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Limestone Tiles: Design Ideas, Cost, Installation and Tips

Limestone Tiles: Design Ideas, Cost, Installation and Tips

Limestone tiles:

Limestone – a natural warm stone found in a variety of colors in different regions. The color palette of limestone ranges from soft whites and creams to jet black. Limestone tiles are available in different types including honed, hammered, polished and brushed.

Honed limestone tiles give off a contemporary look while the tumbled tiles add an antique and traditional beauty to the area.

Due to its versatility, limestone is perfect to use in home. One can use it at the fireplace facades, tiles in bathrooms, kitchen backsplashes or medallion wall exterior of the house. It will enhance the elegance in every form.

Limestone is durable and practical and hence can be used at varied spaces as tiles.  Limestone tiles are available in textured, plain and other different varieties. These can be used at various areas including floor and stairs.

Some variety of uses of limestone tiles are


Design Ideas and Cost

Limestone tiles can be used in plenty of ways and each one can add beauty to the area. Each idea has its own installation strategy and hence have different cost depending upon the style and strategy of implantation. Some contemporary designs of limestone tiles are:

Hexagonal Mosaics

Hexagonal mosaics with a blend of grey and neutral will turn the boring and gloomy area into an area worth spending time with the help of Sate of Art mosaic pieces. The New Orlean range amid the elegant refined French quarter and semi-gloss matte tiles give a nice aura leaving you spell bound in the mesmerizing moment.


The rustic style tiles give a unique and antique look to the room. Rustic tile look at the wall having the fireplace with the rest of the three walls seamlessly painted gives a nice ambiance to the room.

Rustic styles are ideal for living rooms and Kitchens. It can give an Egyptian pyramid shade if used as exterior of your house.


Scandinavian style limestone tile gives a wide space look to your area. Perfect for Kitchen, living or bed room. It even gives an elegant look to your bathroom.

The white color tiles double reflect creating a seamless layout to the area they are installed.


Limestone tiles in various combinations can be used to give a splendid Tropical look to your home. The mosaic style in a nice blend of brown tones complementing with fresh color interior decorations will give a fresh and natural feel to your house.


Victorian style has always remained the most wanted and evergreen style. Tumbled limestone tiles can be used to give a cosmopolitan as well as vintage look. It will give nice, highly precious look with really appealing ambiance.

Limestone tiles Cost:

The average price for the limestone tiles can vary between 2 – 11 dollars per square foot depending upon the color of the tile and its quality. Quality is measured in terms of the amount of impurity present. 

Limestone tiles Installation:

Installation of limestone tiles vary from area to area such as if you want to install it over the floor, it has a different installation chemical and style. Similarly, it is different for wall, kitchen or bathroom.

  1. Installation on floor: Installation of mosaic style over floor need precise selection of adhesive. It should be thin and grout so it should not be peeping out of the tiles. Addition of Adiflex polymer admixture can enhance the installation options even on heated floors. Limestone tiles on floor can be laid by using a thick bed tile adhesive or flexible tile adhesive. Once fixed, seal them with the appropriate sealer but make sure they are dry and clean.
  2. Installation on wall: For installation of limestone tile on wall, apply mortar coat to the wall, let it dry and then add horizontal lines to the mortared wall.  Smear layer of mortar to the tile and place it against the wall. Hold it till the wall mortar grabs it. Repeat the process. Fill the space between the tiles with grout.

Limestone tiles Tips:

Aftercare to the tile once laid is necessary in order to keep it in a good condition and make their effect long lasting. Since, limestone is a porous stone hence protecting it with a sealant is necessary. For limestone, almost three coats are necessary in order to protect the tile properly.

Some tips that can increase the life of limestone tiles are:

  • Use white settling material with limestone as the grey one could stain the tiles.
  • Avoid acid or bleached base cleaners. Instead of this, using of residue remover or protector.
  • Reseal the tile once the sealer has worn away. It can be judged by the frequency of floor or wall getting dirty.
  • While sealing or impregnating, the temperature of the surface should be between 10°C to 25°C.


Limestone is a beautiful stone which is being used around the globe for decorating indoor as well as outdoor projects. Limestone tiles can not only increase beauty and property value of your house but these are durable and long lasting as well. In this article, we discussed few design ideas with you and we’ll share more in the future as well. 


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