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10 best black and white tile design ideas, projects and usage examples

10 best black and white tile design ideas, projects and usage examples

Natural stone tiles are a versatile building material that can be used for various projects. You can use these tiles for flooring the internal and external areas of your home. They can also be used for creating shower seats and countertops, bathroom vanities, re-cladding retaining walls, gazebo roofs, patios, black and white tile pool decks, garden stepping stones, walkways and even driveways.

Other than the multipurpose part, tiles also are a popular choice for many homeowners because of the benefits they come with. Some of these advantages are:

  1. Easy installation: No matter what type of natural stone tile you buy, the installation is always extremely simple. If you have a bit of experience in home depot projects then you can easily set up tiles in a whole room without any effort or problem. All you need to do to perform this project like a professional contractor is make sure to  keep the alignment of the tiles on track. Taking this one precaution will allow you to achieve results that will give off the vibe of a professional installation.
  2. Huge variety: Natural stone tiles come in a large variety of color and shades. The beauty of stone tiles like travertine and limestone is that you can get them cut into the shape and size of your preference. There are countless patterns that can be created with these tiles. You can even opt for the choice of a mosaic which will allow you to mix and match different color and sizes for a creatively unique pattern.
  3. Maintenance and care: Natural stone tiles require minimal effort of mopping on daily basis to retain their beauty. A good sealing job can last up to a year which is not only economical but also helps in protecting the stone’s surface. You only need  to be  careful about acidic liquids and cleaning products that can damage the stone’s appearance if not wiped immediately.
  4. Easy replacement: A broken or chipped tile can easily be replaced with a new one without redoing the whole floor which makes tiles an ideal choice for floors. It is however recommended that a box of spare natural stone tiles is purchased and kept in a dry safe place for a swift and easy replacement job. 
  5. Durability: The ancient empires knew the strength of tiled floors and this is the main reason why we can still marvel at the floors of Greek and Roman ruins. Natural stone tiles like marble and travertine can withstand freeze and thaw cycles. The stone tiles from the limestone family are all heat resistant and stay cool even during long summer days.
  6. Environment friendly: Marble, travertine and limestone are formed through natural processes. They are quarried from their formation locations, cut into tiles and shipped to suppliers. There is no use of chemicals in this cycle which makes them environment friendly.

Black and white tiles

The black and white tile combination is a flooring pattern that has been in style for decades. It is an uber chic combination that is alluring and breath taking. A monochrome floor is a timeless design that can work with any type of furniture and home style. This combination is the epitome of sophistication and grace. It can add a dramatic touch to your design scheme effortlessly. Beauty of this combination also lies in the geometry with which it is used. It all depends on your personal preference whether you want this combination to be simple our mesmerizing. It is a timeless combination that works harmoniously like yin and yang.

If you are searching for some monochrome pattern inspiration, design ideas or a Do It Yourself method for your new project, we have a handful of mesmerizing patterns you can use. These pattern designs come in a collection of various sizes and shapes as well as different surfaces such as matte and glossy. We have a lot of tile choices and each one of them have their own perks, such as marble tiles, limestone tiles and even travertine tiles. Here we will show you the countless ways in which you can incorporate black and white colored tiles in your home space. But before the design ideas let us look at the perks of using different natural stones:

Marble Tiles

Marble tiles look classy where ever they are installed. Their glossy shine and silky appearance makes them beautiful and chic. Marble floors are not just durable but they have an everlasting look that does not fade away. So you do not have to worry about the gloss fading in the long run if you are thinking of spending good money on it. Here is a list of features you’ll love to know if you are going for this option

  • Translucent properties of the stone
  • Everlasting appeal
  • Wonderful design options

However, the prices for marble tiles are quite expensive as compared to other tiles. Depending on what type of marble tile color and stone grade you are purchasing, the price will vary drastically. Hardness and the amount of impurities present are the main factors that determine the price of the marble tiles. If you are tight on your budget you can always go with cheaper options. However, every time you are choosing the tiles, foundation has to be taken in serious consideration because marble tiles can be very heavy and might require extra effort for keeping it stable.

This is not the only downside of marble flooring. Marble flooring can give you a tough time even after spending a huge amount of money because of the following reasons:

  • Inserting this flooring is not only time consuming but also requires highly skilled labor which again can cost you extra money you won’t be prepared for. If you are not financially capable of tackling this huge expense, the best way is to opt for another material which can be just as exquisite but runs low on the cost.
  • As mentioned above, their weight. When they are inserted in, it’s going to put an extra pressure buckling underneath, and obviously could be a bad idea if it is not the ground floor.
  • The amount spent in maintenance is going to cost you a lot and cannot be done without the help of a professional contractor or  skilled laborers. So a highly efficient staff and loads of cash in your bank is mandatory for the maintenance of a marble floor.


Limestone floor tiles are less expensive than the marble floor tiles. It is one of the softer stones that is highly regarded in the construction market. Many homeowners and interior decorators choose limestone for its versatility in terms of color and design. It is also considered as a good substitute for marble though not as popular. However, there are various positive aspects of choosing limestone tiles.

Limestone tiles give off a very understated look which appeals to homeowners and designers who are refurbishing while keeping a subdued look in mind. Limestone is cost effective which makes a good choice for homeowners with a limited remodeling budget. Another pro of limestone is that it is extremely easy to clean and maintain. It does not require extensive cleaning. Weekly sweeping and mopping with non-abrasive cleaners can do the trick. Resealing your limestone once a year will not only extend your tiles lifespan but will also maintain its natural look.


