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How to Get Rid of Slipperiness on Marble Flooring

How to Get Rid of Slipperiness on Marble Flooring

As we already mention in our previous articles, marble is one of the most used materials for decorating accessories, walls, counters, countertops and floors in especially bathrooms and kitchens. Even though marble is a water resistant decorative material, it is a common trouble, which almost all people who use marble in their houses know really well, for marble to get slippery in due time. And especially for the bathroom floors, it is a highly dangerous situation to become slippery since it may cause fall-downs and severe injuries.

Now we can hear you asking: “Can I get rid of the slipperiness on the marble floor?” Yes, of course you can. In this article, we will provide you with some tips and tricks about how to clean slippery marble floors. Enjoy!

Methods for Eliminating the Slipperiness on Marble Floors

  1. Clean the Marble Surface Regularly:

    It is very important to clean the marble surfaces on a regular basis. You need to keep an eye on marble surfaces since they are really sensitive and have a porous nature. In case that you accidently spill something liquid on the marble floor, you should immediately clean it. If you don’t, this liquid will dry on the surface and in due time it gets both sticky and slippery.

  2. Do Not Leave Marble Floor Wet:

    Water and moisture in the bathroom atmosphere are the main reasons of slipperiness on the floors. This is why you should not leave the bathroom floors wet. If it is possible, try to use a sponge or a map to dry the marble floors after every shower. Before doing that, make sure that there are no soup marks on the floor, which really makes the surface slippery. If you are not sure, rinse the floor thoroughly with plenty amount of water and then dry it with the help of a cloth or a map.

  3. Try Anti-Slip Products:

    There are some anti-slip products that you can apply on marble surfaces. These products are probably available in your local stores and it will not be so difficult to find them. These products are applied on the marble floors by mopping or sponging directly onto the surface. This solution will be perfect for not only bathroom floors but also the marble areas around the swimming pools.

  4. Water Based Varnish:

    This is also one of the best solutions for eliminating the slipperiness on the marble floors. The water based varnish can give you the result you want by improving the friction on the surface. Since it is a light colored product, it will not change the appearance. But, be careful not to apply to much product. First, apply a thin coat of varnish, let it dry and check the friction. If you need more, then, apply a second coat.

  5. Anti-Slip Floor Tile Cleaner:

    This is another product that you can use for eliminating the slipperiness. This type of cleaner is really safe for marble tiles and you can easily clean the sticky parts of the surface by applying this product. Also, it will provide a more secure footing for all your family members.

  6. Rubber Rugs and Mats are Life Savers:

    We all love the appearance of the marble since it has a glossy finish, don’t we? But, it is a little bit difficult to have a glossy finish and non-slip structure at the same time. And at that point, rubber backed rugs and mats come to the fore front as life savers. You can use anti-slip mats for the shower floors and rubber rugs on the floor of the bathroom in general. With such rugs and mats, you might add a sense of color to your bathroom. Two in one


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