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6 Reasons to Use Travertine Tiles for Your Exterior Decoration

6 Reasons to Use Travertine Tiles for Your Exterior Decoration

Travertine tile is firstly favored by the Romans in the first century. Since this decoration material is flecked with a spectrum of different shades, every one of them is unique and will be perfect for the outdoor decoration in every sense. Travertine itself is a crystallized form of calcium carbonate and when it is first quarried, it is characterized by surface pits and holes, which gives the stone the natural and nice-looking form.
If what you expect from an outdoor decoration material to look nice, natural and dramatic, you should definitely give a chance to travertine tiles. And here is more about travertine tiles.


Why Should You Try Travertine Tiles for Outdoor Decoration?

1) Travertine Tile Gives a Natural Look

First of all, travertine tiles give a more natural look for any kind of place and/or location to be decorated. Compared to other decoration materials, travertine tile is the most “natural looking” stone for a more pleasant look. If you do not like “artificial” type of decorative materials, you should definitely try to use travertine tile for your outdoor decoration.

2) Travertine Tile Has Beautiful Variations

Travertine itself is a stone type which has many beautiful variations. Especially to be utilized for interior and exterior flooring requirements, you can easily select the perfect match according to what is on your mind. There is a wide range of styles and colors, among which you will certainly find what you want.

3) It Brings the Sense of Nature to Your Homes

As we mention at the beginning of this article, travertine gives a natural look to any place to be decorated. Thanks to its different shades, colors and unique form, travertine tiles will definitely enable you to feel the nature in your homes and/or gardens. You can have both modern and natural decorative style at the same time by using travertine tiles in your homes.

4) It Is Very Easy to Find on the Market

Travertine stone is one of the best-selling building materials on decoration sector and it is becoming more and more popular every passing years. No matter where you live in the world, this stone is the easiest one that you can find for decorative purposes.

5) Travertine Is a Durable Material

This durable limestone is one of the most durable materials which are used for decorative purposes. No one wants a good looking but sensitive kind of decorative material for exterior decoration, right? If you want your decoration style to be both unique and to last long enough, travertine tile is the perfect material for it. This is why it is most commonly used for the walls of monuments, castles, churches throughout the entire world.

6) Travertine Flooring Provides Several Other Alternatives

In addition to what we list above, there are some other benefits that travertine tile offers to you. To begin with, you can select among various types of travertine tiles with matte or glossy finish. Secondly, this kind of material is available at very reasonable prices, yet presents a very rich look. Due to the fact that natural stone is always much stronger than all man-made tiles, travertine is one of the best options to be preferred for especially exterior decorations. Moreover, travertine has a unique look and texture which no other stone types have. If you want your decoration to be ageless and elegant, travertine is a perfect choice. Also, you can use travertine tiles not only for interior design but also for exterior design such as paved patios and garden paths. Last but not least, this type of stone adds value to your home’s aesthetic appeal and value. So to say, if you want your decoration to increase the market value of your place, you should certainly use travertine for it.


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