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Why Should You Use Travertine for Bathroom and Kitchen Counters

Why Should You Use Travertine for Bathroom and Kitchen Counters

Since they are affordable and as beautiful as marble, travertine counters (or countertops) are getting more and more popular every day. It is also a natural stone, just like marble and gives a shinier and more polished look to both bathroom and kitchen counters.

Being a naturel stone, it is available in several different natural colors and different shades of walnut, cream, beige, ivory, gold etc. This wide range of natural colors makes the stone more preferable for especially indoor decoration. It gives a pleasing touch in home décor and visually appealing, therefore, those who would like to carry the beauty of nature into their bathrooms and kitchens generally choose travertine countertops. If you ever consider using travertine for your kitchen or bathroom but have some doubts about it, the following list will be a perfect guide for you.

The Advantages of Travertine Counters

  1. It is cheaper than marble or granite.

I am sure that you first think about adding the touch of marble or granite to your bathroom or kitchen. We cannot ignore that marble and granite can look incredibly enchanting. Nevertheless, you must give up this idea after giving a close look at the prices. But don’t worry. Travertine gives almost the same look as the marble or granite and way cheaper than them. And most people aren’t even able to tell the difference between marble and travertine. If you are on a budget yet still want the perfect look, you should definitely try these counters.

  1. Wide Range of Color and Tone

As we mention at the beginning of our article, travertine is available in several different colors and tones. You will be enchanted by the perfect look of travertine counters when you see them. There are several options that you can pick. Also, travertine counters are available in polished, matte, brushed or tumbled finishes. And remember that polished finish is the best alternative for a countertop because the polished travertine counter will reflect the natural light and give a shiny and fresh atmosphere for your bathroom. So to say, you can get the perfect look by paying less if you choose this stone as a decorative material.

  1. Durability

Travertine kitchen and bathroom countertops are very durable (water and moisture resistant). But make sure that you clean and maintain it properly. They do not crack easily when you handle it with care. When you go to the store for selecting the travertine slabs, you should choose the one without any holes on it. We already told that it is natural stone, and accordingly it might have holes on it. But these holes get bigger and deeper in time and ruin the perfect look of the counters. Such counters will look good for long years as long as you give the proper care to them.

  1. Easy to be Replaced

It is true that travertine is a durable stone. But that does not mean that nothing would ever happen to it. Accidents can happen and after a few years of using travertine, it might be damaged or ruined. Since travertine has several variations, it is highly possible for you to find a similar looking slab. You can replace the damaged counter with the new one with matching tone or color, and there you go. No one would be able to notice the difference.

  1. Available in Different Sizes and Shapes

Travertine is easier to cut and shape than other decorative stones. So you can easily find the size or design that you wish for your home décor. In accordance with the design and shape you choose, you might have even a formal look.



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