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Limestone Countertops Designs, Usage, Pros and Cons and Tips

Limestone Countertops Designs, Usage, Pros and Cons and Tips


Limestone is a natural stone made up of exoskeletons of coral, shells, algae and calcium carbonate. It is an economical option as compared to its natural stone competitors, marble and travertine. Since the ancient times, this natural stone has been the first choice of builders as it is easy to cut and work with.

It is usually found in neutral colors and light tones which help in reflecting the sunlight due to which this stone remains cool even in extremely hot weather. Limestone is quite tough but due to its porous structure, it requires care. You need to get your limestone sealed by a stone professional before or after installation so that nothing seeps into its structure. Limestone should never be bleached or cleaned with acidic cleaners as it reacts violently with such substances. Use neutral stone cleaning products to avoid staining and etching of your limestone products.

Limestone is usually found on the market in three product forms:

  1. Tiles: Limestone tiles are multipurpose and available in different shapes and sizes. They can be used for the flooring of any part of the house and can be used for the decoration of bathrooms and fireplace surround area.
  2. Pavers: Limestone pavers are thicker in width as compared to tiles and are utilized in beautifying outdoor spaces like the driveway, patio, pool deck, gazebos and fountain areas.
  3. Slabs: Limestone slabs are usually used for countertops in both kitchen and bathroom. They are a bit pricier than pavers and tiles.

Limestone Countertops

Natural stone countertops look stunning whether they are installed in a kitchen or a bathroom. When it comes to affordable options for countertops, limestone top the list. Limestone countertops have their advantages and disadvantages but if we consider all the points then the overall verdict is that they are the best choice with elegance and beauty in a budget.

Limestone countertops can be made from either limestone slabs or limestone tiles.  The limestone slabs are solid pieces of the stone that are installed as countertops while the tiles serve as decoration material over a base countertop. The countertops made up of slabs are more durable than the tile ones.

Selection Criteria for Limestone Countertops

As there is a huge variety of limestone countertops available in the market with lovely colors and finishes, it is therefore critical to do proper research before buying them as each homeowner has their own style and preferences. When choosing a limestone countertop, one must consider the following things so that the selected material, texture and color of the countertop do not clash with the other elements of the home.

  1. Durability: The first thing you need to consider is how much durable should your countertops be. Natural stones like travertine, marble, and limestone have high durability and can last for decades if proper care is done. But this durability is further changed when it comes to tiles and slabs. Slabs are huge chunks of the same stone while tiles are smaller in width and can break or chip with time.
  2. Exposure Level: Another important thing you should consider while deciding on the countertop type is the level of exposure it will have to bear. For example, if you live in a household where there are small children who can spill juice or ketchup on the kitchen countertop or drop a dollop of toothpaste on the bathroom countertop then go for a properly sealed slab limestone countertop. Go for the tile countertop in the guestroom’s bathroom.

Professional advice for selection

If you are unable to decide on your own or feel the need for countertop consultation, then talk to your stone sale representative before buying the countertop. You need to tell the salesperson about your requirements and your taste so that they can assist you in choosing the countertops that look amazing even after installation. The sales reps are trained and usually have proficient knowledge about their products but if you are not satisfied then go check another store and talk to their salesperson for clarity. As going with the advice of an unhelpful salesperson will cost you dearly. Try visiting different stores that have countertops as their product specialty and do your own research about the tile beforehand in order to determine whether the person trying to convince you to buy the product actually knows the subject.

Design Ideas

Following are some beautiful and elegant design ideas for limestone countertops in kitchens and bathrooms:

Limestone Kitchen Countertops

  • Ivory limestone kitchen countertops look superb in a kitchen with gold or silver accented furniture, cabinets and other accessories. The light colored wooden floor really accentuates the chic appearance of such countertops.
  • For homeowners who are enthusiasts of mixing finery with the vintage looks, they should choose lovely off-white limestone kitchen countertops which might be the epitome of subtle beauty. The floor of the kitchen should be decorated with dark colored tiles or wooden panels for a totally velvety appearance that will instantly add a totally svelte touch to one’s house.
  • For folks who like to channel the ostentatious vibe in their kitchen can add a natural stone combination in their kitchen especially if the kitchen has a kitchen island. Use the white limestone countertops for the rest of the kitchen while adding a gold travertine countertop on the kitchen island. This killer combination will add an immediate flamboyance touch to any kitchen.
  • For people who want an earthly but relatively fashionable touch to their kitchen should go for the creamy toned beige limestone countertop. It is velvety hue together with its elaborate design combines modern beauty with vintage grace.
  • In case, you have a taste for the bright colors and want to give your home a kingdom of the art makeover then the yellow golden limestone countertops are an absolute for the kitchen. This countertop adds a pop of color to your kitchen and makes it look chic and homely at the same time. Pair this countertop with white and lime accented kitchen cabinets.
  • Gray limestone kitchen countertop is a favorite of homeowners who prefer the modish and minimal style in their kitchen. These countertops look graceful and are relatively easier on the pockets as compared to silver travertine. These countertops not only look stylish, they also give off the subtle velvety appearance.
  • Limestone countertop in coffee brown color looks lovely in an outdoor kitchen. The brown color of limestone looks beautiful with the greenery of your outdoor space.

