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Limestone Flooring Decoration Ideas

Limestone Flooring Decoration Ideas

Flooring is one of the home improvement ideas that can come in wide varieties and choices. It often has an objective of attaining a unique and classy look for your home, in addition to achieving a floor finish characterized as durable and long-lasting. For that reason, limestone flooring tiles are known to provide the perfect solution for most commercial homes and even commercial properties that require a perfect and unique flooring finish.

Limestone is known as a flexible natural stone that can offer great strength by being able to deal with changes in temperatures. This material can also offer something most flooring materials won’t; beauty and grace to any given home environment including living rooms, bathrooms, kitchen, home entries and even outdoor flooring. Their ancient and exclusive texture come with natural anti-bacterial traits that can provide extra benefits for residential use as compared to other flooring materials. Some of the advantages of using limestone flooring include easy maintenance, limestone comes or is available in various assortment textures that range from highly polished to honed ones among many more others. The following are some of the home ideas where you can use limestone flooring to get the best out of any flooring project in your home or commercial building:

Kitchen and bathroom limestone flooring

In most homes, bathrooms are some of the projects that come with rewarding benefits. Most people have different ideas when thinking of flooring their bathrooms. Others want to be simply stylish, or just need a different look. Limestone flooring is always preferred in kitchen and bathroom décor because limestone is a natural material that has long lasting and stain impervious qualities. Limestone is often preferred by most installers and most homeowners due to its rich appearance and can tag along to be used in any style preferred. For instance, most kitchen backlashes can be created using limestone to come up with the following ideas to consider in home bathrooms and kitchens;

  1. Limestone flooring can help create a highlight- during kitchen flooring, it is important to install all other components of a home kitchen before even considering the backsplash. Select appliances, countertops, sinks, cabinets and even flooring first and after having everything else installed, someone can go ahead to leave the backsplash blank. In this stage, a homeowner with the help of an interior designer can envision the various shapes and colors limestone can offer while considering the surrounding or setting colors so that they can select limestone stones to be used for flooring as the final highlight. This will help bring everything around it when the flooring is finished being installed.


  1. Another idea when doing a limestone flooring in residential kitchen and bathrooms is to go European- it is known that natural limestone compels most people to contemplate of a rustic European scenery. Limestone flooring makes people expect to view some kind of a rolling Tuscan hill or even an old-fashioned French vineyard from their outside windows. Using limestone will offer a mental reference that can help you fashion your kitchen décor and design it after the same mental model you’ve been picturing. In such cases, the backsplash should be the first component to be selected in a kitchen and go on to build anything else around the very nature the backsplash creates. It is recommended to decorate your kitchen with European prints by using things like antiqued faux-finish paint and if need be, you can go ahead to buy European exclusive appliances, cabinets and even dining wear to bring the European setting home.


  1. With limestone flooring, one can decide to create a mosaic- when installing a limestone flooring in a kitchen or a bathroom, it is advisable to consider mixing many colors with an aim of constructing a mosaic effect. Fortunately, limestone is available in in numerous natural shades, most of which can be right together when joined together carefully. For instance, in the living room, one can choose many their preferred colors and go ahead to generate a repetitive decoration or even decide to opt for a totally different and random organization that may fit their living room better. Incorporating either stone or ceramic artwork into a living room limestone flooring backsplash is also recommended. This can be done by many similar or slightly complementary components with your limestone flooring pattern deign with an aim to evenly distribute or space them to avoid adding an extra level to the mosaic created.


  1. With limestone flooring, keeping it subtle is the way to go- it is always a better idea to consider tumbled limestone tiles in your flooring project because such tiles are duller in color and way smoother to be used in flooring finishes as compared to natural raw limestone. Particularly, tumbled limestone is perfect to be used as a neutral backdrop in kitchens since it has softer colors that can be astounded by other material present in the kitchen. Additionally, using tumbled limestone in flooring projects offers a rich style that diverts someone’s attention to some other place rather than the floor.

Hall and living areas limestone flooring areas

Limestone flooring is a perfect choice for hallway areas. Limestone flooring can provide a warm, light but a rather inviting wearing to hallway areas. With the right flooring expert, various styles, colors and finishes can be recommended with an end result that brings the best out of your hallway areas. One can use either a tumbled or brushed limestone to capture an authentic antique look in their hallway areas particularly those with original wooden doors and fittings.


Outdoor limestone flooring

For outdoor limestone flooring projects, pool areas can be an excellent idea. Limestone provides practicality and style which are obvious preferred around pool areas since limestone can cope in commendably in both wet and dry conditions.


Pros and cons of limestone flooring

In limestone flooring, limestone tiles being from a natural stone come with benefits such as better looks and durability. On the other hand, limestone flooring comes with other disadvantages. Some of them include uneven cuts when installing limestone flooring, rough or disjointed edges and a number of surface imperfections. These flaws may actually be part limestone flooring, but may need some kind of special handling to cause that effect.


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