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Marble Bathroom: Types, Design Ideas and Tips

Marble Bathroom: Types, Design Ideas and Tips

Bathrooms are an important part of every household but even with their unquestionable significance, they tend to be ignored by homeowners during home renovations. It’s important to understand that bathrooms demand the same attention as the living room or bedroom as a bathroom is the one place that is visited several times by multiple people, hence, it should be a place which is not only usable but is also beautifully decorated.

Bathrooms made with natural stones ooze out classiness and splendor. They are also extremely robust in nature and have a long lifespan as compared to synthetic or man-made stones. Natural stones are perhaps the best option to choose for bathrooms because of their durability as there is a lot of exposure to moisture, temperature changes and water in there. Natural stones come in a wide range of colors, cuts and textures which makes it is so much easier to get something that is in accordance with your taste. These stones can easily be designed in any way. The amount of color schemes and styles that natural stones can be incorporated into are abundant.

Trying to find design ideas for your bathroom that are the epitome of beauty and style can be a tough job especially when the marketplace is filled with such a wide range of different stones, colors, finishes and design schemes.  The entire experience can be both overwhelming and extremely tiring if you are someone who wants something that reflects your style. Other than this, the cost of the natural stone, the installment budget and maintenance charges are also a few things to consider before making a hefty purchase.


Marble is a recrystallized form of dolomite, calcite or other carbonate materials. This exquisite natural stone is formed by the interlocking of carbonate crystals under the influence of intense heat and pressure.  The variation in the color and veining of marbles is due to the different levels of impurities i.e. clay, silt, sand and iron oxides, present in them. For instance, pure white marble is devoid of any impurities as it is a product of the metamorphism of the purest form of dolomite or limestone

Marble can easily be ranked as the number one natural stone in the market due to its resilient nature and durability, beautiful texture and design and its abundance in types and colors. Marble has a certain charm to it that make sit ooze out luxury and magnificence. Its beauty and appeal are unparalleled, hence, why it is one of the most popular natural stones in the entire market. Architects, homeowners and interior designers have vouched for its credibility by using it over and over again. Marble can be installed almost anywhere due to its versatile nature. It is a suitable option for both outdoor and indoor renovations which makes it a practical purchase.

However, one drawback that makes marble not so grand is its hefty price tag. Not all marble costs the same as different types of marble are sold at different prices which depend on a list of factors for e.g. their quality, durability, color and design etc. For instance, Calcutta marble is considered to be the most deluxe marble type due to its uncommonness and rare availableness in the marketplace. There are marbles that cost less but none of them cost as low as synthetic or other natural stones. One thing to keep in mind is that the high price of marble is due to its many remarkable qualities which cannot be found in a cheap or low-priced tiles. The lower cost of most stones is due to the compromise in their quality, therefore, purchasing marble will always be a good investment on your end as it will pay off in the long run.

Types of Marble

Marble has a list of types ranging from the white purest, spotless kind to the one’s with a lot of impurities and different colors. However, it is important to keep in mind that the appearance and quality of marble vary from one place to another. White marble is a staple for those who prefer the timeless and classy interior or exterior. On the other hand, the colored marble with dramatic veining and designs are for those who prefer something trendy yet elegant. The variety in marble is something that might throw you off if you go shopping for marble without doing your research, therefore its necessary to decide your budget and the color, type and finish you want before going to the marketplace.

Here is a list of some of the most famous marble which is popular all around the world due to their numerous qualities:-

Calacatta Marble

This luxurious marble is one of its kind and remains unparalleled in terms of quality and beauty. This natural stone is renowned for its glimmering appearance and timeless appeal. It is not only rare but is also very expensive. This beautiful marble has dark thick veining which perfectly complements its bright white color. The huge price tag places this marble above all others.

Calacatta marble is deemed to be an excellent choice for bathroom redecorations due to its many esteemed characteristics. Its bright white color can create the illusion of a wider space hence making it a great option to consider for powder rooms or small bathrooms. It can be found in the form of tiles that can make any bathroom look grand. The amazing thing about Calcutta marble is that its bright white color makes it extremely easy to pair with any other color thus making it an outstanding choice for homeowners who prefer a hint of color. This marble also looks lavishing when used on its own, hence, it is a great option for people who prefer a minimalist style bathroom.

Calacatta Gold Marble

Calacatta Gold marble is the kind of natural stone that would instantly add glamour to your entire bathroom. This striking marble is the perfect for a king’s bathroom due to its extravagant appeal and opulent nature. Its golden veining, taupe highlights and white color perfectly complement each other. You can either install this in your bathroom on its own or you can pair it with some other color.