Limestone Bathroom Countertops

  • The brown colored limestone countertops are a must-have for folks that want to channel an antique yet chic vibe to their bathrooms. Add white vessel sink with bronze or gold bathroom accessories and stark white cabinets for a timeless classy look. Pair this combination up with a dark brown framed vanity with gilded corners and marvel at the stunning result.
  • Give your guest bathroom a wondrous makeover with the help of a reddish brown limestone countertop paired with dark brown wooden cabinets, a white drop-in sink and brass toilet accessories.
  • For an exceedingly fashionable bathroom, we will recommend you go for the beige limestone countertop with a self-rimming black stone sink. Add a hint of classiness to the bathroom with cream colored bathroom cabinets and golden toilet accessories. Put a decorative monochrome vase on the countertop for aesthetics.
  • The tan colored limestone countertops look appealing in any bathroom type and their aesthetically captivating appearance makes the bathroom look every bit elegant. If you main focus for renovation is to incorporate the modern-day opulence in your bathroom then the tan limestone countertop is your best bet. Add bright colored vanity cabinets and an under mount sink to complete the look.
  • The black colored limestone countertop is a favorite of those looking for a dramatic feel in their bathrooms. Use silver accessories with pure white vanity cabinets and a stylish vessel sink for a simple yet chic look. The black limestone countertop will not only enhance your bathroom’s appearance but will also add voguish touch to it without making it look overdone.
  • The bluish gray limestone slab countertops are one of the trendiest out of the limestone countertops. These countertops are praised for their dark color with a hint of blue hue which makes them perfect for bathrooms with drop-in bathrooms.
  • For those searching out something unique but traditional, the off-white colored limestone bathroom countertops with a cobalt blue vessel sink, a matching vanity and silver bathroom accessories. The result is a beautiful Mediterranean inspired bathroom with a tasteful appearance.

Pros and Cons of Limestone Countertops

Listed below are some of the major advantages and disadvantages of using limestone countertops in bathrooms and kitchens. 

Pros of Limestone Countertops: 

Limestone is one of the most good-looking natural stone in the world that not only looks elegant with its neutral tones and light hues but also adds an earthy vibe to your house’s indoor space. The countertops made out of this stone can be used in bathrooms and kitchens. Their subtle varying shades help them merge with any design and color scheme. Limestone countertops ability to fit in any type of design whether traditional or contemporary makes it the best candidate for renovation projects.

This stone is quite durable and its resilience against the test of time can be seen from iconic buildings such as the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Lincoln Memorial and the Parthenon. It has been used extensively for the decoration of political buildings, corporate offices and even residential spaces.  Limestone countertops are also on the less pricey side of natural stone countertops which makes them within the reach of homeowners of all backgrounds. These countertops are not manufactured with chemicals which makes them perfect for those looking for environment-friendly products.

Cons of Limestone Countertops:

Even with its stunning appearance, limestone countertops have many disadvantages. If you are person who does not have the time to take special care of their bathroom or kitchen countertop then getting a limestone one should definitely not be on your list. Limestone is made of calcium carbonate which reacts violently with anything that has acidic nature which includes everyday edible items like citrus fruits, coffee, wine and ketchup, etc. You need to wipe spills as soon as they occur or else this might result in permanent staining of your countertop’s surface. You also need to be careful regarding hot pans and abrasive materials as they can cause scratches on the limestone countertop’s surface.

Cost of Limestone Countertops

The price of limestone countertops varies on the basis of their color, level of impurity and type. The slab based limestone countertops can have their prices varied between $300 to $450 while the tile-based countertop’s material can cost $2 to $11 per square foot.This price will increase if the limestone is of a rare color of type. These prices are only for the stone and their professional installation, home delivery, and initial treatment can raise the price to $30 to $100 per square foot with home delivery ranging from $25 to $120.

The total cost of limestone countertop installation can also increase or decrease depending on factors such as the price of other materials like sealants, grout and polish. Labor fee and complexity of the installation can also contribute to the increase of this price. You can save money on tile-based countertops by installing them yourself but if you want a slab based countertop then seek professionals as these slabs are extremely heavy and amateur handling can lead breakage or injuries.


  1. Use coasters, cutting boards and dish mats to avoid direct contact with the limestone kitchen countertop.
  2. Add small trays on your bathroom countertops for putting toiletries.
  3. Use neutral pH stone cleaning products to avoid etching of the stone’s surface.
  4. Reseal your countertops twice a year to retain their beauty.  


Whether the limestone countertops are the best choice for you solely depends on your taste and ability to maintain them. If you can manage their cleaning routine then these countertops can last a decade with ease but if you are a busy professional with a tight schedule then we would suggest you look for a synthetic alternative or granite countertops.

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