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Bathroom Floors Stone Choices, Design Ideas, Cost And Tips

Bathroom Floors Stone Choices, Design Ideas, Cost And Tips

Bathrooms are an important part of any household and require the same attention and dedication as any other room when it comes to renovation. In the past, there wasn’t much variety for bathroom flooring but in recent years the choices to select the perfect floor from has become endless.

Natural stone is considered as one of the most sought after choices when it comes to bathroom flooring. It is not only a hit in the market but also very popular among interior decorators, architects and homeowners. Natural stones are very versatile and resilient therefore can be used for anything ranging from floors to countertops and even vanity tops.

Marble, limestone and travertine are three of the most-well liked natural stones in the world. These stones are not only visually appealing but also have redeemable qualities which easily allows them to be ranked as the best options available in the market for construction purposes.


Marble is a naturally occurring stone composed of composed primarily of crystalline calcium carbonate or calcium magnesium carbonate. Because it is formed through metamorphism, it can be naturally foliated. Marble is one of the oldest naturally occurring stones therefore its usage in building and construction dates back to a very old time. Buildings such as the Marble Church, Taj Mahal and Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall are proof that marble is one of the most beautiful and resilient natural stones that can withstand both the test of time and harsh weather conditions. Its brilliant qualities is the reason why marble flooring is regarded as one of the best flooring options available in the market. Owing to its elegance, beauty and sturdiness, marble is considered a great option for both exterior and interior settings.

Bathroom flooring is one of the popular uses of this beautiful stone. The reason is that due to its high durability and great quality, marble tiles don’t get as easily damaged as some other natural stones when exposed to moisture or temperature fluctuations, therefore it is considered as an excellent choice floor bathroom floors which experience both things on day to day basis.

When it comes to choosing the perfect marble for your bathroom flooring there is a wide range of colors, textures and finishes to choose from. Due to its natural composition, no two tiles are exactly alike but the varying differences and uniqueness of each tile is what really makes marble flooring stand out.


Travertine is a very sturdy stone prized for its beauty and robustness. Travertine flooring will not only add beauty to your entire house but it will also a suitable flooring option for bathrooms flooring is highly durable and lends natural beauty to a home.  It is one of the few types of flooring that works well in sorts of environments.

In its natural state, travertine tiles are rough-textured but you can change that depending on the type of fi9snih you choose for your bathroom flooring. Polished, honed, tumbled and brushed are some of the finished to choose from for your travertine bathroom flooring.

There are many advantages to choosing travertine for bathroom flooring. Firstly, it is one of the oldest and toughest occurring natural stones to exist so when you’ll choose travertine flooring for your bathroom, you’ll be making a long-lasting and worthy investment. Secondly, its beautiful appeal will turn your bathroom into a one of a kind installation.


Limestone is a sedimentary rock that forms in shallow marine waters from the accumulation of organic marine debris or formed as buildup of precipitation of calcium carbonate. It comes in a variety of colors, shades and patterns is considered to be an excellent choice for bathroom flooring. Limestone tiles can help add a very natural/earthy feel to your bathroom floor. It is available in two cuts i.e. vein cut tiles and cross cut tiles. Limestone is not high maintenance at all thus making it the perfect choice to install in bathrooms.


Here are a few design ideas to consider for your next bathroom floor renovations:-

  • For a contemporary chic styled bathroom, pair the Nero Marquina Marble flooring in the diagonal pattern with an oval freestanding tub, Dolomite marble tile walls and a Nero Marquina vanity to tie the look of the entire bathroom together.
  • Equator marble tiles can be used for creating a modern bathroom flooring that gives imitates the ambience of a waterfall. The striped marbles tiles installed in the running bond pattern, complemented by white walls, a French vanilla marble vanity and a minimal alcove tub will be the perfect embodiment of class.
  • For a classic bathroom that doesn’t look boring, choose the Fantasy White marble tiles in stock bond pattern, a drop in bath tub and a freestanding vanity to finish it off.
  • Old wood travertine tiles flooring in the Versailles pattern is the perfect option for the homeowners who prefer a vintage touch in their bathrooms. For a slightly undone look stick to earthy tones like brown, skin and beige for the curtains and vanity. Big storage cabinets built underneath the vanity will increase the rustic appearance of the entire bathroom.
  • The Autumn Blend travertine tiles are a perfect flooring option for the interior decorators or house owners who like to keep things colorful. Owing to all the different hues present in this tile, it is extremely easy to pair it with almost any color. A fun design idea to consider would be to install these tiles in the pin wheel pattern or in the diagonal pattern and completing the flooring with a gold colored travertine border. Wood paneling, floating storage, a rain glass shower and a big mirror will make your bathroom look like a page out of an interior design magazine.
  • Gold travertine bathroom flooring in herringbone pattern with matching gold walls, loads of weave baskets, extended shelves and a claw foot tub will be the perfect bathroom for homeowners who prefer grandeur and opulence.
  • Light limestone vein cut flooring in the windmill pattern is the perfect choice for making a small bathroom look bigger. Combining this flooring option with an angled freestanding tub, towel racks, a small wooden table and a vanity with a big mirror will make for the perfect bathroom for a minimalist.
  • The Light Lymra Limestone tile is one of the most versatile flooring options to work with. You can literally pair this flooring with any color scheme and it would look good. For a minimalist bathroom you can stick to an all-white color scheme but you can always get creative and add a pop of color by choosing a bold border and vanity.


