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Travertine Backsplash Usage, Design Ideas and Tips

Travertine Backsplash Usage, Design Ideas and Tips


Travertine is a stunning natural stone with a huge variety of colors. It is from the family of limestone and has pores through out its structure making it a soft material as compared to marble etc. Travertine comes in many forms such as slabs, pavers, tiles and mosaics.  It can be used anywhere from pool decks to fireplaces. It is a weather and heat resistant stone due to which travertine tiles are ideal for kitchen backsplashes.

Travertine Backsplash

Travertine has become quite popular with the homeowners recently. It is an economical solution to luxury stone decor. As travertine is also long lasting, it is therefore used extensively in places like kitchen backsplashes where the heat from the stove or random splashes from the sink can occur on almost daily basis.

With travertine finding a unique color, design and pattern combination for your backsplash is not a problem. You can go with the common colors like ivory, walnut, gold and silver or you can opt for the non-traditional rosa, red and emerald. No matter what color you choose, no tile will be identical to the other and that is what makes travertine unique. The four different types of finishes i.e. honed, polished, tumbled and brushed, provide you with the freedom and flexibility of choosing what type of feel you want from you kitchen backsplash.

Once you have chosen what color or finish you want for your backsplash, next comes the pattern in which you want the stone tile to be laid. There are various options available in the market some of which are:

  1. Herringbone pattern
  2. French pattern
  3. Subway/ Brick pattern
  4. Basket Weave pattern

You can use one type of tile or use a combination of tile, mosaic or medallion for your backsplash. Sky is the limit when it comes to designing with travertine. You need to decide whether to cover the whole wall or a small portion of kitchen between the cabinets and the countertop. Afterwards, measure the area in square feet and decide whether you will apply the backsplash yourself or hire someone for it.  If DIY is your thing and you have good skills in the home improvement department then travertine kitchen backsplash’s installation will not be that much of a challenge else hiring a professional for this job would be a good idea. Travertine, if installed correctly, is a long term and one time investment therefore it is better to have it installed by a pro.

Travertine is one of the most durable natural stones. It is ideal for backsplashes because after a coat of  a good sealant it can retain its look for a long time. The cleaning and maintenance is easy especially if the finish of the tile is polished. The stone’s ability to withstand high temperature makes it ideal near the stove and sink.  

Design Ideas:

Travertine backsplashes have unlimited design options, some of which are listed below:

  1. A neutral colored travertine backsplash looks nice even when laid in a simple pattern. 
  2. Go for the rustic weathered look with warm colored travertine backsplash and feel the country vibe in your homey kitchen.

  3. There is no rule where you cannot mix travertine tiles with others. The addition of a colorful element between the light hues of travertine makes the kitchen backsplash the perfect backdrop.
  4. Addition of mosaic pieces in rich hues of coral and reds looks brilliantly elegant when combined with the beige colored travertine laid in diamond pattern.
  5. Go for the contemporary style of grey or silver travertine tile laid in brick pattern to achieve the modern kitchen look. Cover all the walls with the same design for a dramatic appearance.
  6. With neutral tones of cream  and beige colors you can easily complement the backsplash with your kitchen style. Add a mosaic frame above the stove for an extra oomph 
  7. A simple backsplash with running mosaic strip in walnut shades looks nice and elegant with brick pattern tiles.
  8. Sometimes going with the non-traditional approach yields the best results like a travertine backsplash made up of only mosaic tiles in shades ranging from dark brown to rust and beige. This style is chic and looks divine.

  9. Square travertine tiles in ivory color, laid in diamond pattern and with a strip of rust mosaic tiles look perfect in Tuscan design inspired kitchens.
  10. The mixture of limestone and travertine results in a backsplash style that works well in all types of kitchens.


To keep your travertine backsplash clean and in brand new condition following tips should be followed:

  1. Make sure your backsplash is regularly cleaned to avoid damage to the grout due to accumulation of dust and scum.
  2. Use a mixture of warm water and mild soap with non-acidic components for daily cleaning.
  3. Use a stone cleaner once a week to ensure the shine is retained and color does not fade.
  4. Reseal periodically to avoid any staining damage.


Having travertine backsplash in your bathroom is getting an amazing idea these days just because of the stone durability, high market value and long life. However, you should act upon all above instructiuons in order to get the most out of this stone. 

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