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7 Luxurious Ways of Travertine for Elegant Designs for Your House

7 Luxurious Ways of Travertine for Elegant Designs for Your House

The elegancy of the interior designs will enable you to love your house and feel comfortable in it. The materials you use for your surroundings might increase the level of comfort and sense of purity. Travertine is one of those materials which can provide a beautiful design, which almost everyone will love. From bathroom walls to your outdoor pool deck, there are many ways that travertine can beautify your world. Do not ever think that travertine is only used for flooring. Here are some magnificent examples of how travertine makes your world gorgeous.

  1. You can use the right travertine for decorating your room

Always remember that travertine is commonly mistaken for marble and limestone. But travertine is a natural stone with sedimentary properties and it generally has a perfect matte finish which you can never achieve in many other natural stone materials. This matte and smooth finish creates a peaceful atmosphere and let you feel relax as soon as you enter your room.

  1. Turn your entrance into a royal place with travertine floors

Travertine should be your first alternative to consider if you ever plan to add a luxurious aesthetic to your foyer area. Travertine is generally preferred for its uneven and chiseled qualities, which make this stone look excellent for both traditional and modern designs. You can either choose travertine mosaic tiles or large pavers; you will see the difference once you decorate the foyer area with travertine.

  1. Feature the nature of your design style

Travertine is a decorative material which has been used for thousands years through the entire world. It dates back generations and has been used in several important and historic buildings through the world. Apart from its common and historical usage, currently it is being very popular especially for decorating the indoor and outdoor areas. You favor ether minimalistic or classical designs; travertine will be a perfect choice for you.

  1. Large scale travertine made decorations can feature the dramatic part of you

In one of our previous articles, we state that travertine stone is a bold and different choice for especially interior design. If you are the type of a person who loves the bold look in bathroom or dining room, you should give a chance to large scale travertine format. We suggest using a large scale for a specific area such as behind the shower cabin or behind the vanity, which brings out the drama of your personal taste.

  1. Polished travertine can add a luxurious sense

You will definitely feel the air of luxury when you see the polished travertine in your home. Either for indoor or outdoor room, the polished look of large travertine pavers with thin lines will give you the illusion of indefinite, as far as your eyes can see… And when you combine the pavers with your favorite furniture, your guests will enjoy the luxuriousness of your choices.

  1. Best option for sophisticated bathroom designs

If you have Art history lessons in your college or university degree, you must have seen gorgeous pictures of travertine bathrooms belonging to Ancient times. As bathroom is the perfect area to show off the sophistication, the travertine mosaic tiles will definitely realize what you wish for. The sophisticated atmosphere of your bathroom will enchant you and all your family members.

  1. Combine light and dark finishes to create a dramatic look

For a dramatic touch for your home, combine the lighter shades of travertine with your furniture of same color tone. The contrast between different shades of the same color will turn a bathroom, kitchen or a dining room into a dramatic space.


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