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Marble Backsplash Usage and Design Ideas

Marble Backsplash Usage and Design Ideas

Marble Backsplash

Marble is a lovely metamorphic rock from the family of limestone that has been in fashion throughout the history of architecture. This natural stone has been a favorite of royal families from around the world due to its alluring beauty and striking appearance. This stone is translucent in nature and with polished finish it can make any area look radiant and glamorous.

It is mainly made up of calcite present in limestone and has impurities like mica, iron oxide, quartz, clay and graphite etc. which give it different colors, shades and veining patterns. Limestone’s calcite recrystallizes during the process of metamorphism under heat and pressure leading to the formation of marble. It is generally found in geographically extensive deposits that are several hundred feet thick. It is mined on a large scale with production of quarries as high as several million tons per year. Italy, Greece, Spain, US, Russia and Sweden etc. are famous sources of different marble types.

Marble is found mostly in light colors. The yellow, pink, blue, brown, gray and black colors are due to the presence of impurities. Without impurities it is white in color with few veining. Some of the famous marble color types are listed below:

Marble Backsplash Types:

  • Calacatta Marble: Calacatta is one of the most popular luxury marble from Italy which has least amount of impurity. It has a stark white background and dramatic thick gray colored veining. If it has gold veining variation then it is called Calacatta Gold which is another stunning form of this rare marble type.
  • Carrara Marble: Carrara is another Italian marble type which has a grayish background with fine linear veining pattern. It is a common type of marble which is in an affordable price range.
  • Emperador Marble: Emperador marble is a Spanish marble which is available in dark and light brown colors. Its eye-catching color makes it perfect for a statement worthy foyer, countertop, backsplash and even a fireplace.
  • Crema Marfil Marble: Crema Marfil comes from Spain and is available in different tones of cream color with varying tan hues. This marble is perfect for flooring as it adds warmth to the area where it is installed.
  • Botticino Marble: Botticino is beige in color with golden and white veining. It has light spots and very fine grain in its structure.
  • Nero Marquina Marble: Nero Marquina is a high quality Spanish marble with a dazzling genuine black color and white veining.

Marble has different applications depending on its finished product type. These products vary from tiles, slabs, pavers and mosaics to crushed and dimension stones. Crushed marble stone is utilized for various construction projects such as building foundations, railway beds and highways etc. Dimension marble stones are made by sawing the raw marble into pieces with some specific dimensions depending on the project type. They are used in making pillars and accents for buildings, in construction of monuments, for making sculptures and other projects. Tiles, pavers and slabs have both commercial and residential applications such as project flooring, covering of walls, countertops, backsplashes, fountains and gazebos etc.

Marble Backsplash Usage

Backsplashes are an important component of a kitchen or bathroom’s design scheme. A backsplash can make or break the spell of your style strategy. Marble backsplashes look chic and elegant and have a huge variety of patterns and styles in which you can install them. Marble’s large variety of colors also gives homeowners the flexibility in terms of shades and hues for the backsplashes. You can install marble backsplashes in a number of ways. Regular tiles are usually used in different patterns for adorning the backsplash area. You can also use mosaic tile border in combination with regular tiles or use them for covering the whole backsplash. Marble medallions as center pieces of backsplashes look unique and can create a piece with antique vibes that looks just splendid.

Pros and Cons of Marble Backsplash

Like any material, marble backsplash also has its list of advantages and disadvantages. Marble backsplashes are strikingly gorgeous in appearance. Mosaics and medallion inlaid marble backsplashes can bring artistic feel in your kitchen. But these backsplashes can get scratched, etched and stained easily if not properly cleaned and maintained. Marble backsplashes are environment friendly material and are free from any type of chemical processing but they are costly as compared to other materials due to their luxury status. These backsplashes can be made as shiny and sparkly as you want with the use of polish but other stone backsplashes get ruined with heavy dosage of polish but they also require resealing after every six months which can add regular burden on your pocket.

Marble Backsplash Design Ideas

Marble Backsplash for Kitchen:

Marble’s application in kitchen is not a new one. Floor and countertops of marble are common uses of this lovely natural stone. Marble backsplashes can look amazing in the kitchen.  Listed here are some lovely design ideas that you can use for inspiration for your next backsplash makeover:

This design is the epitome of class and luxury. The Calacatta marble tiles in large size with a stack bond give off a modish vibe when paired with stark white countertops and white cabinets. The sleek looking mixer tap completes the whole look.

A black and white marble mosaic piece looks timeless in a backsplash. Border the mosaic with black marble while covering the remaining backsplash with white marble tiles laid in a regular pattern. Finish the look with Pearl Black marble countertop.

If you have a warm toned floor such as beige or cream color then we recommend a black marble backsplash with matching countertop for an oomph worthy look. The cabinets in this design idea also have a monochrome element with small black accents on each corner of white surface. Add black and white stripped vases and hang chrome utensils for a perfect look.

