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How Can You Benefit from Marble for Your Bathroom Design?

How Can You Benefit from Marble for Your Bathroom Design?

In the past years, people would not give importance to the design of their bathrooms. These places were only for having a shower or a bath and did not need to be visually attractive. But today, bathroom designs have become very popular in the modern world. Currently, different concepts and different styles are used for bathroom designs. This is because people now spend most of their time outside their houses and they would like to enjoy the time they spend at home. Just think about it: You come home after a long and stressful day. You will go directly to the bathroom and have a hot and relaxing bath. And imagine a bathroom which enables you to relax not only physically but also visually. At this point, we would like mention about a decorative material which is visually attractive and functional to use. It is marble!

Marble is a material which is an irreplaceable design material and therefore frequently used in both interior and exterior design. It is shiny, soft, easy to shape and it has different natural patterns. In this article, we are going to mention about how you can add a sense of elegance and purity to your bathrooms with marble.

  • The Texture of the Marble Eliminates the Gloomy Feeling in the Bathroom

If you have a small bathroom, you should pay more attention to the design and decoration. The shiny and smooth texture of this stone will help you eliminate the gloomy feeling of a small bathroom and will add dimension to the space. The shiny texture of the marble will automatically elongate the width of the walls. And of course, it will be more relaxing to have a bath in a bathroom decorated with bright materials.

  • Marble Creates the Sense of Luxury

Some people do not enjoy having a bath or a shower and this is only a boring routine for them. Yet, for some other people, having a shower is a source of joy and pleasure and they spend much more time in their bathrooms. Compared to ceramic tiles, marble is a little bit more expensive, yet it gives a sense of luxury to any kind of place due to its look and texture. Therefore, those who enjoy their time spent in bathroom prefer marble for the design of their bathrooms.

  • Marble Flooring Adds Authenticity to Bathroom

When you use marble flooring for your bathroom, this will definitely add authenticity to your bathroom. It is a stone which has natural patterns and textures different than other types of stones used for decoration and design. If you want your bathroom to look elegant and sophisticated, you can decorate the room with marble material which has a wide range of color and pattern alternatives.

  • Marble is a Moisture Resistant and Strong Material

Bathroom is the “water area” of your house and therefore it should be resistant to water and moisture. Since it is a moisture resistant and strong material, it will prolong the life of your bathroom. You no longer need to worry about water pouring on the floor or splashing all over the walls. Moreover, it is an easy to clean material. The stains on it will be easily cleaned only with the water.

  • Modern and Classical at the same time

You already know that in Ancient Greek and Rome, the sculptures used marble for creating three-dimensional forms. So to say, no matter what era we live in, marble will always have this classical feeling. If you combine the classical sense of marble with the touch of modern accessories, you can easily have a both classical and modern look in your bathroom.

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