The costs of bathroom flooring can vary depending on the type of natural stone you purchase, the quality and grade of the natural stone, shipment costs and many other factors.

For instance, marble flooring is generally considered much more expensive in comparison to other flooring options. The price of marble depends on the type you choose e.g. Carrara, Calcutta, Dolomite and Black Pearl marble all have different prices. Shipping, installation and other charges also influence the overall cost of the purchase. Even though marble flooring is pricier than other flooring options, it’s important to keep in mind that the quality and appearance of marble is worth every penny invested in it.

If you want to get a stylish and well-designed bathroom floor without putting a huge dent in your pocket then travertine is the stone for you. It is beautiful, sturdy, has a variety of colors and finishes to choose from but is cheaper than marble.

The costs of travertine tiles for bathroom floors depends on multiple factors that includes the size, type, color, finish, labor, adhesive and grout, shipping and installation charges. The cost of travertine tiles can vary from anywhere between $2-$30 per square foot depending on the imperfections, color variations and overall quality of the tiles.

Limestone is the option to choose for those who have a very tight budget for their bathroom floor renovation. The approximate expenses will vary on a number of factors but the overall charges will be less than what marble, granite or travertine would cost. A lot of people get skeptical whilst choosing limestone due to its price but rest assured that the quality and appeal of this stone won’t disappoint and your investment will pay its worth.


No matter how durable or resilient a natural stone is, it is still mandatory to clean it regularly for the preservation of its beauty and increasing its lifespan. Bathrooms get exposed to moisture, temperature fluctuations and dirt on daily basis to it is important to habitually clean your bathroom flooring in order to preserve the flawless conditions of the tiles. Marble, travertine and limestone have different properties but the basic cleaning tips are the same for all three flooring types.

Many people might have the misconception that because marble is the toughest stone out of the lot and has higher durability than both travertine and limestone, it doesn’t require habitual cleaning. It is very important to regularly clean your marble bathroom floor in order to preserve its timeless appeal and gracefulness.

Travertine flooring can last for decades if it properly taken care of. However, maintenance of travertine bathroom flooring isn’t that easy. While these tiles are hard, robust, and durable, they also have microscopic pores in their surface that can allow dirt, liquids and grime to seep accumulate. The accumulation of such filth such can cause permanent damage to the bathroom tiles. But if you get your travertine bathroom flooring sealed with a good sealant then the odds of this happening will be greatly reduced. Resealing of the floor periodically can help keep your bathroom flooring in tip-top condition.

Limestone is low maintenance in comparison with the other two stones. Frequent washing, scrubbing and disinfecting of limestone bathroom floors can easily make it last for years without any trouble.


  • Use soapy water to clean your bathroom flooring. Using plain water doesn’t help disinfect the tiles or properly clean therefore it is recommended that you use soap infused water to clean your marble, travertine and limestone bathroom flooring.
  • Mop or dust your bathroom flooring every day. The bathroom is one place which can easily get dirty on daily basis and if washing it is too much of a hassle then it is recommended to at dust or mop it to prevent build-up of grime.
  • Use hot water for cleaning bathroom flooring as this will help raise the temperature of the tiles which in turn will improve the quality and effectiveness of cleaning.
  • Do not use acidic cleaners for you bathroom tiles. Marble, travertine and limestone can easily be damaged by substances or solvents with a high acidic content, therefore, it is advised to choose a cleaner specifically meant for cleaning the respective stone installed in your bathroom.
  • Disinfecting your bathroom flooring is an absolute must or else harmful bacteria and mold can build-up in between the tiles and permanently damage them. Be very careful in choosing the product for your bathroom flooring and do a test patch in a corner before cleaning the entire floor with it. Natural stones can easily react to acidic substances and the harm done is irreversible thus it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • Scrub your bathroom flooring at least 3 times a week with a soft bristled brush that will not damage the surface of the bathroom flooring. You can even scrub once a week but make sure to scrub each and every inch of the tiles to eliminate the chances of buildup. Rinsing after scrubbing is absolutely necessary.
  • The most effective tip for preserving the appeal of your bathroom tiles is by keeping them dry. Wet floors allow moisture, dirt and dust particles to easily get attached to the surface and seep through. Try to make it a habit to dry your bathroom flooring after washing, scrubbing, rinsing etc. This will save you a lot of trouble and money and help increase the lifespan of your bathroom flooring.


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