Travertine tiles are used for indoor projects such as floors and walls, also for the wall cladding on buildings, coverings of the wall as well as counter tiles in your kitchen or your bathroom. This is a good idea for pool patio with pavers as hardscape pool decking. Following are the advantages of using travertine tiles:

  • It is always a very durable option. It only takes a quick scan of some of the ancient places in which travertine was installed to see that it will stand the test of time and surprise you with it longevity. Travertine’s measure of Hardness (MOH) rating is comparable to that of marble, so it is of course well suited to high traffic areas.
  • Travertine has the ability to withstand extreme fluctuations in temperature quite smoothly, so it is well suited to both indoor as well as outdoor uses. This is why you frequently see travertine used as poolside copings and decks.
  • Travertine is popular for its distinctive and apparent natural beauty. The aged look of travertine makes it a stunning flooring choice for those wanting a rustic look. The light color tones it comes with can match with plenty of aesthetic styles and bring a touch of old world culture to your home.
  • There is a wide range of options with versatile travertine tile flooring. There are four main finishes for this natural stone i.e. polished, honed, tumbled, and brushed. The most common found travertine is the matte honed look that you find almost everywhere, but if you want a more glossy contemporary look you can go for polished travertine as well. While, if you really want to fire up the rustic, you can go for the textured look of brushed or tumbled travertine in your project.

But even with the list of advantages travertine has a couple of cons as well.

  • Travertine can be an expensive floor covering option as compared to concrete especially, so it will cost you more money than a cheaper option such as carpet or vinyl flooring which can also be done yourself. On the other hand, travertine will last longer obviously and ramp up the resale value to your home.
  • Travertine requires more maintenance than a flooring option such as ceramic tile. It needs to be sealed and cleaned more frequently, and unpolished, unsealed travertine is very porous in general and prone to deep staining. This is especially true of acidic materials, so avoid lemon cleaners or juice spills.
  • Travertine is very tough, but it can also be brittle and thus prone to chipping, as it is a type of limestone found in variety.

Design Ideas

Some of the best black and white tile design ideas, projects and usages are listed below which you can use as an inspiration reference for your next monochrome project:

  • A white marble backsplash laid in a subway or brick pattern with occasional black tiles placed irregularly, looks wonderful and gives off a contemporary feel as well. Addition of a granite countertop keeps the kitchen’s look intact with style.

  • Marble tiles can be cut into beautiful shapes that can be used to create flower inspired backsplash using black and white tiles. This type of pattern can elevate the simple look of your kitchen by ten folds.

  • A diamond black and white marble tile backsplash looks wonderful when used in a simple kitchen. The homely vibes from the white painted wooden cabinets and laminated wooden countertop are given a polished touch with this backsplash.

  • A marble floor with large white Calacatta marble tiles in combination with small diamond cut black marble tiles look elegant in modern kitchen.

  • If you like minimal style in your kitchen then a simple checkered marble floor looks simple yet wonderful. Use grey mosaic tiles for the backsplash with a black natural countertop for the ultimate contemporary minimal kitchen look.

  • If you have a lot of hallway space then go creative with your black and white tile design by incorporating different stone tiles. Here we have a marble and porcelain combination floor. The porcelain tiles are laid in a baskets weave pattern and the pattern is bordered with black tiles while the rest of the floor is covered with large sized white marble tiles.

  • A marble floor looks glamorous with addition of geometric patterns in subtle ways. This hallway marble floor is quite voguish with the thin black marble border and rectangles with negative space. The white marble tiles look dazzling all the while completing the illusion of negative space in black tiles.

  • Get a twist on the old herringbone pattern in your hallway with this design idea. Using three slim rectangle shaped marble tiles with black marble in the middle of two white marble tile, create the illusion of a single monochrome tile. Place these chic tiles in the herringbone pattern to get this lovely pattern.

  • Creativity has no limits which is evident in this lounge design. Instead of using black and white tiles side by side you can use two different stone tiles separately in the same room. Here we have a tumbled black limestone floor in combination with white marble tiled walls. The result super smart and ultra modish.

  • A unique egg shaped white tub on a black marble tiled area looks wonderful with fully white marble tiled shower space and bathroom floor.

  • A black and white marble bathtub placed on black marble tiles looks divine when in combination with a monochrome mosaic pattern with uniquely shaped black, white and grey tiles.

  • If you like a posh and Hollywood feel in your bathroom then this design is made for you. A white marble drop in tub with dramatic lower lighting looks mesmerizing. White marble floor and black marble walls complete the luxurious look with a white marble statement piece behind the bathtub.

  • If you love the Victorian era design vibes then we recommend this bathroom design with black and white marble tiles used on the wall along with a check monochrome check pattern travertine floor.

  • A simple white ceramic tiled bathroom wall with a limestone tile floor in black color looks good if you want a monochrome makeover on a budget.

  • Sometimes you only need a marble black and white tiles in small size for a border around your bathroom vanity mirror to create an oomph worthy design statement.

  • A black and white limestone checkered entrance way with black tile border looks nice and simple. Add a black limestone tiled stairs and the result will be elegant.

  • A check pattern limestone driveway is a marvelous simple design idea that looks nice and elegant.


The verdict is that if you want to give your entire house an exceptionally stylish makeover that will showcase your artsy mind then you should definitely consider black and white tiles.  This color combination will allow you to make a bold statement without seeming too pretentious. The thing about black and white tiles that make them distinct than most ordinary tiles is their classic old money vibe which looks opulent and tasteful without being ostentatious. Having a black and white color scheme will also make it easier to refurbish the rest of the house as this monochrome combination can be styled in a variety of ways. So the next time you decide to remodel your house with a new set of tiles, do consider this extremely chic combination as the best thing about it is that it looks amazing both indoors and outdoors. All the natural stone tiles work really well for this combination but the end decision lies with the your financial capabilities. If you have big budget then marble tiles are the best choice but if you have small budget then a combination of other natural stone tiles with marble can work perfectly as well.


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