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Travertine Coffee Tables & Countertops Design Ideas and Tips

Travertine Coffee Tables & Countertops Design Ideas and Tips

Nowadays homeowners are choosing travertine products for a luxurious but budget constrained makeover for the décoration of their indoor and outdoor areas. Travertine is a member of Limestone family and is found near hot springs or in limestone caves. It is extremely porous regarding structure which provides it with a distinctive look. No travertine tile, paver or slab is identical to another making each piece unique and timelessly beautiful.
Travertine has been in the construction business since the age of Roman Empire. The great Coliseum is an example of this stone’s durable nature. It can withstand extreme weather changes as well. The large variety of colors available along with its signature antique look makes this stone suitable for all types of uses.
Artists, designers, and interior decorators have started incorporating travertine products such as countertops and coffee tables which result in highly elegant and modish looking products. These products can look agelessly chic in a traditional setting and modernly sleek for the contemporary ones. With the variation in patterns and finishes, travertine provides matchless and extremely gorgeous coffee tables and countertops.

Countertops: Countertops can be of many styles such as depending on the homeowner’s taste and preference such as:

  • Vanities with thick travertine countertops with an integrated sink are the trending clean and simple design.

  • Another way to make your bathroom countertop look beautiful is using small size travertine tiles. The result is pretty stylish, and the tiles can be laid in any pattern desired. You can use the combination of big and small tiles as well.

  • If traditional style is your requirement and preference, then we suggest a thin travertine countertop in vein cut with an under mount sink for a classic look.

  • Twin vessel sinks on a travertine countertop look very stylish. Walnut colored travertine with a wooden base or cupboard below gives off an earthy vibe which is both refreshing and looks pleasant.

  • Brown and walnut colored travertine countertops with similar backsplashes look wonderful together in the kitchen with wooden cabinets.

  • Kitchen countertops with vein cut stones look effortlessly chic in silver and ivory colors especially if the cabinets and furniture are made of stainless steel or in black color.

Coffee Tables: Travertine coffee tables are sophisticated and fashionable. The beauty of travertine lies in its customization ease. You can have a custom innovative design for your coffee table or choose an old-fashioned design.

  • Glass and Travertine is the most elegant combination on the block. It is mesmerizingly stunning and epitomizes class and elegance.

  • Another wonderful combination is wood and travertine. You can choose half-moon oval table design, retro rectangle or the traditional four-legged coffee table. The options are unlimited.



Tips for maintenance and care: Even though travertine coffee tables and countertops are highly artistically appealing, they need extra care and come with specific rules for cleaning and maintenance. Some of these rules are listed below:

  • Spills are the bane of travertine product owner’s existence. The travertine kitchen counters or the coffee tables are usually targeted by these random So, blot them up as soon as possible, or they will result in a nasty stain. The stains occur due to the seepage of the spilled material into the pores/holes of travertine.  Acidic drinks like wine, juices sodas or even tomato sauce can diminish the finished look as travertine is extremely sensitive to them.
  • Travertine counters and coffee tables require regular cleaning. For this purpose use a soft cloth or sponge and hot water for day to day cleaning followed by a stone cleaner. Afterwards, wipe and dry with a cotton cloth. Avoid using generic cleaning products available at the stores as these contain acids and other chemicals that can ruin the surface of countertop and coffee table.  The store-bought products should not be used on the sealed travertine surface as the sealant gets degraded leading to a surface prone to staining. Mild soap can be used for occasional cleaning purposes but making it regular can cause etching and dulling of the surface.  Vinegar, lemon, ammonia and powders/creams containing abrasive elements should be avoided at all costs to keep a scratch-less and stain- free surface. A bit of investment on the cleaning products guarantees evasion of expensive restoration or repairs.

  • Dust should be mopped of the tables and countertop Always use a dry and non-treated clean dust mop with a good non-acidic stone floor cleaner.
  • Coasters are your table and counter’s best friends. Place them under all glasses, mugs, bottles and cans. Acidic drinks in these containers can cause etching of the surface or create glass rings if coasters are not present. For kitchen countertops cooling rackets should be used while decorative trays should be used for toiletry products in the bathroom for countertops.



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