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Travertine Coffee Table Design, Style Ideas and tips

Travertine Coffee Table Design, Style Ideas and tips

Travertine is a beautiful and durable stone which is being used for not only outdoor but indoor projects as well. In addition to the ordinary uses, there are special uses of travertine as well like it is being used for decorating coffee tables and countertops. Let’s have a look that how you can use travertine to decorate coffee tables in your house.

In the lounge coffee tables are the focal point of attention. No matter how lavish your furniture is the coffee tables are the showstoppers. Travertine coffee tables are highly sophisticated and fashionable. The beauty of travertine lies in its customization ease. 

Travertine Coffee Table Style Ideas:

Coffee tables are like the canvas of the lounge and the homeowner is its artist. You can make it look amazing by stylizing it. Here we have a list of amazing styling ideas for your coffee table.

  1. Trays: Trays are your table’s best friends. You can use them for arranging an assortment of decoration pieces or keep them as your go-to solution for instant riddance of clutter in the time of need. The delicate trays do not even need little goodies and look amazing on their own.
  2. Coasters: As travertine is a sensitive material which can be damaged from wine, coffee and even juice spills therefore coasters are a must for a travertine coffee table. Buy trendsetting and funky coasters that show your fun side or keep it fashionable with simple coasters. 
  3. Include Green: A little plant or flowers in a vase ( whether real or fake ) bring in a touch of freshness and life. Incorporate the greenery which looks tremendous on travertine.   
  4. Personalize: The coffee table is the center of attention so personalize it according to your taste with your albums, favorite scented candles, shiny trinkets, books and even magazines.
  5. Storage: If you have two tiered travertine coffee table then you have a hiding place for stashing all the remotes, coasters and PlayStation controllers. In case it is a simple coffee table then just buy a natural stone box and keep all the clutter producing stuff in there.

Travertine Coffee Table Design Ideas:

You can have custom innovative design for your coffee table or go with classic ones, the choices are unlimited. Some of these wonderful design ideas are listed below:

Carved / Only Stone:

The contemporaneous designs are art personified. Coffee tables carved out of blocks of travertine are unique and exclusive in their nature. A beautiful coffee table with  different compartments is a just wonderful.

A bit of gold around the edges of a plain travertine table adds the extra bling that looks elegant and  pricey.

You can opt for the simple big chunky support at the bottom and thin top combination if your design approach is minimalist-ic.

Go for an unconventional amalgam of shapes with a chiseled finish to bring out the edgy feel of your room.

Triangles are alluring and a beige travertine coffee table with such a shape is the chicest of them all.

Glass and Travertine:

Glass and travertine make an elegant combination. Add in a mixture of weathered and glossy finish and you get the best of both sides.

If modern and contemporary is your style then a column elevated glass on a thick rectangular ivory colored travertine slab with a walnut square piece is a must have.

Vein cut light brown travertine with a glass top not only highlights the stone’s age but also looks nice in a simple lounge.

If making a statement is your goal then the presence of a planted aquarium in the middle of your beautiful travertine coffee table will surely turn heads.

Admire the natural beauty of the timeless travertine stone with a unique design that uses a glass top and unfilled blocks of stones.

Wood and Travertine

The traditional combination of wood and travertine is always pleasing. Wood and Travertine not only give a beautiful look but these furniture pieces are very strong and durable as well.

To put a bit of modish touch to it you can opt for designs that use travertine for top and artistically placed wooden support.

If you are bored of the rectangle and square shaped tables then add octagonal shaped travertine coffee table with wooden base. This unique will leave everyone stunning.

Ellipses are another trendy shape that is getting quite popular with the homeowners in terms of coffee tables.

A simple table with twisted wooden rods is appealing and practical as well.

Travertine Coffee table tips:

Here are some expert tips for you if you are going to use travertine coffee tables for the first time.

  1. Avoid scratches on your travertine as much as possible. This will save you from the hassle of polishing it again and again. 
  2. Polish your travertine if you’re going to use it without any top covers. 
  3. Keep cleaning the travertine regularly to avoid dust going into it’s spaces.
  4. Only use cleaners after the recommendation of an expert so you’ll be able to maintain your stone for a longer period of time. 


Travertine coffee tables have unlimited options with sky being the limit. The various options of materials, colors and finishes provide unique and pretty designs. The only drawback is that you need to take care of these tables as travertine is prone to discoloration or even etching in the presence of minor acidic spills such as orange juice. Otherwise, it is one of the best options for coffee tables. 


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