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Calacatta Renoir Porcelain Tile


Calacatta Renoir Porcelain is a unique tile which adds an elegant and contemporary look to your spaces. It has a beautiful look and can be applied everywhere from the interior to exterior areas. Many different designs can be created using these slabs vertical and horizontal.

Available Sizes;

24X48 TILE

48X96 SLAB

64X128 SLAB




Calacatta Renoir Porcelain has a unique beauty because it has eye-catching black and white veinings. Porcelain tiles are very durable and they can have the similar look to marble. Because of its varied faces, designers can use it in many different areas like flooring, walls or kitchen.

Calacatta Renoir Porcelain Tiles Rectified is a perfect choice for interior and exterior designs. For example, it can be used as a contemporary living room flooring or kitchen wall. A lot of different looks can be created with Calacatta Renoir Porcelain Tiles by using it vertically or horizontally.

Reasons to Choose Calacatta Renoir Porcelain Tiles Rectified:

There are many reasons why you should choose Renoir Porcelain Tiles and top ones are listed below:

Design flexibility:  Modern style porcelain tiles can definitely imitate a wide range of customary ground surface materials, for example, marble, rock, wood, or even steel, bamboo, or plug. They are almost indistinguishable from the real ones.

Durability: Porcelain tiles are one of the toughest floor options. Hard, thick, and strong, porcelain is impervious to most substantial effect pushes, and can even be utilized in business conditions. It is suitable for high-traffic areas.

Resistance to liquids: It is more resistance to liquids when compared with other porous stones. Because the density of porcelain makes it more strong and resistant to liquids. And also it can be increased through the application of glass glaze. Glass glaze can make any surface impervious to water.

Stain-resistance: The other important advantage of porcelain tile is being stain-resistant. Thanks to its repelling liquid penetration, some staining agents cannot easily penetrate down through the material. When tiles are glazed, this characteristic is even more dramatic and making it impossible to discolor the surface of these tiles.

Low maintenance: Porcelain tiles are easy to clean because of its stain and water resistance properties. These natural characteristics of the porcelain help to make the material so easy to maintain. If there is any spill, it can be spot-cleaned with a damp rag. When regular sweeping is done, it will keep the debris off the floor. Glazed surface helps to protect the stone. Making damp mopping regularly will help to clean and disinfect. You should use a pH-balanced soaps and cleaners.

Long lifespan: Porcelain can last properly for decades of recommended use if it is correctly installed and maintained. If periodic maintains are done in the correct way, the lifetime of the stone will extend.

Fireproof: Porcelain can help to restrict the transference and movement of flames if a fire breaks out.

Repairable: Generally porcelain stones are resistant to breakage and cracking from external physical fractures. However, if a break occurs in some way it is not so hard to remove or replace the porcelain tile piece. An individual tile piece can be placed.



Calacatta Renoir Porcelain Tiles Design Ideas

1. Calacatta Renoir Porcelain Tiles Flooring

Calacatta Renoir Porcelain tiled floors add an elegant and bold look to your home. You can have these amazing looking tiles installed in your bedroom, living room and even hall. These tiles can either be used vertically or horizontally. It will give a different appearance in both usages. Also, different patterns can be used alone or in combination depending on your taste.

But to keep the beauty of these tiles following tips should be kept in mind:

- Don't use acidic liquid materials for cleaning
- Make the maintenance requirements periodically
- Regularly dust-mop the floors
- Be aware of humidity and insidious moisture

2. Bathrooms with Calacatta Renoir Porcelain Tiles

Calacatta Renoir Porcelain tiles are greatly fit in the bathrooms. They can be used for a modern and contemporary bathroom redesign. These porcelain tiles look voguish and they add a bold factor to your bathroom design.

Given below are some design ideas for this porcelain tile in bathrooms:

- Cover the walls of the bathroom with Calacatta Renoir Porcelain tiles vertically while covering the floors horizontally. In this way, you can create a different pattern.

- Furnish the tiles on the floor and add a freestanding white bathtub for an outstanding design

- If your bathroom is small then by using large-sized tiles, you can make it look more spacious and it has a sleek look. Because Calacatta Renoir Porcelain has different 25 faces, you can create unique designs by using them. You can cover the floor with one face-looking and the wall with the other face of it. You can combine these tiles with white and black colors.