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Is Travertine Good For Bathrooms and Showers?

Is Travertine Good For Bathrooms and Showers?

Natural stone has always been considered a luxury by the homeowners. One of them is travertine which is a magnificent natural stone from the limestone family. It is famous for its unique appearance, timeless look and versatile pattern and color range. Many homeowners are opting for travertine as it is less expensive than marble but provide equally luxurious experience. The beauty of travertine is also found in the availability of its custom sizes. No matter how small or unusual the space is, you can have the exact sized tile or paver. Due to this, travertine is usually more popular for decorating and flooring of bathrooms and showers.

Travertine is widely used around the globe for decorating bathrooms. However, as it is a porous material, people usually hesitate while going for it and there is a perception that travertine is not good for watery places. Let’s have a look on how true is this.

Travertine and Water

Travertine has a porous structure due to which a lot of people think that several issues can arise in the presence moisture for example, water can seep into the pores of the tiles in the form of steam or droplets leading to damage such as stains (which are extremely difficult to remove). Shampoo, body wash, soap or even body oil can cause etching of the stones if spilled.  The question then arises is that can we really use travertine for bathrooms and showers?

The answer is yes.

You can use travertine in your bathrooms and keep it safe from harm by choosing the right finish and sealer. First of all, travertine in smooth finish can be slippery if wet, so it is better to avoid placement of such tiles in places like bathrooms and showers. Opt for the honed travertine tile if sleek and refined is your preference otherwise, you can use the naturally textured and rustic looking tumbled travertine tile. These two finishes are more effective in wet places. Once the finish has been selected, a good sealer should be used to properly seal the tiles. This will provide the adequate protection against the absorbent nature of travertine.

Thus travertine can easily be used for use in bathrooms if it is installed properly and right finish and sealer is used. Rather it is recommended to use travertine in bathrooms because of the stone’s beauty and long life. Here are some ideas regarding how travertine can be used efficiently in washrooms and showers.

Usage in Bathrooms and Showers:

In bathrooms, the usage of travertine tiles has no limits. You can use them for bathroom and shower flooring, wall decoration, around vanities & bath tubs, sinks and even for bathroom counter tops. Homeowners can easily find the color of their choice within the attractively huge range present in travertine.  It is a wonderful stone that has an alluring charm and is quite durable. It is also weather resistant making it suitable for scalding hot showers in the winter to chilled baths in the summer.

Design Ideas:

  1. Beige is a classic color which is always in fashion but with a glass shower wall and the door you can make your travertine laid bathroom modish as well. The combination of small tiles and mosaic in the shower area looks chic in contrast with the large tiles installed beautifully and professionally in the rest of the bathroom.

  2. Contrasts look magnificent. You can use dark travertine for the bathroom flooring and adorn the sink and shower area with light colored tiles in a different pattern and size. Mix and match the styles and colors to get the subtle retro look.

  3. The simple brick pattern travertine tiles laid in any warm color look appealing. Add a pop of color with a pretty mosaic in the middle, and you will have a recipe for all things class and elegance.

  4. For a modern looking bathroom with a bathtub a simple pattern of warm toned travertine looks wonderful. Add a slightly darker shade for a more exquisite border and achieve a one of a kind contemporary looking stylish bathroom.
  5. Nothing screams aesthetics louder than a bathroom with a mosaic travertine in the shower area. If you want to take your design level up by a notch, then add a medallion in the shower floor for the exquisite feel and look.

Tips on keeping travertine safe in bathrooms and showers:

Travertine is a beautiful stone to have in your home but with its ownership comes the periodic intensive maintenance regime. So here are a few tips on how to keep your travertine good as new even in the moist environment of bathrooms.

  1. Have your travertine sealed with a good quality sealer? Reapplication of the sealer should be done religiously. Otherwise all the efforts will be wasted.
  2. Clean up spills from shampoos, lotions and soaps to avoid the etching of stone’s surface.
  3. Use a natural stone cleaner after every two weeks for thoroughly cleaning your travertine tiles. Avoid general household cleaners, bleach and ammonia as they tend to destroy the appearance of the stone even if it is sealed.


Travertine can be used easily in bathrooms and showers. However, care should be taken in terms of finish and sealers. Also, you should have a look at all the design ideas we have presented above. This will help you make your decision easily. Keep checking Sefa Stone blog for more useful stuff.


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