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7 Signs Showing that You Should Definitely Try Travertine Pavers for Exterior Decoration

7 Signs Showing that You Should Definitely Try Travertine Pavers for Exterior Decoration

In recent times, more and more people have begun to use travertine pavers for exterior decoration and they do not prefer using cement paver or products like that. Being a natural stone, travertine pavers are available in different shapes and sizes. Therefore, they can be matched for creating an elegant and chic look. Also, these pavers are perfect for pools and patios which are the most decorative areas of a home.  In this article, we will explain the signs showing why you should definitely try travertine pavers for your exterior decorations. Enjoy!

  1. If you desire a unique look:

    One of the biggest advantages of travertine pavers is that they have a special and unique look compared to other types of pavers. Travertine has its own design elements; the detailed patterns and porous texture. These pavers certainly bring a sense of nature to your outdoors and you feel like living in a natural environment. You can never achieve this beauty with any other man made materials.

  2. If you care about safety:

    When they get wet, the travertine pavers become less slippery than other decorative stones (e.g. marble or limestone). Since travertine absorbs more water than any other paving materials, it is a highly requested material for especially pool sides. So to say, these pavers are safe to use for pools and patios and all your family members will be in safe. There is no need to worry about falling or slipping after you get out of the pool. You can think that travertine pavers create a “safe area” and this is why most of the people (especially those who have children) prefer travertine.

  3. If you do not like cleaning at all:

    No joking, we are serious about that. You do not have to enjoy cleaning. And a huge benefit that travertine pavers offer to you is that they require nearly no maintenance or cleaning. Isn’t it amazing? Travertine tiles are natural hard-wearing stone, which makes them very versatile and durable material for exterior decoration. You don’t have to worry about cleaning and maintaining them. They are “naturally clean and good looking”.

  4. If you are not good at painting:

    No, we are not lazy. We just don’t like about cleaning or painting stuff. There are so many other things that we are good at. But painting is not one of them. And here comes the good news for us: Travertine pavers can maintain their natural colors for long and long times. They do not fade away because of sunlight, rainwater or other external factors. Unlike other stones, travertine can tolerate weathering or erosion. It is also possible to say that this material is as strong as Hercules!

  5. If you are not good at repairing things:

    Repairing is also an area which we are not good at. But the good thing about travertine pavers is that you can easily remove and replace the damaged pavers. You do not need to an expert on this.

  6. If you do not like stepping on hot floors:

    Travertine tends to remain cool under really hot temperatures. This must be why most of the people prefer using travertine for poolside areas. Also you can place travertine pavers around a hot tub and they provide a more comfortable surface compared to concrete, which extremely absorbs and reflects the heat. So to say, if you do not want to burn your feet or hands after getting out of a pool or a hot tub, travertine paver is the perfect choice for you.

  7. If you need a cost-efficient solution:

    Compared to limestone or marble, travertine is much more affordable. It is sold almost for the half cost of other materials. Travertine pavers are really budget-friendly.


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