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Traditional Bathroom Ideas, Maintenance and Tips

Traditional Bathroom Ideas, Maintenance and Tips

Traditional bathroom designs have general inspiration from the trends, decor, and materials that are related to the specific historical eras. These traditional bathroom designs allow you to relax in classic elegance. There is not only one style that fits a traditional bathroom design. A wide variety of styles under traditional bathroom design umbrella are Victorian, Georgian and colonial etc. This design doesn’t mean it has to be clearly era specific. One can take influence or idea from these eras in order to create splendor space with sophistication to relax.

Traditional style bathrooms have a classy design. They create a soothing and comfortable feeling because of their elegant hues and super luxurious touches. These traditional bathroom designs add a tremendous elegance and resale value to the home. These designs are universally charming that’s why they last for years. So these designs also appeal and attract a wide range of people.

Traditional doesn’t mean it’s boring, the combination and the usage of elegant and glamorous, vintage-inspired elements like dramatic, bold and fancy mirror frames and tufted benches and ottomans can create a lively yet classic design. The use of solid and sturdy materials in a bathroom will create a traditional and classic look even when they are combined with modern accessories.

Creating a traditional bathroom look

When it comes to the traditional bathroom look, it’s better to know what it is not rather than what it is i.e. it is not modern, sleek or contemporary.

  • Surface is one of the most important elements in the traditional bathroom design ideas. Always use natural and faux-natural materials for the surfaces. The most popular stone choices for traditional bathrooms are natural stones like marble, granite and slate etc. for countertops, walls and floors as they are one of the most common features in the traditional bathrooms. The tile choice for both floors as well as walls can vary from a range of historical to vintage styles which include the most popular types of designs that are hexagonal, subway or penny.
  • In a traditional bathroom design, it is a possibility to mix and match different eras. It doesn’t matter if the mixing of the two eras doesn’t make a harmony in the bathroom. For example a bathroom designed in a colonial style may have the installed accessories belonging to vintage style. It is also recommended to pair decorative touches from adjacent eras even if they are minute and delicate changes but they give an appealing effect. But be sure it won’t give a cluttered look.
  • For the furniture in a traditional bathroom, always use natural materials like maple, cherry and oak in wood work. Use a high quality of wood for sink cabinets, chairs and benches.
  • The classic bathroom styles include sinks, faucets, fixtures and tubs made from porcelain or stone to give a natural and charming look of a traditional bathroom. The bathtubs that are most commonly used by people in a traditional bathroom are claw foot bathtubs.
  • The colors and patterns in traditional bathrooms run the range. They tend to be more primary but they are from lighter and darker tones of the spectrum. Use light, dark and neutral color schemes in traditional bathrooms as these colors give warmth, calmness, satisfying chic environment in a bathroom. Use colors like white, ivory, and beige, brown, gray, black, pinks, blues, reds, greens etc. but the neutral colors can go a long way towards creating a classic and traditional feel in any bathroom design.
  • Metals and accessories are also important features in a traditional bathroom. Metals give a sophisticated look in a traditional bathroom as they can be used in furniture hardware, lights, hangings, faucets etc. The most used metals in a bathroom are iron, bronze, and copper. On the other hand, the accessories used in a traditional bathroom should be simple and sleek. They should give a traditional look to the bathroom. For instance use the towel hangings that are simple and straight, the superior quality and ancient designed mirrors provide a graceful, charming and traditional look to the bathroom. Add in the tasteful pictures also. These antiques make the bathroom look more graceful and traditional. Keep the bathroom design traditional by keeping sophisticated and sumptuous accessories. Also opt for plain towels, curtains and mats etc.

Design Ideas

If you are about to renovate or design your bathroom in a traditional manner then we recommend you some of the traditional bathroom design ideas.

