept in mind.

  1. Wipe off spillages immediately and mop regularly with a soft cloth to avoid accumulation of dust.
  2. Avoid using acid based cleaners as they react violently with travertine. Use only alkaline stone cleaners.
  3. Reseal the stone periodically to avoid staining or scratching of the tiles.

3. Old Wood Travertine Bedrooms and Living Rooms:

Old Wood travertine tiles can be used in the bedrooms and living rooms. A floor that has the appeal of wooden floor but strength and pros of a stone floor is an ideal choice. Old Wood travertine floor can make your bedroom and living room look beautiful with it's installation. Here are a few design ideas for this exquisite tile:

  1. Bedroom: A floor with these tiles in high polished finish looks outstanding in a subway pattern with tiles longer in length. Use light color scheme for the paint and furniture to balance the dark color of the old wood travertine floor.
  2. Living Room: A living room can look amazing with just the tiled floor but you can go an extra mile in design by tiling fireplace surround area with these tiles.

4. Corporate Buildings with Old Wood Travertine Tiles:

Old wood travertine tiles are perfect for flooring and decoration of heavy traffic areas like the corporate lounges, hotel lobbies, office entrance halls and even waiting rooms.

The appeal of wooden floors can be created with these wonderful tiles. Another advantage of using these tiles is that you do not have to worry about it wearing out or getting damaged from heavy traffic. Old wood travertine tiles can be used in a simple pattern with honed or polished finish. Patterns should be kept simple to keep the appearance of the tiles close to real wood.

How to clean old wood travertine tiles?

You should always use cleaners which are specific for travertine cleaning. Always contact your installer to get a right one for you. Follow all stone cleaning instructions in order to maintain your stone’s beauty.

So Now as you know a lot about our special old wood travertine, make a right decision and get your tiles now. If you need more help, do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.