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7 Logical Reasons to Use Travertine Tile Mosaics for Interior and Exterior Designs

7 Logical Reasons to Use Travertine Tile Mosaics for Interior and Exterior Designs

Travertine tile mosaics are highly popular today. Thanks to its colorful pattern and smooth structure of travertine, it provides several design ideas in its mosaic shapes. With a wide range of stone tile mosaics, you can create a polished look in every corner of your houses.

You can turn your bathrooms, kitchens and even pool decks into colorful and artistic design areas with travertine mosaic tiles. Even though there are some people who claim that tile mosaics are out of style, travertine tile mosaics are so trendy right now and here are some logical reasons to use them for both interior and exterior designs.

Why to Use Travertine Tile Mosaics?

  1. Because one-colored simple decorations are so boring

Either you like monochromatic look or multi-colored look for your interior and exterior design; you will definitely find a look you love with travertine tile mosaics. Just compare an ordinary single-colored kitchen wall with a kitchen wall decorated with colorful tile mosaics. Which one do you think is the cooler? The mosaics, right? Because ordinary is for boring people J By the way, here is a little secret: By looking to a-non regular patterned wall, you can relax your mind; the complexity of the pattern will distract your attention and you will think something else than your everyday worries.

  1. Mosaic Tiles can Create a Showstopper Kitchen

We can say that your kitchen is the show display of your house since it is the place where you and your all family members and even guests gather together. Custom made travertine mosaics will suddenly turn your kitchen into the favorite part of the house. The energetic and lively mood of the mosaics definitely enchants every one of you by drawing the attention directly into the colorful patterns. Moreover, the options are endless; it is all up to you and your imagination and aesthetic tastes.

  1. One of the Most Elegant Options for Pool Floor Covering

Travertine can keep its beauty even under long summers and winter since it is resistant to both cold and hot temperatures. The ombre look of the tiles mosaics will add a defined beauty to your pool flooring. Even though people do not care about how the pool floor looks while swimming, you know how cool it will look with tiles mosaics.

  1. Both Contemporary and Classical

Travertine mosaics enable you to feel both contemporary and classical feelings at the same time. The scent of the ancient mosaics and the taste of the modern styles are easily achieved with travertine tile mosaics.

  1. It Is Easy to Achieve a Unified Look

If you use mosaic tile which matches the rest of your bathroom tiles, you can easily achieve a unified and elegant look. Just like travertine, mosaic tiles are available in various colors, patterns and sizes accordingly.

  1. The “Pixelated” Look is Mesmerizing

If you do not like very colorful designs, pick one color of your choice and stick to it. And the mosaic tiles in different shades of the same color will create a pixelated look, which will be very mesmerizing. You can even go bolder and can use different sizes of mosaics. As we tell you, it is all up to your imagination.

  1. Mosaics are Available in Different Shapes and Sizes

You are in an endless world of mosaics; there are limitless options which you can make a selection from. Tumbled or matte or glossy finishes; octagon, square or random shapes; and any color you want are some of these endless options. You can even be inspired from a famous mosaics masterpiece. Who does not want that?



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