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Marble Dining Table Design Ideas, Cost and Tips

Marble Dining Table Design Ideas, Cost and Tips

Marble Dining Table:

Dining tables are part of the must-have furniture clan. They are also the most used furniture piece especially when having guest over you dining room’s furniture reflects your personality. It is therefore important to make sure that this essential furniture is impact making. You do not have to buy the boring old design for your dining room. Go for a marble dining table to add an extra oomph to your household.

Marble dining tables are not only classy but also extremely stylish. They can make your dining tables the showstoppers of your parties and add an air of luxury as well. You can find dining tables in which marble is paired with wood, steel, iron and even glass, the choices are unlimited. You can find marble dining tables in all styles. Whether contemporary, old fashioned, minimal or simple, there is a table available to match your dining room theme. 

Design Ideas

To give you an idea of how much variety is available in the market, we have compiled a list of some magnificent marble dining table design ideas.

  • A simple white marble dining table in oval cut looks beautiful in combination with white chairs.

  • A dining table with both top and base in black marble is the epitome of modern approach. Add statement making chairs and the end result is perfection.

  • A thin marble dining table top with chrome steel and leatherette base that has white stones looks posh and high end with matching chairs.

  • Glass top in combination with white marble looks amazing. This contemporary take on marble dining table is perfect for those who like modish look.

  • Thin black marble top with iron base is best for those who follow the minimal approach in terms of furniture and design.

  • A matte base stand with sealed white marble top with chic comfy white chairs is every modern homeowner’s dream come true.

  • Sleek and elegant are two words that define this marble dining table. The ultra thin marble top with slightly thick marble base keeps the balance in the air.

  • White marble dining table with contemporary base design looks wonderful with lounge shape inspired chairs in white color.

  • Go old fashion with a twist when choosing your dining table with a cream colored marble round table with a base that is wooden art itself.

  • Matte black synthetic base that run across the thick white marble base gives us design goals for a stylish up to date marble dining table.

  • Relive the Victorian era in the 21st century with this exquisite marble dining table design. The intricately sculpted white marble base looks something out of a royal fairy tale.

  • Double marble top in crystal white color with wooden base covered in rich creme sliver-ish cloth has a flair of grace and beauty.

  • Nothing can compete in aesthetics with a white marble dining table that is not only voguish in appearance but also every bit alluring. The marble top with a rose gold base in unique design along velvet black velvet chairs is a must have if you are willing to spend more for one of a kind dining table.

  • Make it a royal affair with your dining table and opt for an oriental black marble top on golden carved wooden base. This striking dining table will leave all your guests mesmerized and bedazzled with its regal beauty.

  • A classic marble dining table combination is with wood. You can add panache to this combination with addition of a few elements in the base. This dining table uses white marble for the top which has Dark Emperador(rich brown colored marble from Spain) lined on its two sides. The wooden base is hollow with a sophisticated design that is partly covered in the same material as the chairs.

  • Another trendy design popular right now is the round sturdy base marble table that uses a medium thick top on top of a massive wooden structure. Pair this dining table with leather chairs to complete the look.


A marble dining table’s cost varies depending on the quality of marble, amount and color of marble, other materials such as wood, leather or glass and design of the table. The price can start from $200 and can go as high as $4,000. The price gets higher if the dining table has mosaic, floral or gemstone work on it.


  1. Before going in the market for an actual purchase, do your research and find the type of table you are looking for. This will also keep your budget in place.
  2. If you have children in the house then avoid getting dining tables with sharp edges. Go for the oval or circular shape.
  3. Use coasters and trays for food and drinks to keep the marble going for a long time.
  4. Reseal your table periodically to retain the shine. 


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