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Elegant Bathroom Design Ideas, Stone Choices and Maintenance Tips

Elegant Bathroom Design Ideas, Stone Choices and Maintenance Tips

A bathroom is an integral part of a house. It is also one place which homeowners tend to overlook while decorating their living space. Bathrooms require the same amount of attention in terms of designing as any other room in the house.

Natural stone adorned bathrooms are the epitome of elegance and beauty. Interior decorators and designers are experimenting with different design styles and schemes. Bathroom decorated with natural stones are not only green friendly but also quite resilient as compared to other decorating materials. Natural stones are not only versatile when it comes to designing with them, they also have earthy colors that easily blend in with other colors and materials.

If you are searching for elegant bathroom design ideas then you are probably lost in the sea of different tile options available in the market. Bathroom decoration or remodeling is an overwhelming experience now thanks to the huge variety of design, color and finishes available. Apart from this abundance of aesthetics related options, homeowners also need to consider factors such as their budget, durability of the stone and amount of maintenance required after installation.

With advice from interior decorating experts, we have shortlisted the most elegant design ideas for bathrooms using natural stones so that those looking for stunning ideas can utilize them.

Design Ideas of Elegant Bathrooms

If you are about to renovate your bathroom then we recommend you go through this natural stone based bathrooms list of design ideas.

  • If you have a taste for everything chic but with a bold touch then we recommend a bathroom decorated using Nero Marquina marble in combination with Fantasy white marble tiles. Cover the bathroom using Nero Marquina marble tiles in Stack Bond pattern and use fantasy white marble mosaic tiles for covering the shower area’s floor. Add a freestanding white bathtub and countertop along with silver bathroom accessories to complete the look.

  • If wooden floors are your thing but dealing with actual wood in your bathroom isn’t then go for old wood travertine tiled bathroom floor. Lay the tiles in panel inspired pattern for replication of wood installation. Paint the walls in neutral tones and use oak framed vanity to complement the floor.
  • You can use pattern embossed marble tiles if the simple tile is not your cup of tea. Use a diamond or regular pattern for simple white marble tiles and border then with embossed tiles with a pattern of your choice. Use the embossed tiles as a backsplash as well. The result will be one-of-a-kind type of a bathroom design.
  • If you are a person who loves hot showers and long baths then Equator marble tiles are perfect for your bathroom’s decoration. This marble tile can create the illusion of waterfall in subway pattern. Keep the bathroom accessories and countertop white for an oomph worthy effect.
  • Light creamish beige limestone tiles look great in a three-quarter bathroom. You can use pastel pink limestone mosaic tiles on the wall with vanity and keep rest of them covered with the beige tiles in runaway bond pattern. Add a white marble countertop with a vessel sink in porcelain and decorate rest of the bathroom with brass accessories and wooden vanity cabinets.

  • For an old money inspired bathroom, go for Calacatta gold marble tiles in your master bedroom’s bathroom. Add drop-in sink with gold accessories and an alcove bathtub for a stellar look.
  • Gold travertine tiles have an ostentatious vibe to them and they can add a dazzling feel to your bathroom. Cover the bathroom floor with gold travertine in Versailles pattern and for the walls use the regular pattern. Add black bathroom accessories and cabinets for a look that screams grandeur and class.
  • If your home is based on modern design schemes then add silver travertine to your bathroom in vein cut. Add a long yet simple vanity and let the stone channel an aura of hi-tech lifestyle.
  • If rustic bathrooms are your requirement then we recommend the rough limestone wall design. In such bathrooms, the wall with the bathtub is covered with tumbled tiles or pavers. You can use Noce and Walnut travertine as well for the decoration of the wall. Add a wooden vanity and potted plants for compelling look.
  • If you prefer a colorful atmosphere in your bathroom then we recommend travertine tiles such as Autumn Blend and Scabos. Thanks to their vibrant colors, these tiles are the perfect choice for brightening up dull bathrooms. Keep the accessories, vanity and cabinet simple so that the bathroom looks elegant as well.

If you want a bathroom makeover under a small budget then we recommend going with a backsplash and floor combination in less expensive stones such as soapstone, granite and limestone. Natural stones look lovely even if they are not on the luxurious spectrum. The key to an elegant bathroom design is consistency in the whole scheme and neatness of the stone installation.

Stone Choices for Elegant Bathrooms

Natural stone is one of most unique building materials available. The different shapes, size and colors of natural stone along with its optimal quality is what truly sets it apart from synthetic and man-made materials. No two pieces of natural stones are exact copies of each other and this quality of theirs is what truly adds an aura of refined elegance to a bathroom. Natural stone can be considered as a blessing due to it amazing durability. With proper care and maintenance, your stone can stay in a remarkable conditions for years. However, even in natural stones there is a proper hierarchy in which stones are listed according to their characteristics such as quality, durability, strength and variety of colors, etc.