  • If you like a wood paneling on the bathroom floor, then opt for old wood travertine tiled flooring. Lay them in panel inspired pattern. Paint the walls with neutral colors like white, off-white, beige etc. The wooden cabinetry or vanity will complement the traditional look of the bathroom.
  • Gold pattern wallpapers are ideal when it comes to giving a traditional classy look. They make the room feel welcoming and spacious. Use a complex design wallpaper that will add texture. By adding a small gallery of mirrors or pictures will give a touch of modernity.
  • Light beige colored walls, floor and counter-tops look great in traditional bathrooms with a wooden cabinetry installed. Add a wooden framed mirror above the cabinetry. Embellish the bathroom with metal fittings.
  • Bold bright blue is a calming, perfect and sophisticated color for the bathroom. Combine it with white, light beige or gold. Use classic moldings and fixtures with blue patterned tiles and back-splashes. Compliment the traditional look with a few soft touches like fresh flowers or a giant pendent light
  • A cheerful bathroom makes fresh use of traditional architecture and comfort. An arched roof painted cool gray with chrome fixtures and modern pendant light tie the look together with vintage inspired elements like extra-large bath tub and vanities.
  • Textures add flavor to the traditional bathrooms. Use the combination of delicate wainscoting marble with crown molding, this will complement the tiled floor which gives a clean traditional look to the bathroom. Try to use the delicate patterns in wallpapers with complex pendant light and chrome or metallic fixtures, they will contribute to the interesting dimension for a twist in tradition.
  • Some elements of design convey a nostalgic look while they maintain freshness and modernity in the area. Use of the marble wainscoting and flooring capture timeless traditional style in the bathroom. Adorn the traditional look with some vintage touches like adding a delicate chandelier or a retro botanical wall art.
  • In a bathroom, the area of built-in cabinetry adds abundant storage space. Add in the recessed panel cabinetry with different drawer sizes. This will add a dimensional effect. Insert large mirrors above the drawers, this will break up the mass of cabinets and drawers. Add in white marble counter-tops and traditional bathroom sinks. This will help in providing a traditional look to the bathroom.

Maintaining Traditional Bathrooms

A clean bathroom environment is praised, desired and admired by everyone. It’s important to clean the bathrooms regularly to maintain their look. Bathroom maintenance is an essential part of housekeeping. Regular cleaning and maintenance can help you save a large amount of money on the long run as you want to avoid problems like plumbing, leakage, molds etc. So it is important to look after your bathroom because as time passes, lack of care, cleaning and attention can cause permanent damage to your bathroom. Here are some tips for regular bathroom maintenance:

Grout and Sealant

The grout and sealant around the tiles of floor and walls must be checked regularly for their maintenance. It may crack or wear off due to continuous exposure to heat and moisture. Confirm that they are intact in place and free from molds and mildews. If there is any sign of missing grout or sealant then clean the area and let it dry, then apply the new grout or sealant.


Check for the leakage in spouts or pipes regularly. If there is a leakage in any pipe then it will cause problems like moisture accumulation behind the walls and beneath the floor, if left unattended.

The bathtub and the toilet must be sealed tightly with the floor, otherwise they will leak. Also ensure the toilet flush works properly and there are no blockages. Do a regular inspection under the sink as well for leaks and moisture accumulation. Cracks and corroded pipes can cause leakage which can damage the wood under the counter. This leads to the damage of the foundation. So replace any damaged pipes immediately.

Check for signs of rot or decay:

Do a regular examination of the floor, corners and walls of the bathroom. If there is any sign of dampness, rot and wetness on the surfaces then make a quick remedy of this problem professionally.

Loose Tiles

Check the tiles regularly. They must be in place and sealed properly. If a tile is loose then reinstall it or install a new one. Clean the area, apply some grout on it and install the tile in it. Seal it properly.

Usage of Drain Covers

Drain covers are an essential part of the bathroom. They are the defense mechanism of the drain system of the bathroom as they block any hair, dirt and other particles that can clog the drains. If the water flow is slow then clean the drain and its covering grill.

Periodic Cleaning

Bathroom cleaning must be done once a week. Clean everything in the bathroom that is basin, bath tub, toilet, shower enclosure, mirror and floor. Wash the rugs and mats before they become too much dirty. Never leave wet or moist clothes or rugs in the bathroom.

