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Sample Request!

Statuario Select Marble

Statuario Select is a renowned Italian marble that has been used to carve some of the most famous sculptures. Statuario Select marble tiles are bright white with cool gray and black veining, giving it a sophisticated look. Statuario Marble is perfect for both traditional and modern design. Please submit quote request or contact us for availability and pricing.


What to look for when purchasing Statuario Select  Marble?

You should check following things before purchasing Statuario Select Marble.

  1. Make sure that you’re getting it on right price from a right dealer.
  2. Always check quality of all pieces instead of just few on the top of the stack.
  3. Make sure that marble you’re getting is stain/scratch free.
  4. Color and design pattern should be uniform on whole marble piece. Check this for all pieces.

How to clean marble so it’ll look new:

We recommend that only agents you should use your marble for cleaning on a regular basis are hot water and specially formulated stone cleaners which you should obtain from your installer. Also, make sure that you are cleaning your marble on a regular basis. In addition to that, remove all stains and spots from your marble tiles immediately so your marble will look as new as it was on the very first day.

So, now as you know a lot about our Statuario Select Marble, you may consider purchasing some tiles for your house. Our Store is located in Miami. If you need any help, please contact us. We’ll be happy to assist you in this regard.