Marble tiles are deemed as one of the top natural stones due to its extraordinary endurance and unparalleled worth. As one of the oldest natural stones in history, marble has been used for building and sculpting purposes for a very long time and even today, those monuments and objects are standing in great, if not perfect, conditions. Marble’s graceful exterior along with its robustness are two of the main qualities that make it distinct from any other natural stone. It’s important to know that marble has a grading of its own in which Carrara and Calacatta sit at the top. However, like all other natural stones, they have their shortcomings, too, and are not your only options. Listed below are a few other natural stones that are all unique and exceptional in their own way and are definitely worth considering for your next bathroom remodeling.


Travertine tiles are actually a derivative of limestone however due to its wide range of colors and superior quality it is much more renowned. It costs more than limestone but the money’s worth is evident in its amazing quality and robust exterior.


Limestone is one of the most popular natural stones used in construction and is considered quite a favorite among homeowners and architects due to its reasonable price and good quality. This porous stone has a soft appearance and comes in a neutral color and can be used in both traditional and contemporary designs.


Soapstone is surprisingly underrated when it comes to bathroom renovation, however its low maintenance and reasonable price makes it a good contender to consider. Thanks to its non-porous nature, you can skip the sealing process with this one. However, soapstone oxidizes and some homeowner’s consider this as drawback.


Onyx is a unique natural stone that comes in a range of earthy colors. Polishing this stone can give it an irreplaceable luster and can make your bathroom look like something out of an interior design magazine. However, a downside to its beautiful appearance is its fragility and delicate nature. So if you do choose onyx for your bathroom then try not to slack when it comes to sealing your tiles.

Belgian Bluestone

Also a type of limestone, this natural stone is the perfect choice for the homeowners who want a dark and contemporary bathroom style. The hue and markings of Belgian Bluestone makes it easily stand out among its limestone family. However, this stone is a little prone to scratching so great care is required to keep it in looking impeccable?

It is important to remember that prices of natural stones can vary greatly, depending on a list of factor i.e. the sellers, quality, color, shipping cost, installation cost and miscellaneous charges. However, if you are going to spend a good amount of money on something then make sure it’s not something of prime quality and is in accordance with your taste. Smaller tiles usually cost more than tiles that come in the form of huge slabs. If natural stone is costing you more than what you bargained for then try limiting its use to one corner or room and mixing and matching it with other stones to avoid putting a dent in your pocket.

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

No matter how expensive or inexpensive your natural stone is, it is still important to take good care of it in order to preserve its natural shine and sophisticated exterior. Given below are a few tips and tricks that will help you in keeping your bathroom walls, countertops and floors in good condition:


It is absolutely imperative that you clean your bathrooms natural stones regularly because accumulation of dirt and grime can make it lose its beautiful appearance and may also make it vulnerable to permanent damage. Therefore, cleaning your bathroom at least once a week should be a priority. Try to use good cleaning products that aren’t acidic or contain ammonia and are specifically made for natural stones. There really is no point in investing in an expensive natural stone if you’re going to end up using cheap cleansers on it that will eventually destroy its exterior. Always do a test patch with your cleaning product to make sure that it doesn’t react with your bathrooms natural stone as damage caused by chemical reaction is irreversible.


Moistures is often one of the biggest culprits when it comes to damaged bathroom tiles. When natural stones are exposed to water for long periods of time they become susceptible to mold, mildew and spots. Hence, it is very important that you dry your bathroom floors and walls as soon as you get out of the shower. You can use a sponge, squeegee, mop or a soft cloth for this purpose.


It is common knowledge that sealants help to create a barrier of protection between the stone and dirt and in the case of a bathroom, where tiles are most vulnerable to moisture and grime, the importance of sealants should never be neglected. Sealing the natural stone in your bathroom will allow your floor, countertops and walls to stay in impeccable conditions for the longest time. Sealants prevent water, dirt and bacteria from seeping into your tiles hence keeping the bathroom in sanitary condition. It is important to note that applying a sealant just once isn’t enough as its effectiveness starts to decrease overtime, therefore, it is important that you reseal your bathrooms natural stone either annually or twice a year.


Grout is quite often neglected when it comes to bathroom cleaning. However, it is important to keep in mind that bacteria and grime often settle in the grout lines and then seeps into the tiles. Grout can easily be cleaned with a toothbrush and non-acidic cleaner to prevent growth of mold. Rinsing the grout with warm water and drying it up with a soft cloth afterward will make sure that the grout stays in tip-top condition.


Choosing the perfect tiles for your elegant bathrooms can be extremely challenging. Price, color, quality, finish, shape and variety are some of the aspects that make it quite difficult to pick one natural stone for your dream bathroom. Thus, it is important that you do proper research on the type of stone that you want before going to the market to purchase it.


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