Calacatta Michelangelo Marble

Calacatta Michelangelo marble has intricate grey veining which goes perfectly with the white color of the stone. This stone is a good option to consider for the homeowners who prefer a simple and unfussy bathroom design. For a pop of color, the Calacatta Michelangelo Marble can be paired with either Nero Marquina Marble or Emperador Light Marble.

Calacatta Borghini Marble

Calacatta Borghini Marble is exquisite with its dense grey veining, gold highlights and white color. It is perfect for installing in bathrooms due to its sturdy nature and elegant color scheme. It is a good option for homeowners with an understated taste.

Talathello Marble

This unique named marble is the perfect embodiment of elegance. It has varying tones of beige and silver which seamlessly complement its light grey background. The quality and appeal of Talathello Marble makes it a good contender when it comes choosing a natural stone for your bathroom remodeling.

Emperador Marble

Emperador marble is infamous for its medium to dark brown colors and intense white veining. Emperador marble tiles can look exquisite if used for bathroom walls, flooring or even vanities. The splendor and toughness of this stone makes it both unique and practical.

Crema Marfil Marble

Crema Marfil Marble is a Spanish marble famous for its erratic veining and undefined pattern. This beige colors naturals tone looks impeccable in bathrooms due to its magnificent appeal.

Carrara Marble

Carrara marble, often mistaken with Calacatta marble, is the most easily available marble in the marketplace. Its light grey background and delicate veining makes it a classic. This dainty looking marble is actually pretty robust in nature, hence perfect for using in bathrooms.

Nero Marquina Marble

Nero Marquina is a one of a kind black marble. It has striking white veining which beautifully contrasts the jet black surface. Bathrooms renovated with Nero Marquina marble are the embodiment of modernism and style.

Design Ideas for Marble Bathrooms

Before remodeling your bathrooms, it is important to fully understand what you want and how you plan on getting it. It is hard to make last minute changes when it comes to bathroom renovations, therefore, we’d recommend you to go through these design ideas to get a few ideas.

  • The Calacatta Marble is a classic that can easily be used on its own to create a bathroom that is both stylish and iconic. This exquisite marble can give the illusion of a bigger space hence making it a fit choice for small bathrooms. This pure white marble paired with a cultured marble bathtub, two piece toilet and a huge vanity with lots of lights will do the trick for the homeowner’s who prefer a timeless bathroom design.
  • Nero Marquina Marble tiles paired with either Calacatta marble tiles or Carrara marble tiles would make for an exquisite bathroom. A deck mounted or drop-in bathtub, a glass shower, one piece toilet and a small, elegantly designed vanity combined with the aforementioned tile combination will be the epitome of contemporary chic.
  • A bathroom with the flooring and walls done with Talathello Marble tiles and a vanity made out of Emperador Marble tiles would look really well-designed. A corner bathtub, two piece toilet and some indoor plant pots on the vanity will give the bathroom a homely feel.
  • Calacatta Borghini Marble tiles can either be used on their own for bathroom remodeling or paired with a contrasting natural stone for e.g. the Nero Marquina Marble. These marble tiles can be used for the flooring, walls and vanity of a bathroom for a simple yet classy looking bathroom. However, adding a colored border to the flooring and vanity can really make your bathroom standout.
  • Calacatta Gold marble tiles can make any bathroom look lavish. These tiles are extravagant enough to be used on their own. Another way to use Calacatta Gold marble tiles is by using them as a border for Calcutta Marble tiles. A soaking bathtub, two piece toilet and a huge vanity will add the perfect amount of oomph to the bathroom.

Tips and Tricks for Cleaning

Marble may be a robust and durable stone but like all other natural stones, it also starts to show signs of withering if not cared for properly. Marble bathrooms are especially susceptible to damage as the environment there is usually moist or wet. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to be vigilant when it comes to taking care of your marble bathrooms.

Here are a few cleaning tips to keep your marble bathrooms in tip-top conditions:-

  • Regularly clean you marble bathrooms with soap, a soft cloth and warm water. This is the easiest and most convenient way to keep your marble tiles clean and free of dirt and grime.
  • Do not use abrasive or acidic cleansers for cleaning your bathroom marble tiles as they can cause permanent damage. Use a cleanser specifically designed for cleaning marble tiles and even then make sure to do a test spot in a corner before cleaning the entire bathroom. It is important to understand that it is not necessary to use cleansers every day.
  • Always dry your marble tiles after washing them. The most common cause of marble tile damage is water that seeps through the tiles and allows mold to grow inside. Therefore, it is important to be diligent when it comes to wiping your marble bathroom flooring after showers and baths.
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