Cleaning Hacks for bathrooms

Bathrooms have a tendency to get gross, really fast. Here are some guidelines and tips to properly clean different bathroom surfaces:

Regular Cleaning:

It is recommended to do daily cleaning of the bathroom. It is better to wipe down the bathroom every day. After taking bath open the door and turn on the fan or open a window. This will help to reduce moisture in the air and makes the bathroom mildew free. Remove the clothing from the bathroom. Empty the trash cans and wiping off the sinks, mirrors, counter and toilets daily to avoid time-consuming cleaning. It will take a few minutes and it’s a good way of bathroom maintenance and cleaning.

Tap Cleansing:

Use a cloth or kitchen towel to remove the dried stubborn deposits of calcium from taps. Soak the cloth in white vinegar and wrap it around the tap. Leave overnight. Now rinse with warm soapy water

Metal Fixtures Cleansing:

If the bathroom has brass, metal or iron fixtures that become dull with the passage of time, clean them with the paste of sodium bicarbonate and lemon juice or vinegar. Scrub them lightly and leave for a few minutes. Now wipe off with a clean cloth. If required then polish the fixtures with relevant polish like, brass, bronze, metal etc.

Mirror Cleansing:

Use a surgical spirit or a solution of vinegar and water on mirrors to clean them. Use a soft cloth for this purpose.

Toilet Cleaning:

If there are stubborn stains on the toilet seat, use a pumice stone. Wet the stone and rub gently until all the stains are removed. Don’t use the pumice stone on plastic and enamel fittings.

Sprinkle a couple of teaspoons of baking soda in the toilet overnight and flush it in the morning. It will help to deodorize the toilet and keep it clean.

Shower Cleaning:

Clean the shower heads once or twice a month to avoid clogging of water in them. Clean them by soaking them in a solution of half water and half white vinegar overnight. Rinse off and its done.

Sink Cleaning:

Use a solution of vinegar and baking soda to unblock the sink. You can even use bleach but its better to avoid bleach. Do this regularly at least twice a month.

Guide to make small bathroom look spacious

If you have a small bathroom in the house, then it is a challenge to fit everything in the available space. Here are a few tips to design small spaced bathrooms:

Install a corner sink:

In a small traditional bathroom always try to install the sink in the corner. It will provide extra space. To avoid the disruption of the only available traffic lane in the bathroom it is better to have a corner sink installed.

Replace shower door with shower curtain:

Consider a shower curtain or glass panel instead of the glass door in the shower area, as it will save the space in the bathroom. Choose small bath tubs to fit in that are 60 inches in length for the small bathrooms. It will give a vintage bathroom look as well.


Choose a floating vanity instead of a big installed vanity, that only appears bigger rather than to save the space. Select the vanity with round corners and edges to avoid any bruises or injuries as the corners of the vanity would get in the way. It will also work in a square spaced bathroom. Select a vanity with one shelf. It provides extra storage space for laundry as well as it frees the space for toilet paper basket. Selection of stylish vanity can give bathroom an exotic royal look.

Patterns and Color Schemes:

A large scale pattern helps to trick the eye to see bigger and expanded space. Use large and wide patterns to make the small bathroom look bigger. Also use light color tones and schemes like white, beige, off white etc. These colors give a spacious effect to the area.

Space Utilization

In small bathrooms, use every inch of the space by using expanded mirrors that cover the entire wall rather than just the vanity. Also mount the towel bar on the shower door. This will help to keep the towel handy.

Usage of wall mounted accessories:

In small bathrooms install wall mounted faucets and trough sinks. Wall mounted accessories can be used in traditional designed bathrooms as they work anywhere. Trough sink is a good looking space solution as it is narrow, clean and stylish. When the accessories are mounted in wall, they free up floor and storage spaces.


Traditional bathrooms design is an evergreen choice. Though opting this may cost a bit more than normal but it can give fresh look to the bathroom. Vast range of options and ideas can help to go for particularly one style like vintage or amalgamation of more than one styles like greek and colonial. Also, traditional layout has tendency to be upgraded to any modern layout with handsome alterations.

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