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Marble Dining Table Designs, Pros And Cons, Costs And Tips

Marble Dining Table Designs, Pros And Cons, Costs And Tips


Marble has been a symbol of luxury for centuries. This stunning natural stone is famous for its opulent appearance that oozes grace and elegance. It is at the top of the expensive material charts, homeowners who love the classic beauty style or the modern minimalistic approach, opt for this stone when it comes to decoration of their indoor and outdoor spaces. This stone has been a favorite of kings and queens throughout the history which is why it was extensively used in buildings such as palaces, temples, government building and iconic wonders such the Taj Mahal.

Marble is found in a variety of colors, veining intensity and finishes. You can create outstanding products with this alluring natural stone. The appearance of marble products looks ten times more dazzling when the sunlight hits their surface due to which they are favored by those who like the lush vibe around them.

Marble products are quite strong and retain their beauty if they are maintained properly. Resealing and polishing after every 6 months can help in keeping them in brand new condition.

Dining Table

A dining table is an essential part of a house’s furniture. This table has a critical role in making or breaking your dining room’s whole look which is why its selection should be taken as seriously as picking a tile for the flooring of your home. Dining tables are also falling in the most used furniture category. It is that piece of furniture which also plays the part of the main centerpiece when you are entertaining your guests or throwing lavish dinner parties. This furniture is the one-time investment that reflects the homeowners’ taste and personality which is why the only the best should be bought.

Marble Dining Table

Marble dining tables are glamorous even in their simplest design. These tables have old money vibes oozing out of them. These tables can really light up a room with their extravagant appearance. There are many designs and styles in which marble dining tables are available in the market. There are tables that have been carved entirely out of marble and look ethereal with their earthy lustrous form. Then we have those tables that are made in combination with other materials such as glass, wrought iron, wood, steel, brass and even silver. These tables are available in a variety of designs which vary from the traditional and old-fashioned to contemporary and modern. No matter what type of design scheme you have in your dining room, there is a complimenting marble dining table in the market.

Design Ideas

Here we have combined a comprehensive list of marble dining table design ideas so that you get the idea of the marvelous products available in the market and how you can incorporate them into your home.

  • A round marble table with a thin Carrara top set in chromium or steel base looks stunning. Pair this stellar piece with off-white leather covered dining chairs made of polished metal. This combination of marble and silver embodies the modern chic style.
  • If you want to go for the contemporary vibe then we suggest Neo Marquina marble table in geometric design. The top of the table should be rectangular in shape with the block of marble as its base. The use of marble in this design looks perfect when paired with black tufted leather dining chairs with chrome legs.
  • Give your dining room the Elle Woods charm with a lovely pink marble table. The Millennium Rose marble top in round cut looks every bit alluring with golden hairpin legs. Add art deco dining chairs in golden color with dusty pink velvet seats.
  • Nothing can ever beat the timeless beauty of a traditional Calacatta Gold marble dining table. Marble carved into table legs with gold accents and Calacatta gold top looks something out of a fairy tale when styled with colonial style chairs.
  • Add a gray marble dining table to your dining table with cantilever chairs covered in gray fabric. This design idea is best for you if the dining floor is made of white marble tiles.
  • If you are looking for a dining table that screams sleek and tasteful at the same time then go for the glass marble combo. The clear glass top looks amazing on a thick Rosso Laguna marble base paired with plush dining chairs.
  • Thin Siena gold marble top with white metal legs in a zig-zag pattern is best suited for those who want an oomph worthy factor in their dining room. Use dining chairs with clean silhouettes in neutral tones and flowing curtains in shades of cream for a flawless look.
  • Add the 90s charm to your dining room with a cream colored marble dining table in an oval shape with a bulky mahogany wooden base. Add wooden chairs with off-white seats to complete the look.
  • Add a bit of panache to your dining room with Dark Emperador marble dining table with a wooden base. The dramatic veining pattern of this marble adds aristocratic charm to the room.
  • A statuary marble table in a simple cut appears beautiful in combination with bright colored dining chairs. The pop of color with the chairs looks amazing and brings a funky vibe to the dining room.
  • Rainforest brown marble top with u-shaped dark wooden table legs. Pianoforte inspired dining chairs covered with royal blue velvet really bring out the specks of blue in this marble table.
  • A dark wood round table top on a white marble base looks is every modern homeowner’s dining table goals. Pair this table up with stylish chairs to complete the look.

Styling of Marble Dining Tables

Style your dining table in such a manner that your guests are left bedazzled by your taste. The styling of the marble dining tables is an art. For a vintage-inspired marble dining table, antique golden or silver candelabras look perfect as centerpieces. Add accented urchins and candles on your white marble dining table for a unique look. Although marble does not require any mats if you want to add a change to your black marble dining table consider a table runner in a neutral hue with small potted plants and white candles in glass jars. You can also have a statement ceramic vase or even a bell-shaped glass jar filled with crystals to channel healthy energy in your dining room.

