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Why Should You Use Travertine in Your Bathroom?

Why Should You Use Travertine in Your Bathroom?

When you want to change your bathroom decoration, or you move, the point that matters here is that what type of stone you will use? Choosing the right stone is very difficult because of some reasons like durability, cost, being stylish and harmonious with the rest of home. Nowadays bathroom decoration is being very important and popular so, choosing the right stone will help your bathroom look more stylish and elegant. Thus, in this article, we will talk about the travertine usage in a bathroom.

Easy to Install

Travertine installation is not a difficult process. It is much easier than marble and as easy as porcelain. To install the travertine stone, you need a thin set, much like the ceramic tile, to apply it correctly. For this task, you will need a good quality thin set. However, the cost of it is a little more yet still won’t be too much. Also, it will be more effective. Although travertine tile can be broken if it is mishandled, installing travertine does not want too much skill and care like marble.


Travertine stone gives your bathroom a chic look that you want in your bathroom. Also, travertine looks stunning in your home. It has a lot of variety of colors with similar to the decorative vein of marble. The color and pattern choices are wide in travertine.

If you use travertine for a countertop in your bathroom, you have to buy the travertine which has been properly sealed or you can seal it yourself. When tour travertine stone is sealed, it won’t be damaged by any stuff which might be spilled on it and it can keep its finish for long years. Also, it will be cleaned up easily.

Travertine has four finishes such as polished, tumbled, brushed and honed. The best option for a countertop is the polished one. Polished travertine reflects the light, for this reason, it looks very shiny and gives a lustrous appearance to your bathroom. For flooring, tumbled or brushed finishes are the bests. Because of the risk of a slip, the polished travertine is not proper for flooring.


The travertine stone is durable for years like all stone countertops if it is properly cleaned and maintained. Make sure to choose a travertine with no holes filled, when selecting a slab of travertine to be cut for a countertop. Because, over time, these holes can grow bigger and distort the appearance of your countertops. If you care for your travertine correctly, you can expect your countertop, backsplash and floor to stay looking good for long years.


If something happens to one of your travertine tiles you use in your backsplash, it is possible to find the similar tile and change it easily. If you used ceramic or porcelain tiles, it would not be possible to find a match. Thanks to the natural pattern variations of travertine tile, you can find another tile which is a close match to fit in without anyone noticing a difference.


Travertine looks just as stunning as marble or granite; also it is not much expensive as marble. Most people won’t even be able to recognize the difference between marble and travertine. Travertine costs about five times less than granite and marble and this will save you money while still have the same appearance. And travertine can found on sale sometimes.


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