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Travertine Paver Pool Deck Ideas, Installation and Cost

Travertine Paver Pool Deck Ideas, Installation and Cost

Why You Should Travertine Paver for Pool Deck

Travertine pavers are used for decorating pool decks around the globe as these are a very good choice because of numerous reasons. Here are some top reasons why travertine pavers are considered as best for decorating pool decks.

  1. Stunning and bold look

    Travertine is a very beautiful stone and it gives a very bold and stunning look to your pool. Blue colored water and brown travertine pavers are an amazing combination. It just leaves everyone stunning.

  1. Heat and slip resistant

    Travertine pavers fulfill all standard pool conditions. These are heat and slip resistant and one doesn’t need to worry about all these factors while installing them for the pool.

  2. Long lasting and environment-friendly

    Travertine pavers are long lasting and environment-friendly. This is why it is becoming a top choice for designers around the globe.

  3. Versatile

    Travertine Pavers are able to withstand cold weather conditions given that they have been properly installed and are of good quality. These pavers can also withstand extremely hot conditions.

Why You Should Choose Travertine Pavers

Travertine is a natural sedimentary rock stone formed by the precipitation of calcium carbonate in hot springs and/or limestone caves. Just like marble, granite or limestone, it comes in different beautiful colors including white, brown, tan, cream and red. However in terms of formation of rock, the hardness of stone and appearance, Travertine is a sedimentary rock and is not similar to Marble and Limestone, which fall in the metamorphic rock category. Travertine can be easily identified by winding and irregular holes in its surface.
Travertine is sold in the market in different forms like tiles and pavers. Travertine pavers are thick travertine pieces which are usually sold for outdoor paving. Travertine pavers are usually 1.25 inches thick and used for decorating driveways, pool decks, patio areas and walk ways.


Travertine Paver Pool Decks Ideas

Tumbled travertine pavers pool deck and step treads with bullnosed tumbled travertine pool coping.

Travertine is a stone with amazing qualities, but it’s difficult for most of the people to figure out that which shades and colors should they choose for installing on their pool. Let’s have a look on some cool travertine paver pool deck ideas and see how you can get the most out of this beautiful stone. In addition to these ideas, you can go for your own wild choices as well and yeah, you always discuss it will your installer. They will show you some local ideas which will help you making a final decision.

Travertine pavers are available in four finishes in the market. Brushed and Chiseled, honed and filled, polished and tumbled. Following ideas can be used for decorating your pool using travertine pavers.

1) Travertine Pavers for Patio

Travertine pavers can be used for decorating patio of your house or property as these look very great in gardens and grassy backyards. If you have a very grassy backyard, you should go for brown color travertine pavers as this combination makes a very good contrast.

2) French Pattern Pavers for Pool Decks

French pattern pavers give a perfect look to pool decks especially areas with semi-cold climate. If you have a pool in such area, French pattern pavers may be the best choice for your pool.

3) Silver Travertine Pavers for Hot Areas

Silver travertine paver is highly recommended for use in areas where the climate is hot as this color gives a sense of coolness and makes a good contrast with water color.

4) Ivory Travertine Pavers for Moderate Climate

Ivory travertine is best for areas where climate is moderate, i.e. neither very hot nor very cold. However, you can go for your own color choice as well.

So, with these ideas you can get to know about which type of color you should go for. You can also consult with a good travertine installer in this regard. Make sure that you get all details from them including stone quality and its working situation in respective area/climate.


Travertine Pavers Pool Decks Installation

Travertine is a precious stone and it’s important that you get it installed right so you’ll be able to get a maximum life of the stone afterward. Travertine pavers’ installation on pool decks is not a very complicated process. However, we recommend getting the help of a professional installer in this regard so you’ll not waste your stone.

Let’s have a look at travertine pavers’ installation process.

Step 1: Homework and area preparation

Before installing travertine pavers on a pool deck, one should make sure that they are done with swimming pool tasks. Once this has been done, the surface area is made smooth using a rake ensuring that it is flat and level. Further excavation should be made if the depth of the area is less than 4-6 inches. Height is an important factor in this factor so it should be measured carefully.

Step 2: Compaction

Compaction is a process in which soil of the area is made compact, soft and smooth using a compactor which is easily available in hardware stores. This will make the soil ready for the pavers to be installed. A fabric sheet which is also known as a separation fabric should also be used for the base and should be applied on the top of the soil.

Step 3: Preparing the paver base

After making the soil ready, installers prepare the base to install travertine pavers finally. The type of the base depends on the type of travertine being used and the area/climate situation. Commonly used materials for preparing bases are cement, crushed stone, sand and mortar.

Step 4: Laying the pavers

The next stage in the process of travertine pavers’ installation is to purchase a pattern grid and decide in which pattern your pavers will be installed. It is always recommended to start laying pavers in a left to right order. Also, you should start from a faraway corner so you work your way backward. You should lay the pavers one by one in a continuous line. The best way to make sure that pavers are being installed in a straight line is to use a string. Also, as you install a paver, use a soft hammer head to ensure it is compacting and level onto the base.

Step 5: Paver cutting and joints filling

Next and final step in paver installation cycle is to cut them where required and fill the joints. Sand is considered as the best material to fill in the gaps. You should start by using a broom and sweep the sand over your paved pool area. Do this repeatedly and make sure the sand is completely in place.

Some Useful Tips for a Smooth Installation

Here are some useful tips which you should follow to make sure that your travertine paver installation is as smooth as possible.

  • Obtain any building permits needed in your municipality before you begin.
  • Choose a right color and right travertine type according to the area conditions.
  • Have a professional installer and make sure they are doing it in a right budget.



Travertine Pavers Pool Deck Estimated Costs

As travertine is a natural material, it will cost you a bit more in the start but in the long term, it will give you a lot of benefits. For example, travertine installation at your house will increase the property value of your house, and you’ll get a good resale value.

Travertine in the US used to be very expensive before 9/11, and it was being imported from Turkey. After 9/11, in order to get a military base in Turkey, US government gave a lot of benefits to Turkey and reduced taxes on US products. This is why travertine is much cheaper in Turkey now.

The cost of travertine in a certain area depends on many factors. Some of these factors are:

  • Geographical location
  • Travertine availability
  • Contractor costs
  • Overall project costs and additional construction-related expenses

On average, travertine pavers cost is $2-$3 per square foot.



What to look for when purchasing travertine pavers for pool decks?

As travertine is an expensive material, you should always consider few factors before purchasing these Travertine Pavers for pool decks. Some of them are:

  1. Area Situation: Travertine is not good for areas which face long periods of freezing/thaw. So you should avoid using travertine in such areas.
  2. Rate: As travertine is a natural material and is expensive, you should always confirm rates before purchasing tiles for you.
  3. Surface Quality: Make sure that surface quality is not very rough and it shouldn’t have any spots/stains on them. Always check each piece before purchasing.
  4. Right cleaner: Do not forget to obtain right cleaner from your installer. Never use acidic cleaners as these can harm the stone very badly.

We hope considering these factors will help you during the process of travertine pavers and you’ll be able to get right product at right price.

Final Words Travertine Pavers for Pool Deck

By now as you know a lot about travertine pavers, installation and cost, you should go ahead and make a wise move. Get your travertine pavers from a right installer today and decorate your pool with this amazing stone. Do not forget to follow all above tips. Following these tips will not only help you maintain your stone for a longer period of time but it will also retain its shape and color. Also, do not forget to contact us back in case of any query. We’ll be more than happy to assist you in this regard.


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