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10 DIY marble projects and ideas

10 DIY marble projects and ideas

Marble has always been the most beloved natural stone throughout the history. The marble rage is back again these day in the home décor section. People are styling their floors, stairs, bathrooms, countertops and even tables with this luxurious stone. But marble based products tend to be the priciest in the market. So instead of looking at those expensive marble coffee tables or marble trays that break your heart with their huge price tags you can make these posh looking products in quarter of their original prices.

If you have recently done a large scale remodel of your house which includes marble tiles or marble slabs then chances are pretty high that you are left with high quality remnants of this beautiful stone. You can use these leftovers from your previous construction project in some wonderful DIY projects. There is a possibility of re-purpose for even marble tile scraps and small pieces. You can transform these marble remnants into brilliant table tops, coasters, mosaics and other incredible stuff.  With the help of a good saw, circular or wet, you can even shape them according to you needs.

We have come up with a stunning list of some DIY marble based projects and ideas that can convert your leftover marble into wonderful products.  Our top 10 best Do-It-Yourself marble projects are given below:

1. Marble gold accent table

Nothing looks classier than a marble and gold combination especially when it comes to furniture. A marble topped side or coffee table with hairpin legs is quite common in the market but getting it under $150 is something that seems unreal. It is quite easy to make this table all you need is:

  • Hairpin legs
  • Gold paint
  • BIN Shellac-based primer
  • Liquid Nails adhesive
  • Marble slab

First of all, clean the hairpin legs as they are unfinished steel. Use water and soap for a thorough cleaning.  Dry them with a piece of cotton cloth and prime their surface with a healthy coat of BIN Shellac-based primer. Once the hairpin legs have dried up, start applying the gold paint. For the ultimate gold finish flawlessness use two layers of paint. To make sure that this golden perfection remains the same without scratches or scuffing, spray shellac’s coat should be applied once the paint dries up.

Now, cut the marble piece if you want to change the shape. If you want to use it simply as it is then apply a good coat of liquid nails on the hairpin legs’ bottom. While keeping the smooth surface of your marble down faced, press the hairpin legs on each corner of the marble with Liquid Nails adhesive on them. Leave this assemble for drying upside down for 48 hours. Once the legs are set then your marble table is ready for styling. Place a bright colored vase to disrupt a monochrome theme or stay with the elegance of all white decoration.

2. Marble Statement Pieces

Sometimes the remaining pieces from marble slabs left after a bedazzling counter renovation can be used as statement piece for your lounge or drawing room. These exotic looking pieces look classy and add elegance with a touch of boldness in any room they are placed. You can use them in place of paintings and simply hang them on your wall. Or you can get the roughly cut marble stone with an irregular shape and place it in the corner of a room. The results of these statement pieces are stunning and will make your guests praise your taste.

3. Shower Seat

A marble based bathroom with marble flooring and shower wall looks exquisite. You can add a bit of creativity in your bathroom as well with a DIY shower seat. If you have an existing shower seat then you only need to cover it up with remaining marble tiles. However if you do not have a shower seat then a big remnant from a marble slab is all you require. Measure the size of the required shower seat and cut the remnants accordingly. With the help of large pieces you can easily complete this project within two days.

4. Marble wood cutting board combo

A cutting board looks bland when being used for a cheese spread so to make your holiday spread an extra bit classy you can make this beautiful marble and wood cutting board that screams style. For this project you will need:

  • Hardwood
  • Marble
  • Birch Plywood
  • Super Glue
  • Sand stone
  • Wood butter

Take your hardwood and shave its thickness down to the marble piece’s thickness. A planer can be used for shaving. Next, measure the marble’s width and cut the hardwood accordingly. Measure the marble and hardwood’s combined size in width and cut the birch plywood with a saw. The marble and hardwood should be placed and pressed in the manner you want your cutting board. Using the sand stone, sand out all the rough edges of the wood.

Next, glue the marble and hardwood sides. Once it dries up, attach the measured and cut up birch plywood piece by applying a healthy layer of super glue. Wipe any excess glue straightaway or it will look terrible afterwards. Put this assemble under something heavy like a stack of book and let it dry for 48 hours. Finish the work sanding of uneven corners of the cutting board and apply some wood butter to achieve a glossy and refine look that matches with the marble’s shine.