Another classic styling technique is bringing floral beauty to your dining table in the form of fresh flowers. But you need to be careful as some people are allergic to flowers and the fresh flowers need to be replaced on an almost daily basis. You can also add single statement centerpiece on your dining table for voguish effect.

Pros and Cons

Marble dining tables have this timeless appeal that makes them the number one choice of homeowners who prefer the best but like yin and yang, marble tables also have their advantages as well as disadvantages. So, before investing in such a pricey furniture piece homeowners need to be fully aware of what they are getting themselves into. For that we have listed all the major benefits and problems associated with marble dining tables:

  • Pros of Marble Dining Tables
    • Stunning Appearance: Marble dining tables an outclass look. Their majestic appearance can instantly elevate the look and atmosphere of your dining room. These tables are available in a huge range of lovely shades and colors. You can even have mosaic inspired marble dining tables by mixing different marble types and come up with a brilliant piece of art. But this venture might cost you a hefty amount of money as it involves a lot of custom work.
    • Bedazzling Shine: Marble dining tables look the best when they have been doused with high dosages of polish. More polish you will apply, more this natural stone will glimmer. The result is a silky and elegant table that oozes with glamour.
    • Unique Patterns: The marble table that you own has no other copy as it is made up of a natural stone that is famous for its unique veining patterns and intensity.
    • Environment-Friendly: Dining tables made up of natural stones like marble are free from chemical processing and do not produce any toxic waste or contribute to the emission of dangerous gases. If you are a person who wants to go green but also wants to have a lavish lifestyle then marble dining tables are a perfect choice. You can channel the beauty of nature in your home with this ethereal-looking stone.
  • Cons of Marble Dining Tables
    • Soft and Easily Scratched: Marble is soft stone by nature which is why sculptors love using this material in their projects. But this attribute is also marble’s downside as it makes it vulnerable to chipping, scraping and scratching. Therefore, it is imperative that you seal your marble table to retain its natural beauty and lustrous look. Once it has been sealed, polish the table to get the gleaming appearance marble is famous for.
    • Extremely Expensive: Marble is considered as the king of natural stones therefore, it is quite popular with the homeowners and which is also a reason why it is also extremely expensive. A marble dining table is not cost effective and also has high maintenance. In addition to this, the biyearly resealing and polishing is another contributing factor of marble’s high price.
    • Hard to Maintain: Marble is made up of carbonate minerals which make it basic in nature but due to this high basic pH property, marble products react aggressively when in contact with acidic substances such as spillages of liquids like coffee, wine, orange juice and even with edible substances like ketchup. These substances should be cleaned/wiped with a clean soft cloth to avoid staining of the table and once a week the table should be cleaned with marble specific cleaner. All this maintenance is time-consuming which makes marble not suitable for those who have a busy lifestyle.


A marble dining table can have a varying cost due to its marble type, grade and color. Other materials like leather, wood, glass and metals can also bump up the price. Typically the price of marble dining table starts from $200 to $4,000. 


  • It is extremely important that you do proper research regarding the type of marble table that you actually want before going to the market to purchase it. This will help you in finding a budget-friendly marble dining table in accordance with your aesthetic sense.
  • It is important to keep in mind that purchasing a marble dining table comes with a lot of maintenance responsibilities so it is important to be vigilant and dedicated when it comes to taking care of it. 
  • Any kind of solvent, even water, if left untreated for long will ruin your marble dining table, therefore, it is necessary to be super attentive when it comes to cleaning them up. Orange juice, coffee, soda, tea, wine, lemon juice are a few examples that can permanently damage marble if the spill isn’t blotted or wiped on time. If any of the aforementioned solvents seep into your marble dining tables surface then rest assured that the damaged caused by them will be irreversible, therefore, it is imperative that your table is dusted and wiped regularly and any spills are cleaned as soon as they occur so that the possibility of stains is minimized.
  • Be sure to purchase a set of good quality coasters for your marble dining table as these will serve as a barrier of protection for it. Placing your hot coffee or tea mugs or chilled soda or juice cans on these coasters instead of directly placing them on the marble will prevent the chances of etching or staining.
  • When it comes to cleaning make sure that the products that you purchase for your marble dining table are designed specifically for marble. A cheap alternative, low quality or highly acidic cleaner will not only dull the shine of your marble dining table but will also cause etching in the long run thus destroying the pristine and impeccable look of your table. A soft cloth or sponge and hot water are a good choice for everyday cleaning however weekly cleaning of your marble dining table with a good stone cleaner. Remember to always wipe the surface of the table dry as regular exposure to moisture can damage the condition of any natural stone.


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