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Travertine Quality: Some Important Facts

Travertine Quality: Some Important Facts

Using travertine is one of the best ways of decorating your home. It has a lot of different shapes and colors which can give the exact taste you want from a home that you feel comfortable and relaxed. But there are some tips about determining the quality of a piece of travertine before decorating your house with them.

Travertine Quality Levels

There are three quality levels in travertine which determined by some natural and factory processes that travertine tiles gets into. The main determinants of the quality are rarity of the holes and the quality of the colors in a tile.

Holes in the Travertine Tile

Holes in the travertine tiles are crucial for determining the quality of the material. If there are a lot of small or more deeper holes in the travertine, this means that the travertine piece has a poor quality. In first and second grade travertine tiles, those holes gets filled by the machinery in the factory and then by hand. This two level process makes the tile almost as straight as a line. But for the second grade travertines, it is allowed to keep some bigger holes. Third grade travertine tiles do not get into the second process, they only get into the filling process by machinery. That’s why some large and small holes are not very rare among them.


Color of the travertine is also crucial for determining the quality of the tile. Color can differ in a very wide range when it comes to travertine tiles. Especially in the first grade travertine tiles, you can find the most different and unique colors without any black or grey discoloration. As a very important aspect when defining the quality of the material, black and grey discolorations must be examined seriously when decorating your house with travertine. First grade travertines have the largest scale of colors without any discoloration, second grade travertines has a bit narrower range of colors but keeps the discoloration out of the tiles. Third grade travertines can very a very wide range of colors but you can find discolorations in the tile.


Some Last Comments

First and second grade tiles can be used in your house and different various environments. They will create a unique look and you will feel no regrets about the money you spend, we can assure you. But third grade tiles may cause some serious problems in the production process and in the delivery. Sizes, shapes and colors may differ when it must be the same, some physical damage can be seen and the holes can be very disturbing. Yes, travertine is a beautiful way of decorating, but quality must always be more important then the quantity when choosing the right decoration for your home.

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