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Statuario Porcelain Tile Rectified


Statuario Porcelain Tile is a beautiful white based tile which adds an elegance to the spaces. It can be used in interior areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, halls, floors, and walls. Lots of different designs can be made using these slab faces.

Statuario Porcelain Tiles comes in 24X48 & 48X96 sizes. 



Reasons to Choose Statuario Porcelain Tiles Rectified:

There are many reasons why you should choose Statuario Porcelain Tile and some tips about how to clean it:

Why You Choose Statuario Porcelain Tile


Since it is a white weighted stone, it can adapt to every area and white-gray veinings create a more modern effect. So, it is a great advantage that the white color it has can adapt to any style of furniture.

Durability and Strength

Porcelain tiles have a glass glaze on them and they are hard, thick and strong stones. So, they are very resistant to any liquid spills and crushes. They are very suitable for high traffic areas.

Low maintenance

Porcelain tiles need not so much maintenance. You will not so tired and bored to care the tiles. Since they have a glass on them, they are easy to use and clean. When any spills occur, just wipe with a dry cloth. Glazed surface protects the stone from spills and so you have less workload to do maintenance. However, you should not forget to do regular maintenance of the stones.


Because porcelain tiles have not a porous surface, they are resistance to liquids more than porous stones. Porcelain tiles have high density and thus they are more strong. They are very resistant to liquids. The reason that they have such high resistance is their glass glaze on the surface.


The other important advantage of porcelain tile is being stain-resistant. Thanks to its repelling liquid penetration, some staining agents cannot easily penetrate down through the material. When tiles are glazed, this characteristic is even more dramatic and making it impossible to discolor the surface of these tiles.

Statuario Porcelain Tiles Design Ideas

Statuario Porcelain Tile Rectified Floors and Walls

Statuario Porcelain Rectified tile is compatible with both floors and walls. Its white and soft gray colors add an elegant and classy look to your rooms. Statuario porcelain tile makes a great combination with black furniture. You can get a monochrome look using them together.

You can also combine floors and fireplace area furnished with Statuario Porcelain. Using the same porcelain for the fireplace surround that is used on the floor, you can capture an eternity effect. This look moves your room decoration to a higher level.

But to create the attractive designs with these tiles following decoration tips should be kept in mind:

- Use them with contrasting colors such as black, dark blue or dark green

- Create different looks using its different slab patterns

- Use Statuario Porcelain on the floors, walls and in shower area in your bathroom to create a sleek and fresh appearance.

Bathrooms with Statuario Porcelain Tiles

Statuario porcelain tiles are greatly fit in the bathrooms. For contemporary and modern design these good-looking tiles are great to use. They have a classy and gracious look.

Below are some design ideas for this porcelain tile in bathrooms:

- If you have a small bathroom, then by using white colored tiles like Statuario you can get a fresh look. Statuairo tiles give a sleek look because of its appearance. You can combine these tiles with dark colors such as black, navy blue, dark green.

- Cover the walls and floors of the bathroom with Statuario Porcelain Tiles with different patterns. In this way, you can get different styles and designs.

- Use black bathtub and vanities with Statuario Porcelain Tile and use gold detailed black appliances.