5. Copper and Marble Plant Stand

Making a DIY copper marble plant stand or table is a good and economical investment that can result in beautiful furniture for your house. The first thing you’ll need to do is gather all the materials required for building it which includes

  • one 12×12 marble tile of your preferred color
  • pipe cutter
  • vice grip locking wrench
  • heavy duty glue
  • measuring tape
  • 10 feet long ½ inch copper pipe
  • 6 copper tees
  • 4 copper street elbows
  • 4 copper pipe caps
  • Copper cuts: four 14 inches copper cuts, three 11 inches copper cuts, four 6 inches copper cuts and four 2 inches copper cuts
  • OSI sealent

Now start building the legs of your plant stand or table by gluing one tee and one elbow to the ends of each of the four 14 inch copper cut pieces. In the next step you will need to glue two 11 inch copper cut pieces to the elbows on each set of legs and set them aside to dry. Next, glue the 2 inch copper cut pieces into the four end caps. Now glue the end caps to the open part of the tee on each of the four legs and then glue a tee to join the 6 inch copper cut pieces in the middle. Now attach the one 11 inch copper cut piece to the two 11 inches copper cut pieces at the tees. The last step is to glue the composition made in the previous step onto the legs and you will have your copper pipe base ready. It is very important to let the product seal for at least 24 hours before placing heavy objects or potted plants.

6. Marble Tray

A marble tray looks amazing on a coffee table or even a vanity table. It has a deluxe appeal that adds charm to its surrounding. To build your own marble stone tray you will need:

  • marble tile of your ideal color, preferably a 12 x 12 inches piece
  • two cabinet pulls
  • four copper tube caps 3/8″ size
  • E6000 or ceramic glue.

You will have to start by gluing the little copper tube caps on your marble tile after placing it down with its right side facing down. Now use a rule to accurately measure a spot approximately 1.5 inches from either side of a corner and mark it with either chalk or a sharpie and re-do the same step on all four corners of the marble tile. Apply some E6000 or ceramic or super glue on each of the accurately placed marks on marble tile as well as on the bottoms of the tube caps. For best results, let the glue dry for at least a minute before sticking them onto the tile so that it is sticky and not wet. After adhering all the tube caps on, flip your marble tile to the other side to start working on the top. Now you’ll have to be very strategic in marking the spots for the cabinet pulls so once again, use a ruler to make sure that your marking placement is accurate and use a chalk or sharpie to mark the spot. Now dab glue on the marked spots and after a minute, start adhering your cabinet pulls. Now this is the final step for building your marble tray and you will have to do this step while the glue is still wet. It is pretty simple, all you have to do is wipe the edges of the marble tile tray with a cotton swab and then place it somewhere safe and dust free to let it dry for next 24 hours and voila, your beautiful marble tile tray will be ready for use. You can use this marble tray as a coffee table or a mini book rack or something to display your crystal decoration pieces on. This super economical yet elegantly opulent marble tray can be made in less than 3 hours (excluding the drying time) and add to the beauty of your house with its minimalism.

7. Mosaic Using Marble Tiles

DIY mosaics made with different tiles can result in extremely beautiful and crafty pieces that can be used for multiple purposes e.g. creating a super crafty path walk to your front door, for mounting your canvases, or can just be used for other decorative purposes to add to the aesthetics of your house. Mosaics are really easy to make. All you need is a range of different colored and textured marble tiles, a piece of cloth, some ceramic glue or E6000 and a hammer. Start by tightly wrapping all the marble tiles in the piece of cloth. Now hammer the tiles to crush them into pieces for making the mosaic. Be careful to not overdo with the crushing as that can result in extremely small bits that might be harder to work with as compared to medium sized pieces. After crushing the tiles, open the cloth, take out all the crushed pieces and just start working on your mosaic by arranging the bits in accordance with your arty sense.

8. Marble picture collage

This is one DIY which you can do with your family or friends. All you need for this little project:

  • Small marble tiles
  • Picture hangers
  • Heavy duty glue
  • Paints
  • Paint brushes

Sand down the edges of marble tiles to makes them smooth.  You can paint different pictures on these tiles and then combine them into a single collage with heavy duty glue working between the sides. Or you can display them on a wall by fixing picture hangers at the back and create an art wall with epic canvases. The result is one of a kind art display that is beautiful and has homely touch to it.

9. Marble gilded hexagon boards

This DIY will steal the limelight at any house party. You can make super chic gilded hexagon marble serving boards that are the epitome of pure awesomeness. You will need

  • Polished marble tiles, cut in hexagon shape
  • Transparent adhesive bumpers
  • Liquid gold leaf
  • Painter’s tape
  • Painting brush

This is an extremely easy project. First you have to apply painter’s tape on the marble tiles. Keep in mind that the tape should be on the polished side of the tiles. Next paint the edges with liquid gold leaf and let it dry. Afterwards take off the tape and apply the adhesive bumpers on the unpolished surface and voila! You have beautiful gilded marble serving boards.

10. Fireplace Hearth


The last project on this list of marvelous marble DIYs is a fairly common one i.e. a fireplace hearth. You can use leftover tiles from the kitchen back splash or even slab remnants for this project. The result is a splendid little piece in place of a simple hearth.


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