If you have a large kitchen with a wooden top kitchen island then this look is perfect for you. Use Volakas marble in subway pattern for the backsplash and cover the countertops with black marble. Add rose gold or chrome colored kitchen stove and exhaust fan hood with white cabinets and window sills for an immaculate look. Place white cookie jars and a small potted plant for a homey vibe.

If you like cozy vibes in your kitchen then Emperador marble backsplash is an installment you will never regret. Use a combination of both light and dark Emperador marble tiles cut in rectangular shape with size of 1 x 2 inches. Use these tiles in a vertical brick pattern as shown in the image. Add a dark brown granite countertop with double under mount basin and light brown cabinets for an attractive look.

The Crema Marfil marble tiles in beige are the perfect choice for homeowners who prefer something classic with a hint of modernity. These tiles look extremely elegant as back splashes for kitchens thanks to their beautiful creamy shade and mocha brown hues and tones. Installation of these tiles in your kitchen paired with pure white cabinets will look divine as shown in the picture. Adding flora elements to the whole setting will further enhance the beauty of the entire place.

The white arabesque marble is the epitome of chic with its beautiful veining pattern which makes the best candidate for a backsplash.

Marble Backsplash for Bathroom:

Marble backsplashes can add brilliance to your bathroom. Usage of different shaped tiles in simple patterns can create the perfect backsplash for your bathroom. Given below are some great ideas that can be utilized for your bathroom backsplash projects:

Carrara marble backsplash and countertop look exquisite in a bathroom. by using cream colored drawers and outlining of the vanity mirror you can have a sophisticated bathroom makeover. Place dainty looking decorative glass or ceramic containers to complete the look.

If you don’t want to cover your whole vanity wall with backsplash tiles then this design is perfect for you. Curved Bianco Venato marble backsplash looks pristine and unique in this double sink vanity for a master bathroom.

Fantasy White marble tiles in hexagon shape are used in this double cabinet style vanity bathroom’s backsplash while the countertop is of Statuario marble. Gray cabinets and drawers with glass knobs complement the white marble tiles.

If you are looking for a bathroom backsplash that screams old money meets modern world then this is your design. The black marble backsplash with a golden tap over an undermount sink and gold rimmed vanity looks outstandingly stylish.

Maintenance of Marble Backsplashes

Marble backsplashes are costly and can be good investment if homeowners maintain them properly. Their maintenance can keep them in tip top shape for a long time. Following are some guidelines that you can follow for keeping your backsplashes in their brand new condition:

Cleaning: Marble backsplashes require special attention for their cleaning. Cleaning products at your local store cannot be used for them as they might contain acidic ingredients or chemicals that can etch your backsplash’s surface. Commercial cleaners should be avoided at all costs. Ammonia and bleach are also in the banned list when it comes to marble product cleaning. You can either use marble specific stone cleaning products or make your own cleaner at home using one tablespoon of mild dish soap mixed with warm water but even this mixture should not be used regularly as it can dull the stone. Always use soft non- abrasive cloth for drying your backsplash’s surface.

Avoid saving money from cheap stone cleaners as they can ruin the backsplash’s surface which will lead to new applications of either polish or sealer and in worst case scenarios replacement of the stone altogether. So it is better to investment on good cleaners rather than on restoration projects.

If there is a splatter or splash of food or any drink then blot it immediately using a dry clean cloth, followed by a good stone cleaner and in the end pat dry with a soft cloth.

Sealing: Marble is a natural stone with cavities in its structure due to which liquids, dust and dirt can seep into it if not sealed. It is crucial that you seal your marble backsplash to preserve its lustrous look and keep it safe from the phenomena of scratching, staining and etching. Marble backsplashes should be resealed periodically. You can have your marble backsplash sealed by stone sealing professionals or you can do this job yourself if you are a DIY type of person in four easy steps that are given below:

  • First of all, clean your backsplash tiles with a non-acidic stone cleaner by spraying it on the tiles and then buff cleaning them with a soft cloth. Once the tiles are free from all types of grime, grease and dust, let them dry or wipe them using a dry cloth. If the colors of the tile have darkened due to cleaning then let the water evaporate before sealing them
  • Next wear safety gloves and pour the marble stone sealer in an open mouthed container. Open the windows of your kitchen or bathroom at this stage so that the fumes of the sealer are eliminated.
  • Using a good foam paintbrush, start painting the sealer onto the backsplash tiles. Work from the top to the bottom of the backsplash in broad brush strokes to avoid dripping of the sealer. Overlap the strokes for full coverage. Once the sealer has been applied, let it sit on the stone’s surface for 10 minutes or as instructed on the sealer’s bottle for penetration of the sealer into the stone’s structure.
  • Lastly, buff clean with a soft cloth to remove extra sealer that was not absorbed by the stone. Using a light hand rub the cloth in a circular motion till the tiles are dry.


Marble backsplashes look stylish in kitchens and their simplicity makes bathroom vanities look wonderful. Due to the huge variety of marble backsplashes available in the market homeowners have a many options to choose from. With a little care and maintenance these backsplashes can last for decades.


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