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6 Reasons To Use Limestone Tiles For Your Indoor Decoration

6 Reasons To Use Limestone Tiles For Your Indoor Decoration

Every one of us needs a beautiful home and office to live better-relaxed life. To sooth oneself the interior plays a vital role, that’s why we suggest limestone tiles for the indoor decoration. You can effortlessly beautify your indoor by using limestone tiles, as they are attractive and more stylish with a large number of colors, textures, and designs that can appeal you. In fact, some of the limestone tiles give a natural stone look, and sometimes it sounds like a wood grain.

The limestone tiles have been used to decorate homes, offices and many indoors for centuries in almost every culture throughout the world. You might have experienced yourself that limestone flooring provides you the finer comfort feel and boost the value of your property. Most of the interior designers are using limestone tiles to decorate the indoors as well as outdoors as they have a broad range of option to use these tiles in any decor whether it’s traditional or modern interior.

The following are 6 points that guide you to decorate your home with the limestone tiles;

1. Limestone tiles are more durable and opaque

The limestone tiles are firm and durable as they have a tendency to bear all kind of temperatures. The Limestone is a natural stone made up of shell’s calcite and other debris that’s why the durability of the limestone tiles is excellent. So, if you just take little care of the tiles, they can go with you throughout your life. In the same way, the limestone tiles are dense because they have been cut from the slabs of the natural rocks and this opaqueness make it even more durable from cracking, peeling, flaking and chipping.

2.Limestone is echo friendly

The limestone tiles are healthy about air quality inside your place. As discussed above, these tiles come from natural rocks, and there is no harmful chemical addition in it. Therefore the limestone tiles are the excellent choice that provides echo friendly environment and beauty both at the same time. That’s the reason that the interior designers prefer these limestone tiles and floors.

3.Limestone tiles add value to your home

Estate agents, as well as interior designers, believe that adding limestone tiles to your home not only make it long lasting, but it also gives your space a luxurious touch and show the aesthetic approach of the owner. You can beautify your property by using different colors and patterns that are available in the market. There are lots of tones and shades present in the limestone as it comes from the natural resources. You could find limestone in creamy, grayish, bluish, bright red, pure white and dark brown tones.

4.Don’t need regular maintenance

The Limestone is a natural stone with no chemical additives which makes it more durable and resilient. If you go with the few tips, your tiles will stay very long, most probably one-time tiling is enough for your whole life. It is advised to seal the limestone tiles at the time of the installation. By doing so, you not only increase the age of the tiles but also give your tiles a glossy look. The sealant is a transparent solution that would not be disturbing your tile’s color and texture. Do practice this procedure and your tiles will stay longer.

5.Has softer feel than the other flooring

The limestone tiles are much softer than the other tiles; you can easily clean the stains and dirt on it with no extra effort. Some limestone like granite is not that much soft, but the rest of the limestone are softer which adds up to its superb functionality.  The natural texture of the limestone tiles endows with a comfy surface to walk on it. In summers it remains bit cold than the other tiles. But make sure that your tiles are sealed properly under the supervision of some experts.

6.Limestone tiles are cost effective

Investing in limestone tiles are worth it because these are the natural stone tiles which last longer as compared to the rest of the tiles, laminations or carpets. The natural rock is quite profitable; their mid range of limestone tiles is perhaps parallel to that of the wood tiling. The preliminary expenditure for the top ranged limestone tile could be more a bit but still it is very acceptable that everyone can afford it easily. Once you have installed the limestone tiles, you might not need to change them all the way through your life.

Points to remember while decorating with Limestone Tiles:

There are many options out there; you can decorate your kitchen, bath, living room or any other indoor area. But do consider few things before going to decorate with the limestone;

Do measure your room correctly. Because all the measurements are very important, if there is any error in the measurements, it might lead you towards some financial loss.

Choose the colors and design of the tiles that better suits your location, e.g., for your bedroom it should be more comfortable and pleasing; and for the kitchen, it must be bright to make you more energetic.

You can also use limestone tiles for outdoors as well, as they are very hygienic for the inside and outside of home.

Limestone tiles are dead set against to all kinds of bacteria that can grow easily on the surface of the floor and it also doesn’t allow allergens to hide inside it.

Tips to maintain the beauty of Limestone Tiles:

If you need your limestone tiles to stay in their original outer shell, you have to follow few simple tips. These tiles are natural absorbent; that’s why the too much water or other liquid may root the reactions including oxidation, peeling or staining, etc. some specific sealers are recommended by the experts of the tiling industry to avoid all such sort of issues. Use lukewarm water and soft piece of cloth to clean the tiles. If you take care of your tiles, your limestone tiles will last for generations.

Hope the above all information regarding the limestone tiles would help you to select and maintain them.


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