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Autumn Blend Travertine Tiles

Autumn Blend Travertine is characterized by a beautiful combination of the most popular colors associated with the coming of autumn: reds, golds and browns –  accentuated by beautiful ivory and cream colors and veins. This tile is classically bold and beautiful, perfect for accent walls, back-splashes, floors and bathrooms.


Where Autumn Blend travertine tiles are used?

Autumn Blend Travertine is getting famous around the globe as people are becoming aware of the stone’s value. Autumn Blend Travertine can be installed on corners of products of almost any shape. Currently, it is being used for coffee tables, in-house decoration, counter tops, in kitchens, hallways, living areas and staircase steps.

What to look for when purchasing Autumn Blend travertine tiles?

As travertine is an expensive material, you should always consider few factors before purchasing these tiles. Some of them are:

  1. Area Situation: Travertine is not good for areas which face long periods of freezing/thaw. So you should avoid using travertine in such areas.
  2. Rate: As travertine is a natural material and is expensive, you should always confirm rates before purchasing tiles for you.
  3. Surface Quality: Make sure that surface quality is not very rough and it shouldn’t have any spots/stains on them. Always check each piece before purchasing.
  4. Right cleaner: Do not forget to obtain right cleaner from your installer. Never use acidic cleaners as these can harm the stone very badly.

Cleaning Autumn Blend travertine tiles:

When it comes to cleaning these tiles, you need to be a little more careful. The usage of acidic liquids in order to clean the tiles can further damage them making it difficult for you to maintain it. The stone is way too soft to be maintained and managed. The Autumn Blend Travertine is quite pricey and you definitely don't want it to get damaged that easily. If it was about any other stone, you could clean it using a solution that has vinegar and water in it. However, these tiles can't be cleaned like this as the alcohol might damage them. Special fluids are needed to be used in order to clean these tiles and you should get these cleaners from the installer.

Autumn Blend Travertine is available in our Miami store. If you want to purchase some or need any other help, do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll be more than happy to assist you in this regard.


Autumn Blend Travertine Tiles Design Ideas

1. Autumn Blend Travertine Kitchen

The rustic look of autumn blend travertine tiles can give your kitchen a contemporary as well as old-fashioned look at the same time. Decorate your backsplash with walnut travertine mosaic when you are opting for autumn blend travertine counter tops. Also, refine its look with some contracting tile to highlight the effect of tile used. 

Backsplash: Use autumn blend travertine tiles as kitchen backsplash blending it with marble or walnut tiles. Embed stylish embossed tile (like if vegetables etc.) on the backsplash. It will give harmony to the kitchen. 

Countertops: Use vein cut travertine blend autumn tiles for kitchen countertops. Different shades of autumn reflecting in Autumn Blend Travertine tiles and hence give a natural yet stunning look to your kitchen 

For the long life of tiles follow following tips: 

  • Avoid oil spill and clean it regularly 
  • In order to get a fresh look, try to freshen up its protective polish after almost every 6 months. 

2. Autumn Blend Travertine Domestic Use 

Autumn blend travertine tiles when used for lounge embellishment, they enhance the beauty of the room in its own way. Use it in living room or fireplace backsplash, it gives a stunning effect. Consider to use it with some good contrasting color in order to give a finished look. Indoor lightning and plants also help in highlighting the beauty of autumn blend travertine. 

Living Room: If there is any indoor pillar, it can be warped in autumn blend polished travertine tile which will enhance the beauty of the architecture. Surround the pillar with indoor plants and spotlights to give it a stunning effect. 

Fireplace backsplash: Autumn blend travertine tiles at fireplace backsplash will give a contemporary look helping you to enhance the fireplace corners. The autumn blend tiles will give it a cozy environment in freezing winters. 

Vein Cut Flooring: Autumn blend travertine tiles can also be used for indoor flooring. Use the tiles in vein cut and polished style. It will give a mesmerizing style. The shades of gold, reds and browns give an appealing palette providing a luxury effect to the room

3. Autumn Blend Travertine Bathroom

For cold regions, autumn blend travertine tile can easily give a warm look. One can use these tile in an efficient and stylish blend for luxury bathrooms. Following design ideas can work best for splendor bathroom 

  • Use white basin and bathtub with silver piping 
  • Add wooden items such as wardrobe, doors and window made up of dark brown color 
  • Tile the bathroom with autumn blend travertine tile with vein cut tile as flooring. 
  • Embellish the luxurious look with warm lights and large mirror 


4. Stairs with Autumn Blend Travertine Tiles 

Stairs are a vital part of any construction. No matter what, they exist in every house even if they are small in number. Use autumn blend travertine tiles at the indoor stairs. Compliment them with dark brown railing. The color harmony will be refreshing. Decorate them with nice indoor plant greenery for any function. It will give a soothing natural look.